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Various Artists - Just Something My Uncle Told Me 1981

On: Monday, November 7, 2011

Glenn Ohrlin, Jim Garland, Buford Pippin (Nimrod Workman), George Bernard (Thomas Shaw), Julius Sorel (Van Holy Oak), "Smokey Rodgers", "Wash Nelson" (possibly pseudonyms)
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"Blaggardy songs": Jim Garland called these celebrations of errant character. His term is an Appalachian derivative of "blackguard" and the population of these songs largely embraces personalities of impossibly mean disposition. Much found on this album is described from a first- person vantage; it seems that the joy of their performance lies in the temporary adoption of a mask of outrageous countenance. Therefore although outre sexual behavior is the order of the day here, this lp is fashioned less as a collection of the bawdy than of the iconoclastic. However, although some are only sweetly naughty, concerned parents and radio broadcasters will probably prefer to avoid its flagitious core, for nothing here has been censored.
It has long been realized that ribald materials form a substantial underpinning for more recognized balladry, but, until recently, these materials were not available for study except in the field. In particular, reliable phonograph recordings of traditional sources are quite scarce. About twenty years ago, Mack McCormick issued a similarly intentioned Unexpurgated Songs of Men (sic) and good material, more often black than white, can be found on an occasional "party" record. The present album is an attempt to document a range of authentic materials, all performed by traditional singers. Admittedly "traditional" is a nebulous term to employ in this context, for urban folksong enthusiasts will typically have learned their lewd songs, if no others, through certifiable "folk processes". But no collegiate performances are heard here; the songs are all drawn from the country, even if they thrive in urban climes as well. This collection is only a small start for there is much more to sample. In particular, I regret that no performances of the large corpus of bawdy songs known to Southern women could be arranged for this lp, for some of the chill of male domination could have been removed thereby. However we could not induce any informant to relax her moral scruples sufficiently for a recording.  Excerpt, source:

01 The Ring Dang Do - Glenn Ohrlin  Time: 2:35
02 I Fucked An Old Girl In The Graveyard - Julius Sorel  Time: 0:27
03 One Eyed Riley - Jim Garland  Time: 1:47
04 The Eagle - George Bernard  Time: 2:22
05 The Wild Buckaroo - Glenn Ohrlin  Time: 1:50
06 The Piece Of Whang - Buford Pippin  Time: 2:23
07 The Tattooed Lady - Smokey Rogers  Time: 2:03
08 Barnacle Bill The Sailor - Glenn Ohrlin  Time: 2:29
09 Last May Morning - Wash Nelson  Time: 2:24
10 The Little Ball Of Yarn - Glenn Ohrlin  Time: 2:31
11 Crawling And Creeping - Jim Garland  Time: 1:21
12 The Open Book - Glenn Ohrlin  Time: 2:30
13 The Winnipeg Whore - Julius Sorel  Time: 0:51
14 Granny Hair - Jim Garland  Time: 0:21
15 The Castration Of The Strawberry Roan - Glenn Ohrlin  Time: 4:01
16 The Hermit Of Shark Tooth Shoal - Julius Sorel  Time: 3:12
17 Blue Balls From Bellman, Fucking Does The Women Good - Buford Pippin  Time: 0:58
18 Uncle Bud - George Bernard  Time: 3:14
19 Lost The Race By Jesus, My Organ Grinder, Here's to The Whore, In Mexico - Julius Sorel  Time: 1:49
20 Granny Cripplecunt, Damn Her Old Soul, I Sent A Rabbit, Conversation 'tween Victoria & Bucchanian - Jim Garland  Time: 1:33
21 The Great Wheel - Glenn Ohrlin  Time: 1:12

Rounder Records 0141

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