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On: Wednesday, December 26, 2012

If you're a fan of album covers, like I am, and like visiting Flicker for their album cover photos, you probably hate downloading photos one at a time, picking the largest size, naming the file, etc.
So a quick google search revealed at least one app to download many photos at a time - from groups, sets, your own stream, or by searching - automatically naming them, picking the size you want, even including data in the files' EXIF. There's a free and pro ($29.99) version. 

BulkR website
Flicker website

* * Happy Holidays * * 2011

On: Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Happy Holidays everyone - make it a safe one, please! Here's the search item for all the holiday-themed funny stuff...

 (Holidays) (38)

Happy Holidays 2012

Please take this opportunity to share some laughs with your family, friends, co-workers, neighbors and enemies - whoever touches your life. C'mon, you know what's funny!
And say you care, while you can, to those who are important to you, no matter the status of your relationship. Bad things can happen in a blink… say something NOW so you don’t regret that you didn't after they are gone.

Enjoy the holidays! VSUC will return January 2 2013

On: Friday, December 21, 2012

Moment of Silence for Sandy Hook Victims on Dec. 21

Shelley Berman - Shelley Berman - A Family Affair, Original Cast 1962

On: Sunday, December 16, 2012

Shelley Berman
Sheldon Berman
Chicago, Illinois, USA
Feb 03 1925 - 

Don't let the 3-star rating discourage you from buying this album. If you're a serious student of the American Musical Theatre and/or a collector of Broadway musicals, this is a must, in spite of my low rating.
Gerry Siegal and Sally Nathan, a young suburban Chicago couple, decide to get married... thereby setting off a marital World Ward III! Between Sally's Uncle/Mother/Father Alfie Nathan and Gerry's extensive extended family, the couple's wedding arrangements could prove more difficult than anything their marriage might ever present. It's the biggest family feud since the Montagues and Capulets, as caterers, dressmakers, rabbis, florists, photographers and a domineering wedding planner are put through the proverbial wringer in the looniest wedding this side of `Father of the Bride!'
An early work by John Kander and William Goldman, 'A Family Affair' is a neurotic, tuneful, wickedly funny and universally appealing picture of what really goes into the smiling wedding portrait in the family album."
With music by John Kander, book by James Goldman, lyrics by William Goldman, a stellar cast (stand-up comedian Shelley Berman, Academy Award winner Eileen Heckart, Larry Kert, Rita Gardner, Broadway veterans Morris Carnovsky and Bibi Osterwald), and direction by Harold Prince, why did it last for only 65 performances?
Well, for one thing, the music isn't very original, and definitely not the caliber of Kander's later shows with Fred Ebb, especially their score for KISS OF THE SPIDER WOMAN. It seems that, this being Kander's first show, he is relying too much on formula: the lover's optimistic duet ("Anything for You"), contrapuntal ensemble piece ("My Son the Lawyer"), a march ("Right Girls"), a fight song ("Football Game"), prerequisite waltz ("Now Morris"), the look-back-and-reflect-on-my-wasted-life soliloquy ("Summer Is Over"). Other songs are derivative. Compare "Harmony" with "Quarrel-tet" from WHOOP-UP (1958), and Alfie's show-stopping, "Bolero"-inspired "Revenge" would not have been out of place in JACQUES BREL IS ALIVE AND WELL AND LIVING IN PARIS. Was it necessary to include the embarrassing telephone schtick, al la "Inside Shelley Berman," near the end of "Revenge"? What motivates Gerry's suddenly cruel, ultra-macho (though well-sung) "What I Say Goes"?
HOWEVER, the incredible cast triumphs over less-than-stellar material. Shelley Berman is a surprisingly good singer; Morris Carnovsky is brilliant in his final Broadway show, a career that began in 1922; Rita Gardner is wonderful, even if she isn't given as much to sing as in THE FANTASTICKS or CELBRATION; Larry Kert is in better voice even than in WEST SIDE STORY; and I can never get enough of Eileen Heckart. Having her "Tillie Siegal" preserved on CD is reason enough for this reissue. Thank you, DRG.
The show boasts many "firsts" in the history of Broadway. It was the first musical score for John Kander, Harold Prince's first directorial effort, Eileen Heckart's first musical role, Linda Lavin's Broadway debut, James Goldman's first musical book, brother William Goldman's only set of Broadway lyrics, and the first original cast album to be recorded on 35mm magnetic film.
Through this method of recording a signal to noise ration and reduction of hiss has been achieved that was never before possible. Practically all flutter has been eliminated resulting in the most lifelike tone quality ever achieved. This is, in fact, the most perfect method of reproducing actual music and vocal sound possible.
All in all, I urge you to add A FAMILY AFFAIR, with all its faults, to your collection. After listening to it, I dare you to avoid humming "I'm Worse Than Anybody," the show's final song. Do you know of any other song lyric that includes "schlemiel"? Amazon customer

01 Overture 2:16
02 Anything For You 2:44
03 Beautiful 1:23
04 My Son The Lawyer 2:20
05 Every Girl Wants To Get Married 2:40
06 Right Girls 3:14
07 Kalua Bay 2:19
08 There's A Room In My House 2:48
09 Football Game 2:08
10 Harmony 3:20
11 Now Morris 2:37
12 Wonderful Party 2:28
13 Revenge 4:29
14 Summer Is Over 2:26
15 What I Say Goes 1:30
16 I'm Worse Than Anybody 3:43

* * *
Thanks daddio52!

Jonathan Winters - Jonathan Winters And Friends Laugh, Live 1973

On: Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Jonathan Winters
Jonathan Harshman Winters III
Nov 11 1925 - Apr 11 2013 age 87

This is the original 1973 two record Columbia PG 31985 release of previously released material.

Jonathan Winters Wings It!

01 Necking In A ’38 Ford
02 The Deer Hunters
03 The Shy Guy Returns A Toaster
04 King Kwazi – Of Kwaziland
05 Japenese Gardener
06 Audience Improvisation
    Maudie Frickert On The Freeway
    The Traffic Cop
    The Used Car Salesman
    The Sports Reporter And Bombing
    Man On The Phone
    The Health Club
    The Student And The Professor
    The Wedding Night
    The Hippie Haircut
07  Maudie Frickert Explains The Birds And The Bees
08 Sound Improvisations
09 Closing
Stuff ‘N Nonsense

10 Intro. By Chester Honeyhugger
11 Heart Transplant (track missing)
12 John Wayne Landing On The Moon
13 Unusual Sounds
14 A Mouse Just Caught In A Trap
15 Mother Says “No”
16 Maudie Frickert In Dog Fight With The Red Baron
17 Male Elephant Wrapping A Present
18 Hippies
19 Shoe Clerk
20 Maude Frickert On Motorcycle 
    Asking For A Date
21 The Abominable Snowman
22 President Nixon’s First Day In Office
23 Gorilla Drafted Into The Marine Corps
24 Maude Frickert’s Nursery School
25 Country Doctor Delivering A Baby
26 Astronauts Going To The Moon
27 Chester Honeyhugger As An Elevator Operator
28 Hijack To Cuba
29 John Wayne Protecting The Fort
30 General Custer
31 Maudie Frickert On First Night Of Honeymoon (track missing)
32 Elderly Gentleman Seeing A Flying Saucer
33 Chester Honeyhugger Asking For A Date


Columbia PG 31985
Thanks pcthunderfoot!

Isaac Air Freight - My Kingdom Come, Thy Kingdom Come 1982

On: Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Dave Toole, Dan Rupple.  Larry Watt replaced by Mitch Teemley
Birth name
Official Site

Isaac Air Freight was the original; the best known and most inventive comedy team in a field they almost single-handedly pioneered: Christian Comedy. Their unique style of satirical sketch comedy, humorously communicates piercing truths about the human condition, while introducing you to some of the most colorful and real characters you may ever have the pleasure of meeting.
The original members of Isaac Air Freight, Dan Rupple, Dave Toole and Larry Watt, teamed up in 1976 with the hope of building successful comedy careers. They were able to do just that, but in a way they never expected. They first gained considerable word of mouth attention around Southern California nightclubs, when in 1977, they each made a commitment to Christ. The dramatic personal changes they experienced quickly became evident in their direction as a group. Material that had its basis in cynicism and escapism steadily gave way to comedy that inspired their audiences spiritually and offered them a new lens to examine society’s values. Isaac Air Freight was born!

01 King Me – The First Encounter
02 That’s Ridiculous
03 The Happy Family
04 P & R Lucre Tithe  Service
05 King Me – The Second Encounter
06 Big George, little “g”
07 King Me – The Third Encounter

Christian Skit Comedy
Maranatha! Music * *
Thanks Bob H!

Who Said THAT? Unicorns’ Existence Proven

On: Monday, December 3, 2012

Time Magazine Bizarre News ===> Headline:  Unicorns’ Existence Proven, Says North Korea.

Like most news reports from North Korea, even unicorns are used to underscore the legitimacy of the current regime. “The discovery proves that Pyongyang was a capital city of Ancient Korea as well as Koguryo (Goguryeo) Kingdom,” the report quoted Jo Hui Sung, director of the History Institute of the National Academy of Sciences, as saying.
King Dongmyeong’s biography is half history, half myth. As the legend goes, Kongmyeong was born from an egg impregnated by sunlight and united the tribes left in disarray after the collapse of the Chinese Western Han dynasty. His line ruled over the Korean peninsula for seven centuries until the return of the Chinese under the Tang.
VS-UC comment: These folks seemed to be aligned with those from China who said writers couldn't write fiction about certain subjects: Read ===> "Headline: China Bans Time Travel Stories"

Sinbad - S05E04 Def Comedy Jam 1995

David Adkins
Benton Harbor, Michigan, USA
Nov 10 1956 -
Official Site

A hardworking funnyman whose clean, family friendly persona and animated antics have endeared him into the hearts of dedicated fans worldwide, Sinbad has worked tirelessly to rise to the top of the standup circuit, finding success in both television and film in addition to his popular stage act. Born David Adkins on November 18, 1956, in Benton Harbor, MI, the energetic youngster spent much of his youth entertaining his three brothers and two sisters and refining his unique sense of humor. A passion for basketball and the Harlem Globetrotters won the red-haired youth (affectionately christened "Red" Chamberlain by his teammates) a basketball scholarship to the University of Denver, but a knee injury later sidelined his professional sports aspirations. Turning back to his humorous instincts, Sinbad hit the road for his "Poverty Tour," working the comedy circuits while taking the Greyhound from city to city and living hand-to-mouth. Adapting the moniker of a legend that embodied the spirit of strength, adventure, and optimism symbolized all that the hardworking comedian aspired to be. Putting his faith in God and his ability to make others laugh paid off, and following seven appearances on Star Search the now-established Sinbad was given his television break by comedy legend Redd Foxx. Playing Foxx's son on The New Redd Foxx show in the mid-'80s found the aspiring actor expanding his talents, and though the show didn't last long, it did bring said talents to the attention of yet another comedy legend, Bill Cosby. Following a few other television appearances, Sinbad joined the cast of Cosby Show spin-off A Different World in 1987. Concurrently serving as host for It's Showtime at the Apollo continued his career momentum on the right track, and before long he had developed his own television show, Sinbad and Friends All the Way Live...Almost. On the world of the silver screen, Sinbad made an appropriate debut as a stand-up comedian in 1989 with That's Adequate. Following with notably funny bone-tickling minor roles in Necessary Roughness (1991) and Coneheads (1993), he took the lead for 1995's House Guest and has since turned up memorably alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger in Jingle All the Way and with James Coburn and Burt Reynolds in the made-for-television film The Cherokee Kid (both 1996), all the while making frequent appearances in stand-up cable specials and continuing to tour tirelessly. The 2000's would find him appearing on shows like Resurrection Blvd. and Slacker Cats, as well as in films like Stompin' and Leila.In addition to his constant efforts to bring laughter to the masses, Sinbad has dedicated his free time and personal efforts to such causes as the Children's Defense Fund and the Omega Boys Club. Sinbad also made his bid to increase AIDS awareness with his involvement in the Time Out: The Truth About HIV, AIDS and You video in 1992. His intense dedication to family is evident in his hiring of his brothers and sisters to assist him in his numerous endeavors. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi

01 Soundtrack

* * *

John Valby - www.johnvalby.cum 1998

On: Saturday, December 1, 2012

John Valby
John Valby
Staten Island, New York USA
Nov 22 1944 -
Official SiteWikipedia

01 Torn Between Two Lovers :52
02 Candle In The Wind  :58
03 American Pie  1:39
04 If I Was  1:47
05 Winter Wonderland 1:37
06 Pecker Tingling :45
07 Girls Up  :32
08 RUM-PUM-PUM 1:10
09 Up on the Rooftop :33
10 Hillary 1:13
11 Comin' to Town  :58
12 Leroy ect.  1:47
13 Jingle Balls  1:41
14 The Beer Poem 2:11
15 If Your Horny 5:34
16 American Poem 1:24
17 Computer Song 1 2:27
18 Computer Song 2 2:37
19 Computer Song 3 2:47

Novelty & Standup
Mark Records

Billy Connolly - Live In New York 2005 (UK)

On: Monday, November 26, 2012

Billy Connolly
William Connolly Jr
Anderston, Glasgow, Scotland
Nov 24 1942 -

This is Billy Connolly's first new live DVD in over three years. Taken from his fantastic 'Too Old to Die Young' tour in 2005 it features the hilarious New York show. This is the first time one of Billy's shows has been filmed in the US even though he has been touring there for over 30 years. Absolutely classic stuff from the Big Yin.

01 Soundtrack

* * *

Jerry Clower - Racoonteur 1991

Jerry Clower
Howard Gerald Clower
Liberty, Mississippi USA
Sep 28 1926 – Aug 24 1998 age 71

The day after Jerry Clower finished high school, he joined the Navy and served on the aircraft carrier Bennington in the Pacific during World War II. When he returned to Mississippi after the war, he attended college on football scholarships at Southwest Mississippi Junior College and Mississippi State University, where he received a degree in agriculture.
He served as an assistant county agent in Oxford, Mississippi, for a couple of years. Then, maintaining his close ties with the soil, he took a job in Yazoo City as a fertilizer salesman for the Mississippi Chemical Corporation, a manufacturer of chemical plant foods, where he stayed for 18 years and eventually rose to the position of director of field services. In the process of making sales, he began telling prospective customers humorous stories about his childhood to improve sales. Eventually, a friend taped one of his talks and sent it to MCA Records in Nashville. The result was his first comedy album in 1970, Jerry Clower from Yazoo City, Mississippi Talkin’. Within a month, the album had achieved gold status, selling more than 500,000 copies.
He first appeared on the Grand Ole Opry in 1973 and continued to tour extensively and record. A staple of his comedy is the Ledbetter clan, a fictional family whose humorous antics are more than funny; they chronicle life in the rural South of the 20th century. Undergirding his comedy is Clower’s strong religious beliefs. A Southern Baptist, Clower has served as a lay minister and as a deacon in his hometown church, and he has hosted a Christian radio show and syndicated television show. He is married to the former Homerline Wells, his childhood sweetheart, and they have four children.
In addition to his live performances, Clower has also published four best-selling books. Ain’t God Good came out in 1975 and was the basis and title for a documentary film which won an award from the New York International Film Festival in the category of Ethics and Religion. It was followed by Let the Hammer Down! in 1979 and Life Everlaughter in 1987. In 1992, the University Press of Mississippi published his most recent book, Stories from Home, a collection of his best tales and a serious look at the man behind the persona.
In the foreword to Stories from Home, fellow Mississippi writer Willie Morris wrote that Clower’s comic art demonstrates the richness of the spoken language of the South “in all its inwardness and nuance and sweep — the extravagant country talk, as lyrical as much of southern literature, and in the lineal ancestry of southern writing.” He concludes that Jerry Clower’s humor is “rooted in a region, but is not regional.” Laughter is the force that connects people from all regions in his work of art.
Clower died in Jackson, Mississippi, on August 24, 1998, five days after undergoing heart bypass surgery. He was 71 years old.

01 Elevator
02 Killin' Offense
03 Marcel's Race Horse
04 Mama's Deal
05 Proud
06 Play Pretties
07 Celebrate You
08 Humiliation
09 Chitlin'
10 Neighbor's Rabbit
11 Fountain of Youth
12 Lay Still
13 Sugar Pills
14 Railroad Man
15 Make Believe
16 Go Vote

Country Storytellin' Humor
* * *
His other albums on this blog are "tagged" at the bottom of this post
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