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Jonathan Winters - Jonathan Winters And Friends Laugh, Live 1973

On: Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Jonathan Winters
Jonathan Harshman Winters III
Nov 11 1925 - Apr 11 2013 age 87

This is the original 1973 two record Columbia PG 31985 release of previously released material.

Jonathan Winters Wings It!

01 Necking In A ’38 Ford
02 The Deer Hunters
03 The Shy Guy Returns A Toaster
04 King Kwazi – Of Kwaziland
05 Japenese Gardener
06 Audience Improvisation
    Maudie Frickert On The Freeway
    The Traffic Cop
    The Used Car Salesman
    The Sports Reporter And Bombing
    Man On The Phone
    The Health Club
    The Student And The Professor
    The Wedding Night
    The Hippie Haircut
07  Maudie Frickert Explains The Birds And The Bees
08 Sound Improvisations
09 Closing
Stuff ‘N Nonsense

10 Intro. By Chester Honeyhugger
11 Heart Transplant (track missing)
12 John Wayne Landing On The Moon
13 Unusual Sounds
14 A Mouse Just Caught In A Trap
15 Mother Says “No”
16 Maudie Frickert In Dog Fight With The Red Baron
17 Male Elephant Wrapping A Present
18 Hippies
19 Shoe Clerk
20 Maude Frickert On Motorcycle 
    Asking For A Date
21 The Abominable Snowman
22 President Nixon’s First Day In Office
23 Gorilla Drafted Into The Marine Corps
24 Maude Frickert’s Nursery School
25 Country Doctor Delivering A Baby
26 Astronauts Going To The Moon
27 Chester Honeyhugger As An Elevator Operator
28 Hijack To Cuba
29 John Wayne Protecting The Fort
30 General Custer
31 Maudie Frickert On First Night Of Honeymoon (track missing)
32 Elderly Gentleman Seeing A Flying Saucer
33 Chester Honeyhugger Asking For A Date


Columbia PG 31985
Thanks pcthunderfoot!

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