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Len Maxwell & Will Jordan - I'd Rather Be Far Right Than President 1964

On: Sunday, August 28, 2016

Len Maxwell
Lenny Maxwell
aka Barry Manos
 Inglewood, California USA
Aug 08 1930 - May 13 2008 age age 77
Official Site

Will Jordan
Wilbur Rauch
Bronx, New York USA
 Jul 27 1927 -
Official Site

01 Gettysburg Address 4:48
02 Clean Sweep :25
03 Gentlemen's Agreement :53
04 Mystery Guest 3:13

05 Conservative Account 3:23
06 Senate Steam Baths 1:42
07 Won't You Stay Home Bill Buckley 2:21
08 Inauguration 2:43
09 Oath Of Office :31

10 Telstar 1:43
11 Moving Day 2:08
12 Presidential Press Conferece 5:07
13 Counter Intelligence 1:40
14 Delegation :30
15 Tour De Force 4:18
16 Address To The united Nations :50
17 Fail Safe 5:02

Divine Right Records DV-50M
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Cha Cha Hogan - Brother Eatmore & Sister Fullbosom 1970s

Cha Cha Hogan
Sumter Joseph Hogan
aka The Black Fox 
New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
Dec 8 1920 - Nov 1986 age 65
Official Site

Cha Cha lived in Detroit, Michigan and traveled all over the world. He started singing in lounges in Montreal, and Toronto Canada, in Detroit nightclubs, opening for such groups as the Four Tops, in the sixties and seventies. He made a couple of recordings in the late fifties and the late seventies. He recorded a song called "Just Because You've Been Hurt", and "Grit Gitter". He moved to Las Vegas in 1974, and in the eighties, sang with Stanley Morgan and the Ink Spots for awhile. He traveled to Singapore, and Hawaii, he sang with the Ink Spots there. He performed in Las Vegas nightclubs and became a part time actor on "Sanford and Son" with Redd Foxx. He will always be remembered as "Mr. Ink Spot". Cha-Cha passed away at the age of 65 in Las Vegas, Nevada. He is also buried in the town he loved so much, Las Vegas, Nevada. ~IMDB

01 Beat The Shit
02 The Judge
03 Drag My Balls
04 Brother Eatmore
05 Spit In
06 In The Mud
07 The Nun's Balls
08 Waving Glag
09 Miscarriage
10 The Quarter
11 Behin - Sam
12 Tees For Balls
13 $450 Pussy
14 Stone Cocksucker
15 Gramma & Grampa
16 Zenith
17 M & M's
18 Sex Headache
19 Boys Town
20 Co-Signer
21 4 Seasons
22 Appreciation
23 Good Mornin'
24 Funeral Parlor
25 Chinese Laundry
26 Alam Rag
27 Counterfit $20 Bill
28 Athletic Crotch
29 Feelin Cooler
30 My Old Gal Sue
31 Eight Fingered Peggy
32 The Old Rev.
33 Turn A Trick
34 Hello Dolly
35 Got The Cl**
36 Fart In
37 Little Prick 

Laff A-147
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Charley Weaver - Charley Weaver's Letters From Mama 1968

On: Monday, August 22, 2016

Charley Weaver
Clifford Charles Arquette
aka Charley Weaver
aka Charlie Weaver
Dec 27 1905 - Sep 23 1974 age 68
Official Site

"Sometimes his jokes are old, and I live in the constant fear that the audience will beat him to the punch line, but they never have. And I suspect that if they ever do, he will rewrite the ending on the spot. I would not like to say that all his jokes are old, although some have been found carved in stone. What I want to say is that in a free-for-all ad lib session, Charley Weaver has and will beat the fastest gun alive." ~ Jack Paar

01 Mama's Surfboard
02 Elsie Krak Joins The Lonely Hearts
03 Grandpa Ogg's Hair Restorer
04 Dining With Wallace Swine

05 Gomar Cool And His Barbecue
06 Bertie Rod And Leonard Box Elope
07 Long Haired Papa
08 Leonard Box Tells All

* * *
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Let's Play Trains 1960
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Betty Walker - Love And Laughter 1960

Betty Walker
Edith Seeman
Aug 07 1928 – Jul 26 1982 age 53
Official Site

Columbia CS 9744
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Charlie Weaver - Charlie Weaver Sings For His People 1959

Charley Weaver
Clifford Charles Arquette
aka Charley Weaver
aka Charlie Weaver
Dec 27 1905 - Sep 23 1974 age 68
Official Site

01 Just Got A Letter From Mama
02 On The Boardwalk Of Snyder's Swamp
03 Fight For Sub Normal You
04 Gomar, Come Out Of That Sewer
05 Who'll Sign The Pardon For Wallace Swine
06 The Irish In Mt. Idy

07 These Are My People
08 It's Cumquat Time In Mt. Idy
09 Mt. Idy Lullaby
10 They're Draining Snyder's Swamp In The Morning
11 Xmas In Mt. Idy
12 Happy New Year, Happy New Year (Come To The Party, Do)

* * *
His other material on this blog is tagged at the bottom of this post
Let's Play Trains 1960
Charley Weaver Sings
Xmas in Mt Idy b/w Happy New Year (45)


Dick Davy - You're A Long Way From Home Whitey 1966

On: Sunday, August 21, 2016

Dick Davy
Birth Name
Official Site 

..The m.c., smooth-talking and confident but less than precise in his choice of words, announced: "The Apollo would like to take great pleasure in presenting a wonderful guy. You wouldn't exactly call him a comedian. He is more of a news-carrier, a news analysis, you might call him. He came all the way from Arkansas and he has no intention of going back there. He's a very shy guy, so don't you frighten him. Here he is -- the Arkansas Fellow Traveler, DICK DAVY."
...Out of the wings ambled a six foot, two inches, sandy-haired white man, wearing a flannel shirt, chino trousers, and the high-top brown boots commonly called clodhoppers up North, "Sunday-best" boots in the rural Southwest. Carrying a high stool in one hand, scratching his head with the other, he was accompanied across the stage by friendly laughter. After perching atop the high stool, he scratched his head some more, took a wad of chewing gum out of his mouth, and stuck it to the side of the microphone.
"Howdy...I used to 'how' y' all,' but I don't say that no more. In Arkansas, 'how' y' all' just a way a greetin', but I found out up here it's just a way to a beatin'. I was backstage there, waitin' to come out here, and this fella come up and give me a shove and say, 'Get out there, Whitey, they either gonna love you or lynch you.'"...He scratched his head, and looked around the theatre. "This sure is a nice place you got here. Make a nice bar. Or a nice church. That's what Harlem needs...another church."
"When I got up here from Arkansas on one of them dog buses, I couldn't get no job except doin' demonstrations, and that don't pay so good, so I came up here to 125th Street, to the Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters. Fella there, he say, 'You musta took some wrong fork in the road, son.' I told him I needed a job. He say he never hear of a white red cap before, but I told him I needed a job real bad, so he said, 'Tell you what I'm gonna do, Whitey. I'm gonna make you a case of token integration.'"
So that's where he was at -- the audience shoved their buttocks down into their seats and relaxed completely. He belonged to them. They would have killed anyone threatening a hair on his head. During the next 18 minutes while Davy talked about the Klan, Vietnam, civil rights, draft-card burning, the FBI, voter registration, and public accommodations, the audience never wandered in its attention. "You tell 'em, boy." "Go 'head, boy." "You tell 'em what it's like, boy."
Although the material differs act-to-act, Davy always ends with the same words: "I try to help out with civil rights all I can, not 'cause I like you all so much" (here the audience always laughs and so does Davy), "but 'cause everybody always gets a turn at bossing everybody else, and I figure it be the colored folks' turn next. And when the time comes, I just wants y' all to remember me kindly."
...Davy, a University of Arkansas graduate and a teacher in New York City's detention centers and "600" schools for the past seven years, was saying that the change coming for Negroes is just a small part of the total change necessary. One Negro in the audience had said to his date, "If white folks ever hear what he really sayin they gonna lynch him."
Later, coming around the corner from the stage door, Davy and his companions bumped into Big Bobby Bland and Jackie Wilson. They told Davy how much they enjoyed his act and that they would like him with their shows sometime in the future. Davy, now a Villager, appeared on the December 8 Merv Griffin television show, and now faces his first tour of white-tourist-trade nightclubs in the Midwest...

01 Apollo Theatre Opening 2:34
02 Greyhound Bus 8:44
03 Non-Violence 3:03
04 New York Blackout 6:35
05 Things Is Getting Better 6:46
06 New York Signs 7:42

* * *
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