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Moms Mabley & Pigmeat Markham - Best Of Moms And Pigmeat Volume One 1964

On: Friday, August 30, 2013

Moms Mabley
Loretta Mary Aiken
aka Jackie Mabley
Brevard, North Carolina, USA
Mar 19 1894 – May 23 1975 age 81

Pigmeat Markham
Dewey Markham
aka David Markham
Durham, North Carolina, USA
Apr 18 1904 – Dec 13 1981 age 77
Official Website

Some of Mom’s philosophy was simple to understand: “My slogan is, by all means do what you want to do. But know what you’re doin’.” Moms was riding high in 1974 when she finally got the chance to star in her own film, “Amazing Grace.” Unfortunately the strain of making the film, and her own advancing age, conspired against her. Her health weakened and she suffered a heart attack, causing a severe drop in weight. She died not long after the film was released, but to the end, she was always the remarkable Moms, joking as she imparted her words of wisdom, lovingly but firmly, without apology: “Ain’t a person in the world I don’t love,” she said. “Nobody ever gave me nothing, and I ain’t never asked, either.” ~excerpt,

01 The Race Horse 0:52
02 Grandma 0:57
03 Checkers 1:08
04 Hair Style 0:54
05 The Hip Cucko 1:24
06 Moms the Cow Girl 1:44
07 Apartment Hunting 1:24
08 The Intregrated School 1:42
09 Old Enough 2:04
10 Confession 0:59
11 Weather Bureau 0:26
12 Grave Yard 0:55
13 Nursery Rhymes 2:05
14 My Wife, I Ain't Seen Her 9:31
15 Open the Door Richard 7:22

* * *
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Franklyn Ajaye - Vagabond Jazz & The Abstract Truth 2005

On: Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Franklyn Ajaye
(rhymes with uh-lie')
Franklyn Ajaye
aka Franklin Ajaye
aka The Jazz Comedian
May 13 1949-
Official Site

African American stand-up comic Franklin Ajaye has always seemed to be just on the verge of Bigger Things. The eternally "promising" Ajaye has been a popular TV talk-show guest, as well as the host of the syndicated variety series National Lampoon's Hot Flashes. He was also a regular (together with fellow "newcomers" Didi Conn, Charles Fleischer, Wayland Flowers and Jack Riley) on the 1975 summer-replacement laughfest Keep on Trucking. In theatrical films, Franklin Ajaye has enlivened such noisy farces as Car Wash (1977) and The 'Burbs (1990). Rovi

01 Sierra Leone & the Commonwealth Games 3:01
02 The Olympics 7:04
03 Women Pumping Iron 4:47
04 Organic Fitness 10:52
05 Crazy Jack 5:44
06 The Worst Way to Die 3:30
07 Middle Eastern Terrorists 6:20
08 Regulating Terrorism 8:00
09 Crime & Punishment 11:08
10 Voyage 7:05
11 Deja Blue 6:13
12 Forest Walk 6:03
13 Pearls 4:51

14 In a Silent Way 7:15
15 Vagabond 5:01
16 Get On the Train 6:31
17 The Key of Sea 8:03
18 Harlem Rooftop Conversation 9:04
19 Scarborough Faire 7:56

Stand-up & Music
* * *
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On: Saturday, August 17, 2013

Andrew Dice Clay
Andrew Clay Silverstein
Sep 29 1957 -

In his fifth comedy special Andrew Dice Clay is still funny but the special still doesn't hit the heights of "Dice Rules" as the best Diceman special ever in my opinion, "The Diceman Cometh" You get a tad less than an hour of comedy after the lackluster boxing opening skit.His best jokes of course revolve around various sexual acts as well as making fun of selected audience members. Sadly a few 'topical' jokes makes this special somewhat dated. But it IS a good return to form after the lackluster "For Ladies Only" special.

01 Soundtrack

* * *
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Bert Henry - Uncensored Humor Of Bert Henry 1962

On: Thursday, August 15, 2013

Bert Henry
Birth name
Before 1945 - ~2004
Official Site

Bert worked at Disneyland and Disney World for decades in the Frontierland Stage Show.

Side 1
01 Jock Strap Blues
02 A Shot In The Head
03 Bedlam
04 The Virgin And The Parachute Jumper
05 Diaphragms
06 Plight Of The Japanese Prostitute
07 Without Sex
08 Red Light
09 The Prostitute And The Psychiatrist
10 Feel Like A Million
11 The Big Hold Up
12 A Case Of Arson
13 A Twenty Dollar Loan
14 The Cash Customer
15 Santa Baby
16 Nudist Camp Capers
17 Cutie In Curlers
18 Leap Frog Bends
19 Strip Poker
20 The Masquerade
21 Hands In The Valley
22 The Too Big Adam
23 Meet Dick Brown
24 Bare Aspirin
25 The Harnessed Frenchman
26 Virgin Forest
27 It's Love
28 Piggy Back
29 The Big Blow
30 Sex Insomnia
31 The Big Snatcher
32 Wise Cracks
33 Hold-Up Or Stick-Up
34 How To Make A Woman Hot
35 The Fifth Columnist
36 Crowded Elevators
37 Cat House
38 It's A Hen Or Pullet
39 Virgin Balloon
40 The Thumb Sucker
41 Girls Over 40
42 Grudge Pregnancy
43 Sex Is Murder
44 Her Greatest Thrill
45 The Deadly Actress

Side Two

01 The Midget And The Amazon
02 The Nagging Wife
03 It's A Nightmare
04 A Little Something For A Sailor
05 The Honeymoon Dance
06 Did You Say "W"
07 Good Advice From The Boys
08 The Double Honeymoon
09 Three Good Texans
10 A Stranger In Bed
11 Bed And Bored
12 My Wife Is A Boy
13 Living Bra
14 Reducing Blues
15 She's Playing Bingo
16 It's Longer In June
17 Snake In The Grass
18 The Suggestive Whisper
19 Married Ten And Five
20 The Sex Maniac
21 It's Not Like The Birds And The Bees
22 Knock A Few Fowls
23 Adam And Eve
24 The Garbage Man's Daughter
25 The Lawyer's Daughter
26 Her Tight Capris
27 Shall We Call It Eczema
28 His Costly Mistake
29 Two Old Maids
30 The Big Squeeze
31 Box Of Cherries
32 Sex Too Much
33 The Mother Frocker
34 Hollywood's Cork Soakers
35 The Active Agent
36 How To Have Sex And Stay On A Diet

Fax Records 6016
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Rodney Rude - Frog Sack 2006 (Australia)

Rodney Rude
Rodney Malcolm Keft
  Jan 29 1943 -
Official Site NSFW (not safe for work) turn sound down
YouTube Channel

If you like your laughs lewd and your insults explicit, Frog Sack is for you. Recorded live on Rodney's final live comedy tour of Australia, Frog Sack is packed with absolute shockers and, of course, that trademark nasty laugh.
Hecklers and a whole bunch of others get it in the neck on this collection of 23 outrageous stories like Incompetence during surgical procedure causes relocation of genitals. He was once arrested by Queensland Police officers who didn't take too kindly to being made fun of and you can imagine other people will want to do the same when they hear this latest pearler!
How rude is he? Bloody rude so this one's not for the easily offended, that's for sure!

01 Heckler Strangles Mates Knob in an Anal Noose 2:00
02 Rude Compares His Willy to Windsock at Airport Hanging Limply in Breeze 1:28
03 Doctor Gaffers a Tiny Camera to His Own Appendage for Patient's Rectal 2:26
04 Heckler Has a Tattoo of an Anus on His Fist 1:25
05 Incompetence During Surgical Procedure Causes Relocation of Genitals 1:34
06 The Reason Servos Keep Toilets Locked, Is So Cleaners Can't Get In 1:01
07 Heckler Gets Outsmarted by His Own Girlfriend 2:3
08 Ex-Wife Tries to Push Rude off Echo Point and Stab Him with a Star Peg 2:02
09 Rude's Grandfather Meets Vietnamese Girl Named Mifuk 1:02
10 Rude Is Nicknamed Tiger Woods 'Cause He Goes the Growl on a Heckler's M 1:23
11 Dog Rejects Heckler at Buck's Night 1:04
12 Rude Claims That Women Make Him Feel Like a Furry Little Fruit Bat 0:58
13 Rude Claims That All Hecklers Shave Each Others Balls 0:49
14 Charles Merton-Lickett, Stuart Diver and Harry Muff Create Law Firm Cal 1:27
15 Rude's New Son Darren Runs Eagle Boys Pizza Shop in Kurri Kurri 1:55
16 Homeless Bloke Takes a Dump in Open Police Crusier Window 1:25
17 Peter Allen's Taxidermist Inserts Antique Slide Whistle in Peter Allen' 2:50
18 Rude's Uncle Ishmael Polished Toe of Cowboy Boot on the Ring Area of Fo 8:34
19 Rude's Uncle Ishmael Damages Knob in Shaving Accident 2:39
20 Rude's Grandfather Makes Hard Hats out of Dolphin's Foreheads 5:00
21 Rude Suggests That Elton Owns a Store Window Mannequin's Fist on a Stic 1:32
22 Rude Claims Safest Place in Terrorist Attack Is Local Swimming Pool, 'C 1:05
23 Ending - Rude Suggests Prime Minister Should "Do" Rude's Audience 1:05
24 Rude Claims Lady's Hairy Underarms Are Like Two Bonus Vaginas 1:05
25 Rude Claims That Lady's Vaginas Are Like a Pirate's Treasure Chest 0:18
26 Bull Rider Can't Last Eight Seconds on Lady's Bucking Arse 0:25
27 Hecklers Only Yell out When Rude Has a Mouth Full of Piss 0:21
28 Heckler Tattoos Anus on Fist So He Can Have a Pull with an Anus [2nd Ve 0:40
29 Miner Enjoys Safe Shift in Public Shaft 0:32
30 On a Scale of One to Ten, Cockabillity Versus Cuntability 0:39
31 Old Property Developer Files Parrot Through Public Wind Farm 0:35
32 Rude Suffers Confusion When Rooting Heckler Cousin 0:45 

EMI Records Australia – EMX.240660
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