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Rodney Rude - Frog Sack 2006 (Australia)

On: Thursday, August 15, 2013

Rodney Rude
Rodney Malcolm Keft
  Jan 29 1943 -
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If you like your laughs lewd and your insults explicit, Frog Sack is for you. Recorded live on Rodney's final live comedy tour of Australia, Frog Sack is packed with absolute shockers and, of course, that trademark nasty laugh.
Hecklers and a whole bunch of others get it in the neck on this collection of 23 outrageous stories like Incompetence during surgical procedure causes relocation of genitals. He was once arrested by Queensland Police officers who didn't take too kindly to being made fun of and you can imagine other people will want to do the same when they hear this latest pearler!
How rude is he? Bloody rude so this one's not for the easily offended, that's for sure!

01 Heckler Strangles Mates Knob in an Anal Noose 2:00
02 Rude Compares His Willy to Windsock at Airport Hanging Limply in Breeze 1:28
03 Doctor Gaffers a Tiny Camera to His Own Appendage for Patient's Rectal 2:26
04 Heckler Has a Tattoo of an Anus on His Fist 1:25
05 Incompetence During Surgical Procedure Causes Relocation of Genitals 1:34
06 The Reason Servos Keep Toilets Locked, Is So Cleaners Can't Get In 1:01
07 Heckler Gets Outsmarted by His Own Girlfriend 2:3
08 Ex-Wife Tries to Push Rude off Echo Point and Stab Him with a Star Peg 2:02
09 Rude's Grandfather Meets Vietnamese Girl Named Mifuk 1:02
10 Rude Is Nicknamed Tiger Woods 'Cause He Goes the Growl on a Heckler's M 1:23
11 Dog Rejects Heckler at Buck's Night 1:04
12 Rude Claims That Women Make Him Feel Like a Furry Little Fruit Bat 0:58
13 Rude Claims That All Hecklers Shave Each Others Balls 0:49
14 Charles Merton-Lickett, Stuart Diver and Harry Muff Create Law Firm Cal 1:27
15 Rude's New Son Darren Runs Eagle Boys Pizza Shop in Kurri Kurri 1:55
16 Homeless Bloke Takes a Dump in Open Police Crusier Window 1:25
17 Peter Allen's Taxidermist Inserts Antique Slide Whistle in Peter Allen' 2:50
18 Rude's Uncle Ishmael Polished Toe of Cowboy Boot on the Ring Area of Fo 8:34
19 Rude's Uncle Ishmael Damages Knob in Shaving Accident 2:39
20 Rude's Grandfather Makes Hard Hats out of Dolphin's Foreheads 5:00
21 Rude Suggests That Elton Owns a Store Window Mannequin's Fist on a Stic 1:32
22 Rude Claims Safest Place in Terrorist Attack Is Local Swimming Pool, 'C 1:05
23 Ending - Rude Suggests Prime Minister Should "Do" Rude's Audience 1:05
24 Rude Claims Lady's Hairy Underarms Are Like Two Bonus Vaginas 1:05
25 Rude Claims That Lady's Vaginas Are Like a Pirate's Treasure Chest 0:18
26 Bull Rider Can't Last Eight Seconds on Lady's Bucking Arse 0:25
27 Hecklers Only Yell out When Rude Has a Mouth Full of Piss 0:21
28 Heckler Tattoos Anus on Fist So He Can Have a Pull with an Anus [2nd Ve 0:40
29 Miner Enjoys Safe Shift in Public Shaft 0:32
30 On a Scale of One to Ten, Cockabillity Versus Cuntability 0:39
31 Old Property Developer Files Parrot Through Public Wind Farm 0:35
32 Rude Suffers Confusion When Rooting Heckler Cousin 0:45 

EMI Records Australia – EMX.240660
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