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On: Monday, May 31, 2010

If anyone is interested in helping with a new project for this blog please drop me a line. Your commitment will take from 15 minutes (one time) to as long as you like.
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Bill Dana - My Name... Jose Jimenez 1960

Bill Dana
William Szathmary
Oct 05 1924 -
Official Site

Phone: (615) 330-3005
His Blog

01 Santa Claus
02 Presidential Trip
03 Look Award
04 Bob Sled Racer
05 U.S. Senator
06 Shakespeare
07 With Steve
08 The Burgermeister
09 Deep Sea Diver
10 Man in the Pub
11 The Musical Director
12 The Press Conference

Signature SM-1013
Thanks daddio52!
Best Of Jose Jimenez 1985
Hoo Ha! Direct From Noshville 1971
Shtick From Bill Dana's Hoo Ha! 1971
New Alice In Wonderland 1966
Cry b/w Jose's Dream (45) 1965
King Of The Surf (Part II) (45)
What Kind Of Fool Am I (45)
All I Need Is You b/w Make Nice (45) 1965
Jose Jimenezchevitz b/w Childhood Scenes (45) 1966
US Senator b/w Bob Sled Racer (45) 1960


Will Jordan - Great Comedy Album Starring Spiro T Agnew 1971

Will Jordan
Wilbur Rauch
Bronx, New York USA
Jul 27 1927 -
Official Site

01 Introduction by Ed Sullivan & Richard Nixon, Old Silent Majority Game
Will Jordan with Ed Sullivan,
a favorite impersonation target

02 A Slanted View
03 The Welfare Routine
04 The Youth Routine (Part I)
05 Join The Army And See Vietnam
06 The Youth Routine (Part II) 

Political Satire
Flying Dutchman Productions FDS-137
His other material on this blog is "tagged" at the bottom of this post
Sickniks, Will Jordan & Sandy Baron - Sick #2 1961

Sickniks, Will Jordan & Sandy Baron - Presidential Press Conference Part 1 & 2 (45) 1961
Fly Carpet Fly b/w Bye Bye Love (45) 1959


New Time Range

On: Sunday, May 30, 2010

You may have noticed that with the Marsha Warfield post we've crossed the arbitrary VSC limit for comedians who released their first album before 1979. Over the next few months I'll be moving some posts from the Classic site to the Vintage site, and moving forward I will be adding comedians who started their careers in the early 1980s. I will add a note to those moved from the Classic site.
Any comments will be appreciated.

Marsha Warfield - I'm A Virgin 1981

Marsha Warfield
Marsha Francine Warfield
Mar 05 1954 -
Official Site

01 I'm a Virgin!
02 Sex
03 Orgasm
04 Chicago Public Schools
05 Fighting
06 Sunday School
07 Growing Up

08 Ring Around the Collar
09 Ugly Men
10 Black Guys
11 Short Men
12 Penis Envy
13 Mouthful
14 69

Laff Records ‎– A-218
Her other albums on this blog are HERE


Martin Mull - Sex & Violins 1978

01 Birds Gotta Swim
02 I Haven't The Vegas Idea
03 The Mother-In-Law Song
04 Trailer Waltz
05 Dogs
06 Intro (with Harry Shearer)
07 The Best Of You
08 I'll Do The Samba
09 Westward Ho!
10 Cleveland (Revisited)
11 A Half Hour Of Heaven (And Eight Hours Of Sleep) Goodnight



On: Saturday, May 29, 2010

I worked with a fellow who mangled his sentences so often that I started writing them down.  If I can find those handwritten pages I will post some. For now, please enjoy the classic spoonerism (translation below in small text.)

"You have hissed all my mystery lectures, and were caught fighting a liar in the quad. Having tasted two worms, you will leave by the next town drain."

(You have missed all my history lectures, and were caught lighting a fire in the quad. Having wasted two terms, you will leave by the next town train.)

Pat Buttram - Off His Rocker 1962

Pat Buttram
Maxwell Emmett Buttram
Jun 19 1915 - Jan 08 1994 age 78
Official Site

    Pat Buttram is nearly six feet tall, especially standing up.
    He is overweight and underpublicized.
    He does not drink, smoke, or wear suede shoes.
    He was born in Alabama and made his debut as an entertainer there while attending college.  Before graduating he had become a radio personality and was making more money than he could spend.  He left college in his junior year and has since learned to spend more money than he can make.
    Young Mr. Buttram--who looks deceptively middle-aged because he refuses to wear knickers--is an authority on the Civil War and spends many hours looking for loopholes in Robert E. Lee's surrender agreement.
    His other hobbies include humming softly, weaving pewterware, and watching bananas ripen.
    He has been called "the nicest guy in show business" by many insincere people.
    Pat Buttram has more friends than he can count, which is not so much a tribute to his sweet personality as it is an indictment of his failure to complete his college mathematics course.
    Additional information is available in The Last of The Mohicans, by James Fenimor'e Cooper.

    As the star of his own CBS Radio program, Pat Buttram is heard five days a week by the fortunate listeners in Southern California to whom he broadcasts his unique blend of topical humor, wry comment, and hilarious stories.  He is one of the most oft-quoted personalities in Hollywood today.
    In addition to radio, where he has been at home since migrating to Chicago from his native South, Buttram appeared in over a hundred motion pictures and television shows with Gene Autry, back in the days when that baseball magnate was riding horsehides with the horses still in them.  Autry aficionados will remember Pat as the bearded sidekick who contributed comedy to Autry's outdoor epics by falling in the water trough, stealing pies from the cook, and other such antics.
    But when Autry turned from pictures to pitchers, Pat shaved his beard, put on his clean shirt, and unleashed his real wit.  In recent years, he has made guest appearances with George Gobel, Jack Paar, Tennessee Ernie Ford, Ed Sullivan, "The Real McCoys," and Jim Backus, both as himself and in various character roles.
    A favorite of Arthur Godfrey, he has paid a number of hilarious visits to the Ol' Redhead's network shows.
    A new facet of Pat's talent was brought to light when he was asked to preside as Toastmaster of a dinner honoring Steve Allen in Hollywood.  He was such a riotous hit that he has been besieged with similar offers ever since and has scored equally smashing appearances at dinners honoring Jack Oakie, George Jessel, Walter Brennan, Casey Stengel, and Desi Arnaz.
    This album was recorded before a live audience in Hollywood, and if the genuine enthusiasm they display on the record herein is any kind of weathervane, the outlook for other audiences throughout America is bright and sunny.
    After twenty-five years of learning his trade, Pat Buttram is ready to be launched into orbit as a shining new star.
    All of the material in this album was written by Hal Kanter and Milt Josefsberg.  Kanter and Josefsberg are 12' 3" tall, weigh 397 pounds, and have five children.  Their hobby is Pat Buttram.

01 Me And Three
02 Teenagers
03 Etiquette
04 Toys
05 San Fernando Valley
06 The High Cost Of Dying
07 Recordings
08 Fairy Tales
09 Human Nature

Warner Brothers W-1455
His other material on this blog is "tagged" at the bottom of this post
Pat Buttram ‎- As I Look Into Your Faces 1961


Anna Russell - A Practical Banana Promotion 1958 (UK)

01 A Practical Banana Promotion
   * Eta Banana
   * Come Let's Sing
   * Alas, What Should I Do

02 The French Horn
03 Poetry in the Cellar
   * The Reuben's Woman
   * My Ear
 Thanks Dr Forrest's Cheeze Factory!


On: Friday, May 28, 2010

I saw the ad in the local paper: buy a fence, no interest for 2 years. 
Sounded pretty good, and the timing was excellent since we had two new dogs.
So the salesman came calling, measured the yard, and with the neighbor's fence already in place I spent thousand of dollars less than I thought I would.

Tick, tock, time goes by, two years, in fact, as I faithfully make payments on my interest free (for two years) fence.

The latest bill comes to my email inbox, as the balance has gone up hundreds (and hundreds and hundreds) of dollars. 

You smarties out there can see where this is going.

I call the store, ask about the increase in the balance, figuring that one of my kids bought, say, a used car. Or had their bathroom refinished and I didn't know about it.

The nice lady at the store tells me, "why that's the interest charges." I (really) still don't get it. She tells me "you weren't charged interest for two years. But it's been accumulating and since you didn't finish paying for the fence in full within the two years, the billing has 'caught up'."

More words were exchanged, the salesman should have said this, the contract should have said that (it did), and I feel once again that financial institutions will squeeze every last grain of cash from us and smash every quantum of trust between us in their pursuit to make MORE MONEY. Think about that the next time you pay $3.00 or more to take YOUR OWN MONEY out of a cash machine.

You grasshopper can learn from my stupidity. By the way, in the interest of balanced reporting, I would have bought the fence anyway.

Lately, these comedic blog posts are taking on the scent of "rants." Next time, I promise, back to the funny.

Allan Sherman - Allan Sherman Live (Hoping You Are The Same) 1966

Allan Sherman
Allan Copelon
Nov 30 1924 – Nov 20 1973 age 48

01 Intro, Hello Muddah (Nevada Style), Song Written By Elizabeth Taylor
02 Taking Lessons
03 A Waste Of Money
04 How Van Nuys Got It's Name
05 Smog Gets In Your Eyes
06 Scotch Andor Water
07 Sorry 'bout That
08 The Learner's Brassiere
09 Mononeucleosis
10 I Finally Admit I Won World War II Single-Handed
11 Dodgin' The Draft
12 The Rebel
13 Warning To Those Who Have A Low Threshold Of Sex
14 When I'm In The Mood For Love (You're In The Mood For Herring)
15 Second Hand Nose
16 A Few Words About The Chinese New Year
17 Sam You Made The Pants Too Long
18 If I Could Play Piano
19 Son Of Peyton Place

* * *
His other material on this blog is "tagged" at the bottom of this post
Best Of Allan Sherman 1965
More Folk Songs By Allan Sherman & His Friends 1962
Selections From The Fig Leaves Are Falling (Promo) 1968
A Gift Of Laughter, Best Of Allan Sherman Vol II 1986

Allan Sherman And You 1964

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