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Christopher Weeks - LBJ In the Catskills 1966

On: Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Christopher Weeks
Birth Name
aka Jack De Leon
Brooklyn, New York, USA
Dec 19 1924 - Oct 16 2006 age 81
Official Site

Fannie Flagg, Keren Liswood, Robert Weil, Diane Pane, Mal Lawrence, Patsy Shaw
Birth name
Official Site

After Allan Sherman's song parody album MY SON, THE FOLK SINGER became a surprise best seller, a number of less successful Jewish humor LPs followed. Released by Warner Brothers in 1966, LBJ IN THE CATSKILLS was one of the poorest of these.
Christopher Weeks (Jack De Leon) as LBJ
Fannie Flagg as Lady Bird
Keren Liswood as Lynda
Plus Robert Weil, Diane Pane, Mal Lawrence and Patsy Shaw 

1.) A klezmer band "Hail to the Chief" introduces this LP's premise: our President from down-home Texas meets Yiddish-accented Borscht Belt denizen. "Check In" raises some logistical tsuris. 2.) Robert McNamara's call to Lyndon gets routed by mistake to "Lindman," a typically koshah room guest. 3.) LBJ's dinner party of 109 are broken up and sent to "themed" tables. The Prez and Lady Bird sit with three couples and one mother-in-law. Lyndon reads the menu then gives Max the waiter his order. 4.) Features music from Dick Hyman's dance band. LBJ is taught to cha-cha-cha. 5.) The interpreter translates Lyndon's comment. 6.) LBJ's "with hot milk" order is misunderstood as "wit'out milk." 7.) The Ladies room has a Latin band. 8.) A popular Jewish noodle recipe Lady Bird is given ain't for kugel. 9.) Humphrey invites his boss to stay away another week.
1.) Members of the Jewish-American press set up jokes for Lyndon. 2.) A smooth resort Romeo tries to charm Lynda Bird while they dance. 3.) Comic Bobby K., tonight's featured act, is delayed in traffic. 4.) The old toll call trick. 5.) LBJ wins a "dance with a broom" talent contest. 6.) A special guest runway model. 7.) Myron's wife would rather chat on the phone with her husband than with Lyndon. 8.) Hotel manager arranges a ride for "Mrs. Schechter from da Bronx." 9.) The Johnsons leave with more than luggage-- they've acquired Yiddish accents and a penchant for singing "Hava Nagila." ~Amazon customer review

01 The Check In 3:15
02 Switched Calls 1:53
03 Dinner Time 4:03
04 The Dance Lesson 1:02
05 The Interpreter 1:07
06 At Breakfast 1:24
07 The Tour 0:51
08 The Recipe 0:34
09 Call from Hubert 0:57

10 Press Conference 4:00
11 Bernie and Lynda 2:47
12 In the Nightclub 3:05
13 Call for Luci 0:34
14 The Contest 1:38
15 Fashion Lecture 1:16
16 Here Speak to Lyndon 1:44
17 Room for One More 0:35
18 On the Way Home 1:27

Warner Brothers W-1662
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Moms Mabley - Moms Mabley Breaks It Up 1962

On: Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Moms Mabley
Loretta Mary Aiken
aka Jackie Mabley
Brevard, North Carolina, USA
Mar 19 1894 – May 23 1975 age 81

Mabley's forays into comedy....proved most enduring - appearing on-stage in house dresses and over-sized hats (a wardrobe inspired by her own grandmother), her matronly image belied her saucy routines, which were laden with sexual innuendo as well as cutting observations on the state of race relations in the U.S. As several observers pointed out, her no-frills, little-old-lady appearance not only endeared Mabley to fans, but made it that much easier for audiences of all races to swallow her more biting material - even few male comedians of the time were as pointedly topical or as salacious, and most of them were white on top of it. ~ Jason Ankeny, Rovi
Liner notes by Slappy White. Recorded at the Tivoli Theater, Chicago Illinois
01 Side 1 Moms Mabley Breaks It Up
02 Side 2 Moms Mabley Breaks It Up


Chess U-11729
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Charlie Manna - Manna-Live! 1962

On: Friday, July 12, 2013

Charlie Manna
Charles Joseph Manna
aka Charly Manna
New York County, New York, USA
Oct 06 1920 – Nov 09 1971 age 51
Official Site
Veteran comedian Phyllis Diller credited Manna with helping improve her standup routine when she was starting in the business, "It was at New York's Bon Soir nightclub during the early sixties that the comic Charlie Manna gave me the greatest advice about how to get on: quickly tell five of your hottest jokes and then run with them. Get the audience laughing for real, don't make it a phony deal. Manna was quoted as saying, "There are two varieties of comedy: funny and not funny."
01 Bon Voyage Charlie Manna 6:46
02 Rocket To The Moon Charlie Manna 5:08
03 The Ides Of March Charlie Manna 5:23
04 Once Over Lightly Charlie Manna 3:52
05 Christmas Is Our Business Charlie Manna 6:10
06 Dial "H" For Hate Charlie Manna 5:34
07 Alcatraz Charlie Manna 9:10

Decca DL 4213
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Astronaut b/w War At Sea (45) 1961

I Want My Crayons (45) 1961
Dear Sally, Mary Lou (45) 1965
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Rodney Rude - Twice As Rude 2004 (Australia)

Rodney Rude
Rodney Malcolm Keft
  Jan 29 1943 -
Official Site NSFW (not safe for work) turn sound down
YouTube Channel

Rodney Rude's newest CD "Twice as Rude" would have to be his funniest in a long line of thoroughly funny RUDE CDs. I laughed from the moment I pressed play, to the moment it finished. In my opinion, no other Australian comic could boast such excellence in the field of live stand up comedy as Rodney Rude.
"Twice as Rude" is Rodney's 11th album. Some of my favourite tracks include "Rude wears jodhpurs with padded arse sewn in" and "Rude does embuggerment joke disguised as an insult". In these tracks he hangs crap on other people in true Rodney Rude form - and lets face it, what's not funny about that?! I would have to say, though, I absolutely p***ed myself in track 15 in the joke about the "Scoop" - but you'll have to get the CD yourself to understand what I'm talking about - I just couldn't do it justice!!
Rodney Rude's "Twice as Rude" provides fans with exactly what they want -- really rude, weird, and clever comedy that you can't play in front of your grandmother! Rude's new CD in my opinion shows Rodney's ongoing commitment to producing high quality products and satisfying fans with obnoxious, politically unsound, but funny-as-hell comedy. I also highly recommend "Rodney Rude Live: Vol 1" which was Rodney's first video (1984) and has just been re-released on DVD. If you are a Rude fan then you'll love this piece of classic Rude comedy.

01 Rude's Uncanny Insight Into Mars And Venus
02 Blokes Who Want To Become Eunuchs Or Pitiful Attempt By Rude To Get Lady's Underpants
03 Marcia Hines' Tit
04 Rude Wears Jodhpurs With Padded Arse Sewn In
05 Albino Indian's Red Dot Becomes Japanese Flag
06 Humidity In Rude's Arse Crack Identical To India's Climate
07 Rude's Greek Mate Is A Necrophiliac
08 Siamese Twin's Nose Joined To His Brother's Butt Hole
09 Heckler Carves Veins In Cucumber
10 Pavarotti Breaks Toilet
11 Rude Annihilates Pommie Heckler
12 Rude Does Embuggerment Joke Disguised As An Insult
13 Rude Plays The Mouth Trumpet (musical)
14 Rude Blows Fart Through Plastic Tube In Taxi
15 Rude Accuses McDonalds Of Using Undersized Chip Scoop, Then Challenges Them To Use His Huge Scoop: Rude Leaves Wearing His Scoop For An Olympic Bicycle Rider's Helmet
16 Hopoate Fingers Rude
17 Rude Heckles A Hunchback
18 Rude Starts To Resemble A Fruit Bat From Raiding Too Many Orchards (musical)
19 Bonus Answer Machine Messages Introduced By Rude
20 Answer Machine Message - Uncle Jack Off On Train
21 Answer Machine Message - Ounce Of Parsley
22 Answer Machine Message - Queer Eye Gives Polish
23 Answer Machine Message - Greenies And Chain Saws
24 Answer Machine Message - Kim Beazley's Air Force Jumpsuit
25 Answer Machine Message - Fido
26 Answer Machine Message - Boss Has Sex With Stubby Holder
27 Answer Machine Message - Baldy Feral Buys Bob Marley Wig
28 Answer Machine Message - Mr & Mrs Fucknuckle
29 Answer Machine Message - Helmet In Lady's Duffel Bag
30 Answer Machine Message - Davey Crockett Hat For Mask
31 Answer Machine Message - Rodney Treblecock
32 Answer Machine Message - Long Winded Convoluted Message
33 Answer Machine Message - Goo On Pelvic Bone
34 Answer Machine Message - Erect Windsock
35 Answer Machine Message - Talcum Powder In Aerobic Suit
36 Answer Machine Message - Boris Becker's Ginger Nuts (musical)      

EMI Records Australia – EMX.240660
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Vaughn Meader - Second Coming 1972

On: Thursday, July 11, 2013

Vaughn Meader
Abbott Vaughn Meader
Mar 20 1936 – Oct 29 2004 age 68

Stan Z Burns, Cheri Cafero, Don Calfa, Judy Engles, Garry Goodrow, Larry Gore, Andy Johnson, Ted Lange, Jerry Nelson, Melodie Santagelo, Fred Trevelino, Jimmy Wigfall, Marshall Efron
Birth Name
Official Site

For about a year, Vaughn Meader was one of the most famous comedians in America, thanks to his uncanny impersonation of John F. Kennedy on the wildly popular humor album The First Family. When Kennedy was assassinated on November 22, 1963, Meader's career died right along with the president, but while he never made it back into the limelight, Meader made periodic attempts to find a new career in show business, and since he could no longer portray one of America's most beloved icons, he tried playing another one, in 1971 -- Jesus Christ. Earle Doud, one of the writers and producers of The First Family, once again teamed up with Meader for The Second Coming, in which God (voiced by Joe Silver) decides it's time to send his only begotten son back to Earth. After materializing in Harlem and making friends with a couple of street dudes named Andrew and Bartholomew (one of whom is played by Ted Lange, later a regular on The Love Boat), Jesus hooks up with Joey Judas, a talent agent who books him on the talk-show circuit, gets him a gig opening the bill at a massive rock concert, makes him the grand prize in a "Win a Week with Jesus" contest, and generally attempts to turn him into a multimedia superstar (with the main theme from Jesus Christ Superstar appearing as a running joke throughout the album -- and Ted Neeley, who two years later would star in the film version of Jesus Christ Superstar, helped out with the music here). Meader's Jesus is pretty much the straight man throughout, and the humor walks a middle ground between cynical show-biz shtick and counter-culture-leaning humor pointing out the foibles of life in the United States, circa 1971, including gags about Nixon, women's liberation, Woodstock, and Sesame Street. While Second Coming has dated about as well as The First Family (and if that album can be reissued on CD, there's no reason why The Second Coming shouldn't get another chance to find an audience). If nothing else, it's as much a document of American life in 1971 as The First Family is as a time capsule of 1962.

01 In the Beginning 4:33
02 Earth 4:06
03 Miracles 1:37
04 Joey Judas 4:08
05 The Rehearsal 2:57
06 Jesus and Jane 4:44

07 The Rock Festival 5:35
08 Wheeling and Dealing 1:18
09 Win a Week With Jesus 7:44
10 TV Appearance 3:15
11 The Last Supper 2:34
12 Salvation 4:10
Vaughn Meader
Joe Silver
Don Calfa
Ted Lange
Marshall Efron

Kama Sutra KSBS-2038
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Take That! You No Good 1966
Last Word 1994
Whatever Happened To Vaughn Meader Album 1969
The Elephant Song bw No Hiding Place (45) 1964

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