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Moms Mabley - Out On A Limb 1965

On: Friday, February 28, 2014

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Eddie Lawrence - Garden Of Eddie Lawrence 1955

On: Thursday, February 27, 2014

Eddie Lawrence
Lawrence Eisler 
aka The Old Philosopher
Brooklyn, New York, USA
Mar 02 1919 - Mar 25 2014 age 95
Official Site

01 Doctor's Philosopher 2:42
02 Kiddie Star 3:23
03 Blackouts Of 1984 4:17
04 Fleming Of The Yard 4:06
05 Drill That Tooth 2:35
06 Broadway Philosopher 3:25

07 Hollywood Philosopher 3:25
08 Wolfgang Birdwatcher 2:28
09 The Plucker And The Fleckers 12:40
10 Lose Your Shirt 2:00

Signature Series
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Space Philosopher (45) 1958
German Baseball (45) 1957
Suburban Philosopher (45) 1961
 Fix Your Watch (45) 1957
Mets Philosophy (45) 1963
Old Vienna Concluded (45) 1954
Outta This World (45) 1958
We Love Yuh Mets (45) 1963


Dr Al Lacy & Clyde Hyde - Lone Dummy 1981

On: Monday, February 24, 2014

Dr Al Lacy
Birth name
Official Site

Evangelist Al Lacy has written more than ninety novels, including the Angel of Mercy, Battles of Destiny, and Journeys of the Stranger series. He and his wife, JoAnna Lacy, are coauthors of the Mail Order Bride, Hannah of Fort Bridger, and Shadow of Liberty series. The Lacys make their home in the Colorado Rockies. Source: Random House

01 Side 1
02 Side 2

Evangelist with a message dummy
Artists Recording Company

Adventures Of Superdummy 1977
Adventures Of Superdummy II
Mean Little Kid
Secret Agent


Lone Dummy Rides Again

Mean Little Kid II


Frank Alesia & Timothy Blake - Forgive Me Father, I Have Sinned 1973

On: Sunday, February 23, 2014

Frank Alesia
Frank Michael Alesia
Park Ridge, Illinois,  

Jan 04 1944 – Feb 27 2011 age 67
Official Site

Timothy Blake
Birth name
Official Site

Character actor Frank Alesia was also an executive consultant on “Laverne and Shirley” and a director of “Captain Kangaroo”. Alesia came to Hollywood in 1964. He first appeared in Frankie Avalon-Annette Funicello films “Bikini Beach” and “Beach Blanket Bingo” and 1966 horror comedy “The Ghost in the Invisible Bikini.” In 1967 Alesia had a role in the drama “Riot on the Sunset Strip” and began a transition to TV. He appeared on series including “That Girl,” “Gomer Pyle, USMC,” “The Odd Couple,” “Room 222" and “The Flying Nun.” Alesia began an association with the ABC series “Laverne in Shirley” in 1980, writing one episode, directing three and serving as an exec consultant for eight episodes. For his work on “Captain Kangaroo” Alesia was nominated for a daytime Emmy in 1979. After his retirement from entertainment, he bred and raced thoroughbreds. ~Variety

Timothy Blake is an actress and director, known for The Bad News Bears (1976), Dreamscape (1984) and New York, New York (1977). ~IMDB

01 Confessional
02 Balling For Dollars, Part 1
03 Commercial
04 Obscene Phone Call
05 Brownie Bake Off
06 Group Therapy
07 Balling For Dollars, Part 2
08 Madam Ma Funda
09 Going Back To Religion


Laff A-171
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Phyllis Diller - An Evening With Phyllis Diller At The 92nd Street Y 1992

On: Saturday, February 22, 2014

Phyllis Diller
Phyllis Ada Driver
Jul 17 1917 - Aug 20 2012 age 95
Official Site

Phyllis Diller used to joke that she had had so much plastic surgery that God wouldn't recognize her at the pearly gates. The groundbreaking female comic never met a nip and tuck she didn't like, but surely she would've been known in heaven as on earth for her wicked drawling jokes and her cackle of a laugh. And that's just the way she wanted it. She called herself ugly, and backed that up with a closet full of fright wigs, garish makeup and shapeless dresses. But the truth was that she was so good-looking that Playboy canceled her 1960s gag centerfold when the photos came back. She said the editors found her too sexy for the feature to work. And when Diller died earlier this year at age 95, Joan Rivers tweeted that "The only tragedy is that Phyllis Diller was the last from an era that insisted a woman had to look funny in order to be funny." Diller went to work as a comic at her first husband's urging, hoping that comedy would relieve the strain on their household finances. She started by performing at PTA meetings, local civic clubs, veterans hospitals and local radio programs. She sang a little, played the piano and told a few jokes. She said later that she mined the Dear Abby column for material. Her trademark laugh arose during her early comedy club gigs, as a sign of nerves that she couldn't suppress. In 1992, she spoke about her life in comedy at New York City's 92nd St. Y, in a rollicking "lecture" that interspersed joke sets with her own views on death, religion, aging and happiness. Not exactly the topics that you think might trigger 12 laughs a minute (as was her serious goal on stage), but these weighty themes always found a place in Diller's act. "My definition of comedy," she told her audience, "is tragedy revisited."
01 An Evening With Phyllis Diller At The 92nd Street Y

* * *
Beautiful Phyllis Diller 1967
Great Moments Of Comedy 1964
Great Moments Of Comedy 1964
What's Left Of Phyllis Diller 1967


Dayton Allen - Why Not! 1960

On: Friday, February 21, 2014

Dayton Allen
Dayton Allen Bolke
Sep 24 1919 - Nov 11 2004 age 85
Official Site

Steve Allen
Stephen Valentine Patrick William Allen
Dec 26 1921 - Oct 30 2000 age 78
Dayton Allen was a comedian and voice actor. He was one of the "men in the street" on the The Steve Allen Show. His catchphrase was "Why not, Bubbe?" (pronounced "whooooyyy not!")
Allen was the voice of various New York-based children's television show characters, appearing on Winky Dink and You as Mr. Bungle for five years, and playing "Phineas T. Bluster", "Flub-a-Dub", and various other puppet characters on Howdy Doody (as well as several "live" characters, including Ugly Sam and Pierre the Chef) for 4 years. Dayton was also the voice of Deputy Dawg, Heckle and Jeckle, Luno, and many early Terrytoons cartoon characters. He continued to be a voiceover performer through the 1990s.
He was best known as the "Why Not?" man when he joined the cast of the NBC Sunday night variety show that Allen began hosting to compete against Ed Sullivan on CBS. The catch-phrase began as a stalling ad-lib to an interview question; then it caught on. Allen used it for television commercials and saw novelty toys, a book and a record spinoff the "Why not?" phenomenon. In its day, fans were shouting "Why not?" as often as Mad Magazine's famous "What? Me Worry?"
His brother, Bradley Bolke, was also a voice actor best known as the voice of Chumley (Tennessee Tuxedo's walrus sidekick) on Tennessee Tuxedo and His Tales, and the syndicated version of The Underdog Show. ~Wikipedia
01 Surgeon 5:70
02 Safari 2:25
03 Criminologist 3:08
04 Botanist 2:14
05 Hello Sickies 2:57
06 Squaw Valley Olympics 2:62
07 International TV 2:18
08 Congressman "Dudley" 2:07
09 General Zugsmith 3:02
10 Mailman 2:15
11 Salvador Dooley 2:19
Grand Award GA 33-424
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