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Harry King Cole - Listen, Here's Harry King Cole 1970

On: Saturday, March 30, 2013

Harry King Cole
Birth name 
aka Harry Cole
Thomas, West Virginia USA
May 29 1918 - Aug 13 1993 age 75
Official Site

King spent most of his nearly four years of active duty in the Air Corps working for Special Services. He helped produce, write and perform in over 200 shows for American and Canadian troops for which he received special citations from both governments. ~Amazon  
King was the character Cryin' Willie on "Hee Haw" and appeared in episodes from 1972-1976.

01Nice To Be Here 1:50

02 My Home Town 7:30
03 My Mother-In-Law 3:00
04 Impressions 5:30
05 My Wife 4:00
06 Weeping Willie 12:40

Dee Cee 3315

Rodney Rude - Rodney Rude Live 1997 (Australia)

On: Friday, March 29, 2013

Rodney Rude
Rodney Malcolm Keft
  Jan 29 1943 -
Official Site NSFW (not safe for work) turn sound down
YouTube Channel

Rodney Rude has established himself as the Australian master of R-rated comedy. Rodney Rude has been performing to sell-out shows around Australia for the past 20 years.  With what seems to be endless amounts of gross-out jokes and foul humour, Rodney's latest show will feature his favourite characters Rodney Half Rude and Harry Muff.  And what would a Rodney Rude show be without the limerick?
Rodney Rude will croon many laughable limericks and the audience may even have the chance to sing some of their own limericks to Rodney.  'Abe Lincoln, John the Baptist and Bill Gates. I have a whole book of limericks from the Dalai Lama,' Rude said. 

01 Live At Di Di's 01
02 Live At Di Di's 02
03 Live At Di Di's 03
04 Live At Di Di's 04
05 Live At Di Di's 05
06 Live At Di Di's 06

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Hanno & Hayes - Door To Door Comedians 1983

On: Thursday, March 28, 2013

Flip Hanno
Birth name
Official Site

Ken Hayes
Birth name
Official Site

01 Introduction
02 Burn A Witch
03 How We Got Started
04 Flip's brother
05 The Trainee
06 Gilbert Peter
07 Now Confessional
08 Driving Through Georgia
09 End Of The World
10 Search For Atlantis
Kaf RR-42497

Alen Robin - Supershrink 1971

On: Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Alen Robin
Birth name
aka Allen Robin
Official Site

Alen Robin is one of the unsung heroes of political comedy. At one time the head writer for The Tonight Show, he’s recorded a few good and a few great political comedy albums (Funny Farm being the best IMHO) with his cohort Earle Doud and also solo using his snippets to “interview” anyone from Mayor Ed Koch to Ronald Reagan. Jay Leno uses this type of edited technique for his “interviews” on the current format of The Tonight Show. It all goes back to Robin. ~Damn That Ojeda! blog

01 Introduction

02 Humphrey
03 Thurmond
04 Rockefeller
05 Lindsay
06 Nixon
06 LBJ 

07 Agnew
08 Buckley
09 Reagan
10 Daley


Political Humor
Janus JXS-7001
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Norm Crosby - Live From Las Vegas 1970s

On: Monday, March 25, 2013

Norm Crosby
Norman Crosby
Sep 15 1927 -
Official Site 
Norm Crosby, the Master of Malaprops, is among the most recognized and widely quoted comedians in show business.  For many years, Crosby has been one of the busiest in the "name" comedians in the nation's top nightclubs, theaters and casino showrooms, as well as on top television variety, talk, and game shows.  Crosby also starred as himself in the comedy series "The Boys," which premiered to critical acclaim for the Showtime cable network in 1989.
While referring to Crosby as "an all-round powerhouse comedian," veteran syndicated television columnist Don Freeman said of "The Boys," "It is a crackerjack of a comedy series, a perfectly wonderful, remarkably successful show that touches both the heart and the funnybone."
Norm Crosby serves as Jerry Lewis' co-host on Jerry's annual Labor Day Telethon for the Muscular Dystrophy Association, with Norm presiding over the show's national live remote segments from Los Angeles.  Previously, Crosby has hosted TV talk shows, games shows, and variety and awards specials, as well as his own series, "Norm Crosby's Comedy Shop."  Norm has been a heavy fundraiser and charity worker for such causes and organizations such as City of Hope, child abuse prevention, problems of the hearing impaired, and other worthwhile causes.  In recognition of his achievements, both in comedy and as a humanitarian, the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce installed the Norm Crosby "star" in Hollywood's Walk of Fame on February 24, 1982.  At Norm's request, his star was placed between those of two of his all-time favorites, Jack Benny and Red Skeleton.

In the late 1970s and early 1980s, Crosby became a commercial pitchman for Anheuser-Busch Natural Light Beer.
01 Side 1
02 Side 2

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Fred Lane & Ron 'Pate's Debonairs - From The One That Cut You 1975

On: Saturday, March 23, 2013

Fred Lane
T. R. Reed
aka Tim Reed
aka Rev. Dr. Fred Lane

Ron 'Pate
Craig Nutt

Growing up in the suburban Midwest, I was always frustrated by the dearth of originality in the local music. The way I see it, when you’re rocking in Podunk you may as well do whatever the fuck your creative muse tells you to do. It’s not like aspiring to mainstream acceptance is going to get you anywhere. Move to LA or NY if you want to make it big. But if you are choosing to stay in some out of the way place, for chrissakes…do what you want. So I have always had a lot of respect for musical lunatics operating out in the middle of nowhere and very few are more loony than Fred Lane. Seriously. What we have here is a bizarre little record that swings like a mutant lounge act on acid from Tuscaloosa, Alabama circa 1978. Now before you go and think that I discovered this all by myself, let me add that this and Fred’s second album were re-released by Shimmy Disk in the late 1980s. That is where I first heard them and at first I thought it was a bunch of hipster Noo Yawkers. But then I found out the true story and it became all that much better. See Fred, was involved in some crazy act called the Pataphysical Revue in the mid 70′s and the Fred Lane alter ego was borne out of this. Then Fred went ahead and recorded his two solo albums and the rest is Last Days history. ~

From the One That Cut You was literally inspired by an illiterate threatening love note/confession from someone named “Fuear” that was wrapped around a knife that was found in a secret compartment in a 1952 Dodge truck. Reed wrote both a song and also a stage show based on the note for his Fred Lane character.
The note read:  “I hope the paine is gone. This is the one that cut you? P.S. Don’t wear about Jimmy I will take kear of him the same way I took kear of YOU.”
01 Fun In The Fundus 4:55
02 Danger Is My Beer 3:15
03 I Talk To My Haircut 3:30
04 From The One That Cut You 3:05
05 Rubber Room 6:37
06 Mystic Tune 6:22
07 Oatmeal 2:53
08 Meat Clamp Conduit 1:42
Fred Lane
Ron 'Pate

Jazz, Offbeat
Say Day-Bew Records
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Mike & Rose Warnke - Growing Up Warnke 1983

On: Thursday, March 21, 2013

Mike Warnke
Michael Alfred Warnke
 Evansville, Indiana USA
Nov 19 1946

Rose Warnke
aka Rose Hall
Official Site

Warnke released Higher Education - an awful looking record with his third wife, Rose, who offered little or nothing to the album other than her gaudy looking appearance on the cover. Warnke's wife was, by most accounts, a total nut who loved indulging in the wealth of the increasingly expanding Warnke empire. In 1985 Rose Hall Warnke wrote a book titled The Great Pretender in which she claimed that Spinal Tap was an actual bonafide "satanic rock group." It seemed she was far more susceptible to phoney Satanists than most.
Warnke's expanding success was now growing parallel with the enormous secular stand-up comedy boom so well associated with the nineteen eighties. As comedy clubs popped up all over North America, more and more Christians started trying their hand at a religious form of comedy. Christian comedy records were suddenly more common and Word's Myrrh outfit started releasing some new names - like Leon Patillo, a one-time member of Santana, and his LP of Classic Comedy & Liveable Lessons. Due to the over saturation of stand-up in the secular market at the time, most of those new Christian comedians now enjoy the same status that so many talentless secular comics of the eighties also maintain - that of the unemployed comedy nobody. Many, like Patillo however, are trolling in hackneyed genres more suited to their personalities. Patillo, whose 1986 comedy record featured such comedic tracks as 'My Salvation,' 'Elijah,' and 'Prayer' now touts himself as a motivational speaker who can "help Christians reach their income potential."
Warnke found himself making more money through this period than almost any other working comic religious or otherwise. Doing half stand-up - half sermon gave him license to pull something most comedians would never dream of doing at the end of their shows: ask the audience for money. At this point Mike Warnke was raking in donations for "Mike Warnke Ministries," something that is now acknowledged as having been a front. In 1985-86 Warnke Ministries made over 1.5 million dollars from donations (or "love offerings" as they called them) alone. They claimed that their ministry needed money to help operate their mission that would house runaways, recovering drug addicts, former Satanists and the like. All of which, of course, was untrue. Hundreds of thousands of dollars were also quickly used up by the crazy Rose Hall Warnke who according to a person in their employ, quoted in Selling Satan, would buy things like "100 pairs of cheap tennis shoes at Wal-Mart." Since Mike and his crazy wife were now registered as a charity they also enjoyed tax-exempt status for all that cash. -excerpt from wmfu

01 Enjoying Mental Illness 11:21
02 When I Grow Up 3:46
03 The Mountain Chainsaw  Massacre 11:15

04 Jesus Ads And The  Polyester Preacher 17:04

05 Who's Child Are You? 10:54

Christian Standup
Myrrh 7-01-672938-9
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Professor Irwin Corey - I Feel More Like I Do Now Radio Promo 1982

On: Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Professor Irwin Corey
Irwin Corey
aka The World's Foremost Authority
Jul 29, 1914 -
In the Village Vanguard in the early 1940s a short maniacal man in long-tailed formal coat and sneakers – the coattails dragging out behind him on the floor – circles the room balefully, then stands for endless moments, maybe five whole minutes, gathering up his thoughts until he finally explodes with one single word: “However!”
This is followed by another sustained silence and then, at last, a burst, a torrent, a flood of unstoppable surreal interlingual jabberwocky that makes no sense at all and yet makes perfect sense in each rapid-fire contemptuous interlocking reference to people and events of the day and of many other days in the recent or ancient history of mankind. Not to mention womankind.
“‘However,’” Irwin Corey will say musingly some 65 years later. “I used to start any program with ‘However.’ A word my wife invented.”
So where did all that come from – the Corey-patented free-flow free-wheeling free-association ceaseless river-run of genius-touched pertinent gobbledygook?
“Nobody knows,” the Professor says gravely, and then, man to man: “Tell you something. I’m sure when you start a sentence you do not know where it will end.”  ~Full article   
01 In the Beginning
02 The Story of Passover or If Moses Had Turned Right
03 The Presidents
04 Dilettante, Not Detante
05 Leave Out the Budget Cutting
06 Borrow, Borrow
07 Chicago, the Windy City
08 The Scenario of Figaro 

09 Calm-Moonism
10 Are There Any More Stupid Questions

11 Lot's Salty Wife
12 Noah's Ark 
Gateway GSLP-8502
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