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Doug Clark & His Hot Nuts - Rush Week 1964

On: Friday, November 25, 2011

Doug Clark
Birth name
North Carolina
~1936 - Sep 16 2002 age 66
Doug Clark and the Hot Nuts, also known as Doug Clark and his Hot Nuts, The Hot Nuts and, since the death of Doug Clark in 2002, Doug Clark's Hot Nuts, is a rhythm and blues, rock and novelty band that has played party and club dates for more than fifty years. Starting in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, they became famous on the college circuit in the southeastern United States in the early 1960s for their risqué song lyrics and jokes, and for allegedly performing in various states of undress. Their signature song was Hot Nuts. Other songs that they were known by included: My Ding-a-Ling, Big Jugs (based on Big Bad John), He's Got the Whole World by the Balls, Baby Let Me Bang Your Box, The Bearded Clam (is a delicacy that won't be found in the deep blue sea), Gay Caballero and Two Old Maids. It has been said that the Hot Nuts were the inspiration for the Otis Day and the Knights group in the movie Animal House. Their first album had a picture of the band on the cover, with Doug Clark "flipping the bird" to the audience. All of the Hot Nuts albums were on the "Gross" label, a subsidiary of Jubilee Records created solely for the band. Even though Jubilee published a line of "party" records with risqué material, the Jubilee name did not appear anywhere on the Gross albums. Doug Clark and the Hot Nuts influenced contemporary artists such as Too Short and Ol' Dirty Bastard. ~wikipedia
Band members on the original Gross album Nuts to You were Doug Clark (drums), June Bug (trumpet), "Big" John Clark [Doug's brother] (saxophone), William "Chicken" Little (guitar) and Prince Taylor (vocals). Later, various other musicians were in and out of the group, which later was up to nine, including a female vocalist named "Tootsie." The group was active into the 2000s, but Doug Clark died on September 16, 2002. His son, Doug, has reportedly joined the band, who will henceforth perform as "Doug Clark's Hot Nuts." ~bsnpubs

01 Two Old Maids
02 Big Juggs
03 A Merry Tale
04 Limmericks (Part 1)
05 Roll Your Leg Over
06 Canal Street
07 Jokes
08 Mandingo
09 Limmericks (Part 2)
10 Everybody But Me

Gross 104
Novelty Songs

Transfer Your Vinyl LPs, Cassettes To MP3

On: Thursday, November 24, 2011

Interested in transferring your own cassettes and/or vinyl albums to your PC? Here's what I've been using lately:

If you already have a turntable or cassette deck:
The whole package
Close-up of the included cable
Available now from Sears on sale at this link for $22.99 from $29.99 USD. This version uses a mini-jack (the size of a stereo headphone jack) plugging into your cassette deck or turntable amplifier and a USB plug on the other end into your PC. The software included is Audacity, popular and widely used free audio software. Audacity will "record" your sounds to MP3 format and clean the sound, too, as an option.  Flapjack easy.
If your amplifier output is not mini-jack, there may be other versions/cables available and I know the local Radio Shack have many mini-jack/audio converter plugs that are dirt cheap. 

~~~~~~ OR ~~~~~~~

You can buy a turntable with USB output. This runs about $139.95 on the 'net. Check this link for more information
~~~~~~ OR ~~~~~~~

You can buy a turntable with a CD burner built in on this link, $250 and up.

Steve Allen - Can I Wait Up For Santa Claus (Single) 1953

Steve Allen
Stephen Valentine Patrick William Allen
Dec 26 1921 – Oct 30 2000 age 78
Official Site

01 Can I Wait Up For Santa Claus

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Stan Freberg & Yogi Yorgesson - Have Yourself A Crazy Little Christmas 1991

Stan Freberg
Stanley Victor Freberg
Aug 07 1926 -

Yogi Yorgesson
Born Harry Edward Stewart Skarbo
aka: Harry Stewart, Harry Kari, Claude Hopper, Klaus Hammerschmidt
 Tacoma, Washington USA
Oct 21 1908 – May 20 1956 age 46

01 The Night Before Christmas
02 St. George And The Dragonet
03 The Meaning Of Christmas
04 Green Chri$Tma$
05 Nuttin' For Christmas
06 I Yust Go Nuts At Christmas
07 Yingle Bells
08 I Was Santa Claus At The Schoolhouse
09 The Christmas Party
10 Be Kind To The Street Corner Santa

Holiday Humor


Rich Little - Scrooge And The Stars 1963

Rich Little
Richard Caruthers Little
Nov 26 1938

01 Side 1
02 Side 2

Plus a PDF with liner notes transcribed by blog-man

Jack Benny as Ebenezer Scrooge
Rochester as Bob Cratchit
Jimmy Stewart as The Nephew
Jimmy Durante and Alfred Hitchcock as Two Gentlemen From the Poor
Bing Crosby as The Carol Singer
John Wayne as Jacob Marley
Walter Brennan as the Ghost of Christmas Past
John F. Kennedy as the Ghost of Christmas Present
Ed Sullivan as the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come
Van Hefflin, Raymond Burr, Peter Lorre as Men at the Party
James Mason, George Burns, Dana Andrews, Orson Welles and Jack Webb as Men on the Street Corner
Chester as Young Boy
Jackie Gleason as Fezziwig
Gregory Peck as Dick Wilkins
Host and Narrator: Fred MacMurray

Capitol T-6049
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Bob & Tom - Mistletoe 2003

Bob Kevoian -
Robert James Kevoian
Los Angeles, California USA
Dec 02 1950

Tom Griswold
Cleveland, Ohio USA
Apr 22 1953 -

01 I Want a Boob Job for Christmas - The Bob & Tom Band 2:43
02 Dear Santa - Sean Morey 2:19
03 I Hate Christmas - The Bob & Tom Band 2:44
04 Mr. Obvious and The Christmas Tree - 5:23
05 It's Christmas (Let's Have Sex) - Duke Tumatoe 2:30
06 The Living Nativity - Bart and Sid 3:21
07 Diddly Squat - Heywood Banks 1:50
08 PMS for Christmas - Peter Kevoian 3:42
09 Look Out, It's Santa - Duke Tumatoe 2:48
10 Cash, Cash, Cash - Heywood Banks 2:23
11 Under the Mistletoe - The Bob & Tom Band 3:19
12 Let's Put Christ Back in Christmas - Pat Godwin 1:37
13 Marge and Santa - 4:27
14 Christmas at Grandma's - Duke Tumatoe 2:35
15 Live Home Christmas Theater - 3:39
16 Santa Clothes - The Bob & Tom Band 2:50
17 Chicky, Icky, Icky - Heywood Banks 0:49
18 Mr. Obvious and the Santa Question - 6:55
19 Frosty - Heywood Banks 3:10
20 This Christmas House - Bart and Sid 4:06
21 Open Me First - The Bob & Tom Band 3:14
22 The Night Before Christmas - The Love Bros. 2:42
23 Give Me What I Want for Christmas - Duke Tumatoe 3:11
24 Let's Put the X Back in Christmas - Richard Bowden 3:16
25 We Won't Get Drunk This Christmas - Bob & Tom 2:48

Friggemall Industries, LLC
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Dennis Miller - Christmas Poem (Single) 2000

Dennis Miller
Dennis Miller
Nov 03 1953 -

01 Christmas Poem (Single)

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Father Guido Sarducci - 100 Bulbs On The Christmas Tree Party 2006

Father Guido Sarducci
Don Novello
Jan 01 1942
Official Site

01 One Hundred Bulbs On The Christmas Tree)
02 I Won't Be Twisting This Christmas
03 Santa's Lament
04 Parco Macarthur (La Torta In La Pioggia)

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Brenner & Blitzer - Have A Jewish Christmas? 1967

Raymond Brenner
aka Ray Brenner
Official Site

aka Barry E. Blitzer
New York City, New York, USA
Apr 21 1929 - Jan 27 2010 age 80
Official Site
Ray Brenner and Barry E. Blitzer are one of television's most active comedy writing teams.  Ray, a native Californian, worked on such shows as The Real McCoys and Dinah Shore; Barry, a displaced New Yorker, achieved recognition as a writer on the Sergeant Bilko Show, for which he was awarded an Emmy.  The boys first collaborated on McHale's Navy and subsequently scripted for such shows as Donna Reed, Andy Griffith and Get Smart.  They're currently in their second season as staffers for Gomer Pyle and are also contributing to the Carol Burnett Show.

Lennie Weinrib has become one of the busiest “voices” in radio and television.  You hear him regularly on commercials for Avis, Hunts Tomato Sauce, G.E., Pepsodent and countless others.  In addition to his practically full-time voicing schedule, Lennie is a director, writer, actor, comedian and singer—and is currently active in all these fields.  He was the comedy star of the famous Billy Barnes Review which had long runs in Los Angeles and New York, and was recently featured in such TV shows as The Man From UNCLE, Laredo, Jericho and others.  Lennie narrates all the tracks on this album.

Benny Rubin could easily qualify for the title of “Mr. Show Biz.”  In his more than fifty years as a performer he's played everything from Mississippi Riverboats to Burlesque to Vaudeville where he headlined at the Palace Theater.  A master dialectician, Benny has appeared in numerous movies as well as being a near-regular on the Jack Benny television show.  He recently finished a picture with Don Knotts and can be seen in guest appearances on the Joey Bishop Show.

Naomi Lewis is one of radio and television's best known voice specialists.  Early in her career, she headed her own TV series, NBC's famous “Rootie Kazootie Show” which ran daily for over thirteen hundred performances.  Since then she has been lending her comedic talents to commercials including those produced by the inimitable Stan Freberg.

Christine Nelson is regarded as one of the most versatile comediennes on the scene.  She's appeared on many of television's outstanding comedy shows: Ray Bolger, George Gobel, Danny Kaye and has appeared in several movies including “Send Me No Flowers” with Doris Day and Rock Hudson.  Among her outstanding successes was the role of “Sarah Jackman” in the Allen Sherman comedy album.

Reginald X. Carlisle is the pseudonym for a famous radio, television and screen personality.  Since Reggie has relatives living in both Israel and the Vatican—he prefers to remain anonymous.

Recorded live in Hollywood

01 The Problem
   Ida Glickman (Chris)
   First Rabbi (Benny)
   Second Rabbi (Reggie)
   Peacemaker (Benny)

02 Christmas Cards
   Hall Markowitz (Reggie)

03 Christmas Trees
   David (Naomi)
   Sharon (Chris)
   Harry (Lennie)
   Doctor (Reggie)
   Salesman (Benny)

04 Tanta And The Tree
   Sharon (Chris)
   Harry (Lenny)
   Tanta Sophie (Naomi)

05 Santa Claus
   Larry (Naomi)
   Santa (Benny)

06 Christmas Machers
   Aaron (Lennie)
   Hymie (Benny)
   Fanny (Naomi)

07 The Party
   The Dispatcher (Reggie ()
   Goldie (Chris)
   Esther (Naomi)
   Abe (Lennie)
   Sol (Benny)
   First Man (Lennie)
   First Woman (Chris)
   Second Man (Reggie)
   Second Woman (Naomi ()
   Cantor (Benny)
   Bernie (Lennie)
   Abdul (Benny)

08 Shut Up, Irving
   Irving (Benny)
   Sadie (Naomi)
   Ghost (Lennie) 

* * *
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