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Jackie Kannon - Songs For The John 1962

On: Monday, November 14, 2011

Jackie Kannon
Birth name
Windsor, Ontario, Canada
Jul 25 1921 -
Official Site

01 Dear John Part 1
02 Who Said it Couldn't Be Done
03 Santa Claus Calling
04 Tomboy
05 Lolita
06 Secret Love
07 On the Moor
08 I Never Kiss
09 Basic Requisites
10 Kenya Love
11 How About That
12 Candy Store
13 Inspirational
14 Let's Hear From Brother Jackie part 1
16 The Seat May Still Be Up
17 Hilton Reservation
18 Let's Hear From Brother Jackie Part 2
19 I'm in Heaven
20 Sable Coat
21 Beat Generation
22 Jump Boy, Jump
23 A Strange Kind of Love
24 Oh Give Me a Home
25 A Woman
26 Welcome Little Stranger

Roulette SR 25-187
Thanks Sluggisha!

1 comments on "Jackie Kannon - Songs For The John 1962"

Media Funhouse said...

Ah, the real "Mad Man" era comedy -- it ain't Bob Newhart, it's this stuff. Un-p.c. to the max, Jackie was one big "rat fink."


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