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Capitol Steps - All I Want For Christmas Is A Tax Increase 1993

On: Thursday, November 24, 2011

Republican Congressional
Bill Strauss
, Elaina Newport, Jim Aidala staffers,

and then added
Republican Senate staffers Nancy Baskin, Barbie Granzow, Dave Nichols
David Gencarelli and currently Richard Paul, Anne Hill, Ann Schmitt, Brian Ash, and Mike Loomis
Birth name

01 It's Time For Killing Barney
02 Dumber Boy
03 Let Perot
04 We Need A Little Christophe
05 Check My Calls From Wood Of Holly
06 All We Got For X-Mas Is A Tax Increase
07 O Fax Machine
08 Doctor Bills
09 It's Beginning To Look Like Warren Christopher
10 Gun Nuts Boasting They Can Open Fire
11 Why's Madonna Kissing Santa Claus_
12 Don't Ask, Don't Tell
13 The Twelve Days Of Clinton
14 Jingo All The Way
15 Santo Claus's Budget Is Down
16 Her Come Democrats
17 Do You Feel What I Feel_
18 Puh-Leeze, Navy Dad
19 Ozone Has A Hole On High
20 Golly, Stephanopoulos
21 Mommy's Spoiled-Child
22 George Is Home This X-Mas
23 Clinton Blunderland
24 Over The River, They Cut The Woods
25 Now CBS Has Letterman
26 Rosty, The Chairman
27 Whose Child Was This_
28 Here We Go A-Lobbying
29 Good Thing Princess Di
30 Have Yourself A Very Little X-Mas
31 O Little Rock Of Arkansas
32 Can't Wish You A Merry X-Mas

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