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Transfer Your Vinyl LPs, Cassettes To MP3

On: Thursday, November 24, 2011

Interested in transferring your own cassettes and/or vinyl albums to your PC? Here's what I've been using lately:

If you already have a turntable or cassette deck:
The whole package
Close-up of the included cable
Available now from Sears on sale at this link for $22.99 from $29.99 USD. This version uses a mini-jack (the size of a stereo headphone jack) plugging into your cassette deck or turntable amplifier and a USB plug on the other end into your PC. The software included is Audacity, popular and widely used free audio software. Audacity will "record" your sounds to MP3 format and clean the sound, too, as an option.  Flapjack easy.
If your amplifier output is not mini-jack, there may be other versions/cables available and I know the local Radio Shack have many mini-jack/audio converter plugs that are dirt cheap. 

~~~~~~ OR ~~~~~~~

You can buy a turntable with USB output. This runs about $139.95 on the 'net. Check this link for more information
~~~~~~ OR ~~~~~~~

You can buy a turntable with a CD burner built in on this link, $250 and up.

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Phunny said...

After I score some extra dough someday, I might gotta get me this cable to start doing some ripping from xm radio, thanks Jim!

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