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Moms Mabley - Moms Wows 1964

On: Thursday, May 30, 2013

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Judy Tenuta - Women Of The Night (Video) 1987

On: Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Judy Tenuta
Judy Tenuta
Nov 07 1956 -

Judy gained notoriety as a wisecracking, accordion-wielding self-proclaimed "Petite Flower and Love Goddess" during the golden age of character comedy in the mid '80s with such notable contemporaries as Sam Kinison and Steven Wright. ~Wikipedia

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Un-Butt Plugged In Tex-Ass 1999


Danny Davis - My Son The President 1962

On: Monday, May 27, 2013

Danny Davis
Birth name
Official Site
Note, the alternative cover has different performers.

Side 1
01 My Son The President
02 The New Tenant
03 First Presidential Press Conference
04 The Steam Room
05 Red China
06 The Excuse
07 The Bum
08 The Elder Statesman
09 A Secret Mission
10 A Call To Connecticut
11 The Dream
12 Mah Jong Tea

Side 2
01 The Menu
02 World Problems
03 Cultural Exchange Program
04 Paul Revere
05 Campaign Promises
06 Take My Advice
07 The Cousin's Club
08 The Tunnel
09 The Presidential Yacht
10 Government A Relative Matter
11 A Bit Of Caution
12 Father And Son
Strand SL-1085
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Slappy White - First Slappy White Astronaut 1968

On: Friday, May 24, 2013

Slappy White
Melvin Edward White
Sep 20 1921 - Nov 07 1995 age 74
Official Site
In contrast to the off-color humor of the Friars' roasts, White also wrote and performed a more conservative comedy routine using one black and one white glove while reciting his poem about equality between men. ~Wikipedia
Recorded At the Apollo Theater

01 Side 1
02 Side 2
Brunswick ‎– BL-754132
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First Negro Vice President 1969
Just For Laughs Vol 2
Party Gags Vol 1 1950s
Party Gags Vol 2 1950s
Slappy White At The Club Harlem 1963
Live At Zardi's
Redd & White!! 1974
Steve Rossi & Slappy White - I Found Me A White Man
Redd Foxx & Slappy White 1992
Elect Slappy White For Vice President 1975


Fred Lane & His Hittite Hot Shots - Car Radio Jerome 1986

On: Thursday, May 23, 2013

Fred Lane
T. R. Reed
aka Tim Reed
aka Rev. Dr. Fred Lane

Ron 'Pate
Craig Nutt

In 1988, a mysterious album appeared in record stores. At first glance, Car Radio Jerome was full of silly nonsense with songs like “Upper Lip Of A Nostril Man,” “The Man With The Foldback Ears,” and “Hittite Hot Shot.” Listening to it though, one discovered darker undertones in songs like “White Woman,” which became downright ominous in “Car Radio Jerome.” By the time the album wrapped up, the “French Toast Man” was selling kids tasty goodies so rank that rats dragged it out of garbage pails and keeled over dead. In the last cut, a clinically depressed relative of Elvis croons his weepy ballad of woe “Pneumatic Eyes”—and blows himself up. The records ends with a hand grenade going off. Whether one loved, loathed or feared, everyone had more or less the same question: What kind of human being had perpetrated CarRadio Jerome? It was attributed to Fred Lane and the Hittite Hot Shots. But who were they? No one had ever heard of the group. They never toured, never made videos, never once appeared on Johnny Carson.
In fact, the Reverend Fred Lane did make public appearances, though not many and none outside of Tuscaloosa, Alabama. He first appeared at the Raudelunas Pataphysical Revue in 1975, a show mounted by Raudelunas, a group of artists in Tuscaloosa. The origins of their name is as obscure as those of Lane. According to Ron ‘Pate, the leader of the band the Debonairs which accompanied Lane at the Revue, “it was an Armenian family name meaning ‘moonlight’ or ‘worship of the moon as a deity.’”
Fred Lane was called upon to emcee the Pataphysical Revue, which was a stage show held on the opening night of an exhibit of Raudelunas art at the University of Alabama. He took the stage in a form that would soon be familiar to a few friends and aficionados, if not the country at large: a snap-brim fedora, sunglasses, cutaway tux, boxer shorts, pink socks, and wing-tip brogues, all accented by a few Band-Aids on his face. Lane, backed by Ron ‘Pate and the Debonairs, opened the show with a swinging cover of “My Kind of Town (Chicago Is).” After performances by the Blue Denim Deals Without the Sleeves, the Nubis Oxis Quarum doing the music of ancient Rome, the Captains of Industry all-appliance orchestra, and the world premier of Anne LeBaron’s “Concerto for Active Frogs,” Lane sang “Volare” to close the show. ~Full article
01 White Woman 3:18
02 Car Radio Jerome 4:41
03 Dial "O" for Bigelow 2:44
04 Dondi Must Die 6:44
05 Upper Lip of a Nostril Man 2:11
06 The Man With the Foldback Ears 2:52
07 The French Toast Man 2:52
08 Hittite Hot Shot 3:27
09 Pneumatic Eyes 2:52
Jazz, Offbeat
Shimmy Disc ‎– SHM-5013
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Bert Henry - Position Is Everything 1960

On: Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Bert Henry
Birth name
Before 1945 - ~2004
Official Site

Bert Henry, stand-up comedian, is a man whose albums are difficult to find and whose humor is heard throughout the streets on an almost daily basis. There are no videos on You Tube and the advertisements for his 33 1/3 RPM Long Play Fax Records such as At the Hungry Thigh and In the Raw offer little education in the area of his life or career.
During the late 1950’s and early 60’s Henry established a clamoring audience that consisted of the average man and Hollywood entertainers who considered his bits to be wild and bold, which they were for their time: With routines about a cat of nine tails, sexual urges, a horse named My Dick ridden first by Jockey Strap (who falls off My Dick after the horse enters “a very dangerous position”) and then A. Crab (who nobody should “forget to put on their…scratch ticket.”) and (probably most noteably) a parrot who incessantly claims, "I know what you do!" and at the hatching of her eggs, it is discovered that what she does is have sexual intercourse with owls!
Henry, boasted by Fax records as a master of “Torrid tid-bits of sexopathic humor!” began his career in show business as a jitter-bug dancer in Cincinnati, Ohio. After earning acclaim for his performances on the USO circuit, Henry encountered an emergency when the record to which he and his wife danced went dead behind the stage wings. Henry stood before an audience of 2,000 in utter silence. He began adlibbing and, to his amazement, held them enthralled. After this, he “stooged” for a Burlesque Comic of Columbo’s in Philadelphia. After the Burlesque comic (kept anonymous even in the very few bios of Henry) became sick, Henry was sent up before the audience as headliner for the evening. Thus began his career as a solo act.
Those fortunate enough to own his records might remark on the superb timing of Bert Henry; of the charisma that "street jokers" lack which he brought to the stage and of how kindly he closed all of his shows by saying, "In show business you learn three things: You stand up to be seen, you speak loud to be heard and when you have an audience as nice as this, you sit down to be appreciated." All owners of his records (this owner included) may also find themselves outraged that, while his jokes live on in the voices of con's who steel material for a few jitters from their friends, the man who wrote them himself has faded away.
Side 1 
01 Bar Buddies
02 Supermarket Pick-Up
03 Anthony & Cleopatra
04 Queers & Rears
05 Ashes In A Fruit Jar
06 15 Years Happiness
07 Bisexual
08 No Degenerates In Show Business
09 Going Down
10 Sex Relations
11 Man Without A Gun
12 To Kill A Man
13 The Queer Termite
14 The Mouse & The Giraffe
15 Mouse & Spouse
16 Elephant Shoot
17 Mother Is Spoiled
18 The Big Tail
19 King Of The Jungle
20 What Kills Elephants
21 Rooster Or Chicken
22 Wrestling
23 Hen Chaser
24 Pigeons In The Rose Bowl
25 The Queer Rooster
26 Mounted Monkeys
27 Glass In The Rat Hole
28 A Dog's Life
29 Pay Toilets
30 The Lost Tail
31 Dog Building
32 The Rich Dog
33 Nude At The Circus
34 Throw Something
35 The Exotic Dancer's Parrot

Side 2
01 Batter Up
02 Go Home Honey
03 Sex Is Here To Stay
04 They Get You By The Room
05 Normal Sex Life
06 Lady Chatterley's Lover
07 Cold Shower
08 Marry For Money
09 Eating Out
10 Play In The Cracks
11 Three In A Bed
12 The New Position
13 Coming Home
14 Atomic Bra
15 Shorten The Stroke
16 Women Fade In The Stretch
17 Slippery Sarah
18 Girls Who Eat Oysters
19 Is Yours Raisin Too
20 Up With The Petticoats, Down With The Pants
21 French Riviera
22 The Senator & Secretary
23 The Greek Customer
24 Johnny's Teacher
25 Technical Bastard
26 The Clean Waiter
27 Nude On The Third Floor
28 The Silver Screw

Fax Records 3004
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Bert Henry The Hard Way 1963
Bert Henry The Hard way 1963
In The Raw 1962
In The Raw 1962
In The Raw 1962

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