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Danny Davis - My Son The President 1962

On: Monday, May 27, 2013

Danny Davis
Birth name
Official Site
Note, the alternative cover has different performers.

Side 1
01 My Son The President
02 The New Tenant
03 First Presidential Press Conference
04 The Steam Room
05 Red China
06 The Excuse
07 The Bum
08 The Elder Statesman
09 A Secret Mission
10 A Call To Connecticut
11 The Dream
12 Mah Jong Tea

Side 2
01 The Menu
02 World Problems
03 Cultural Exchange Program
04 Paul Revere
05 Campaign Promises
06 Take My Advice
07 The Cousin's Club
08 The Tunnel
09 The Presidential Yacht
10 Government A Relative Matter
11 A Bit Of Caution
12 Father And Son
Strand SL-1085
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