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Jerry Clower - Stories Told Funny 1993

On: Thursday, April 30, 2015

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Mort Sahl - Live #4 Berklee-Boston Feb 15 1992 (Video) 1992

On: Friday, April 17, 2015

Mort Sahl
Morton Lyon Sahl
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
May 11 1927 -

Live #4 Berklee-Boston Feb 15 1992 Video


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Nixon's Odyssey (45)
Watergate (45)


Paul Winchell & Seymour Bernstein - Adventures In Piano Music 1958

On: Monday, April 13, 2015

Paul Winchell
Paul Wilchinsky
aka  Pinkus Wilchinski
aka Paul Wilchin 
Dec 22 1922 - Jun 25 2005 age 82
Official Site

01 Part 1 Adventures In Piano Music
02 Part 2 Adventures In Piano Music
03 Part 3 Adventures In Piano Music
04 Part 4 Adventures In Piano Music
05 Part 5 Adventures In Piano Music
06 Part 6 Adventures In Piano Music
07 Part 7 Adventures In Piano Music
08 Part 8 Adventures In Piano Music
09 Part 9 Adventures In Piano Music
10 Part 10 Adventures In Piano Music        

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Little Orphan Boy Part 1 & 2 (Promo) (45) 1963
How To Become A Ventriloquist (Video)


Lady Reed "The Madam" - The Sensuous Black Woman 1972

On: Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Lady Reed
Birth Name
aka Nancy Reed
aka The Madam

aka Queen Bee
Official Site

THE SENSUOUS BLACK WOMAN is dedicated to the female world in every respect. And, as the Madam takes you on an open trip to the Black Female world, she would like you to listen very closely to the message in this album. A woman was created for man's companion, to love, respect, and to fulfill his every desire. The word "love" is a feeling: tension, fulfillment, hostility, gladness and pain. This is the mystery of love, it's beauty and its burden, and, as I sit here flexing my mind over the word "sensuous", it occurs that both men and women crave or lust for sex, in some form or another. But The Creator created a woman for a man, and after careful thought, this is the way, in my mind, he thought a woman should be: The roundness of the moon, a clinging vine, the rippling water, the slenderness of a reed; the blossoming of flowers, the lightness of leaves, the serenity of rays of sunshine, tears of clouds; the instability of the wind, the fearfulness of a hare, the vanity of a fowl; the softness of a bird's breast, the hardness of a diamond, the sweetness of honey; the cruelty of a tiger. Hot as fire, cold as snow; the talkativeness of a magpie, the singing of a Nightingale; the falseness of a crane, the faithfulness of a mother lion. As The Madam delivers this message to you girls, don't be shy; it could do you more good than harm. I love you. Sincerely yours, Ti-Ti. ~liner notes

01 The Sensuous Black Woman Part 1
02 The Sensuous Black Woman Part 2
03 The Jockey
04 The Bicycle
05 Rap Session Questions and Answers Part 1
06 Rap Session Questions and Answers Part 207 Rap Session Questions and Answers Part 3


Rap style erotic story telling
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Will The Real Dick Rise


Gene & Freddy - Party Record Party 1959

On: Monday, April 6, 2015

Eugene W. Jackson, II
aka Pineapple
Dec 25 1916 - Oct 26 2001 age 84
Official Site

Freddie Samuel Baker
aka Freddie Jackson
 Houston, Texas, USA
Dec 25 1919 - Mar 27 1995 age 75
Official Site

Before his fame in film and television, Gene worked at vaudeville where he sang and danced on stage. If fact he was billed as "Hollywood's most famous colored kid star". He worked with Hal Roach for "Our Gang" as Farina's older brother, Pineapple.
He also appeared as Diahann Carroll's Uncle Lou on TV's "Julia" and Redd Foxx's friend on "Sanford and Son". wikipedia  Jackson experienced early Hollywood's stereotype casting and pay differentials for minorities firsthand. For "Our Gang," he earned a top of $55 a week compared with the white children's $75, he told The Times in 1992. And, he added, "black kids had to look the part. They would put stuff on my hair to make it look kinkier."~nytimes

This albums joins the Jackson brothers as a standup comedy team; a jazz album was also released with a third brother joining the team.

01 Atomic Brassiere
02 The Bride And Groom
03 Man With Four Balls
04 Four Kings
05 Fertile Myrtle
06 The Donkey Roast Party

07 The Queer Choir
08 Oysters And Sex
09 Superman's Balls
10 The Silver Screw
11 Short Arm Inspection
12 The Sex Hour


"Party Record" fare, 
check the track titles!
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Party Record Party Part 2 (45) 1959
Party Record Party Part 3 (45) 1959


Don Sebastian - Sebastian Goes To Europe 1960s

On: Sunday, April 5, 2015

Don Sebastian
Sebastian Lupo
Jun 1927-?

Official Site

Think of Sebastian as the aging comic in Billy Crystal`s "Mr. Saturday Night", the nightclub comic who wound up playing Florida condos when the big laughs faded away. The man who says: "I`m not starting out. I`m finishing up." But Sebastian isn`t through. "I know a guy who`s got seven kids. I tell him, `Look, I like my cigar, too, but I take it out of my mouth now and then.`"
Howling laughter, and Sebastian-on stage and in his element-is ready to roll. And the trip is familiar. Over the years, he has played the nightclubs, the Catskills, the cruise ships. Now, the condos. "I don`t care if the audience is a hundred years old," says Audre Breen, who with husband Bobby books condo acts from their office in Margate, Fla. "If they can hum the tune you`re playing, you`ve got `em. If you sing `New York, New York` and `Fiddler on the Roof,` good or bad, they`ll love you."
"The main thing is, you can`t be too innovative. They want Eddie Fisher to be Eddie Fisher." Which explains why Fisher belts out "Oh Mein Papa" though he`s sick of the song. Why Julius LaRosa croons his Italian serenades for the umpteenth time. Why Don Sebastian tells jokes penned by Groucho Marx when Ike was in the White House.  
So what if the songs and gags are as stale as months-old matzoh. The audience eats it up. "Ya gotta understand," says Howard Heller, a Tamarac retiree. "Without entertainment, it`s a walking morgue around here. These people-they gotta smile, they gotta laugh about something. Otherwise, they`re crying all the time `cause something hurts."  excerpt Chicago Tribune 1992

01 Sebastian Goes To Europe

02 Some Of The People On My Block
03 My Father, The Citizen
04 My First Summer Vacation
05 More Jokes People Told Me


1960s slightly blue humor
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