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Lady Reed "The Madam" - The Sensuous Black Woman 1972

On: Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Lady Reed
Birth Name
aka Nancy Reed
aka The Madam

aka Queen Bee
Official Site

THE SENSUOUS BLACK WOMAN is dedicated to the female world in every respect. And, as the Madam takes you on an open trip to the Black Female world, she would like you to listen very closely to the message in this album. A woman was created for man's companion, to love, respect, and to fulfill his every desire. The word "love" is a feeling: tension, fulfillment, hostility, gladness and pain. This is the mystery of love, it's beauty and its burden, and, as I sit here flexing my mind over the word "sensuous", it occurs that both men and women crave or lust for sex, in some form or another. But The Creator created a woman for a man, and after careful thought, this is the way, in my mind, he thought a woman should be: The roundness of the moon, a clinging vine, the rippling water, the slenderness of a reed; the blossoming of flowers, the lightness of leaves, the serenity of rays of sunshine, tears of clouds; the instability of the wind, the fearfulness of a hare, the vanity of a fowl; the softness of a bird's breast, the hardness of a diamond, the sweetness of honey; the cruelty of a tiger. Hot as fire, cold as snow; the talkativeness of a magpie, the singing of a Nightingale; the falseness of a crane, the faithfulness of a mother lion. As The Madam delivers this message to you girls, don't be shy; it could do you more good than harm. I love you. Sincerely yours, Ti-Ti. ~liner notes

01 The Sensuous Black Woman Part 1
02 The Sensuous Black Woman Part 2
03 The Jockey
04 The Bicycle
05 Rap Session Questions and Answers Part 1
06 Rap Session Questions and Answers Part 207 Rap Session Questions and Answers Part 3


Rap style erotic story telling
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