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Rudy Ray Moore - Streaker 1975

On: Thursday, April 2, 2015

Rudy Ray Moore 
Rudolph Frank Mooreaka Rudolph Ray Moore
aka The Prince
aka Dolemite
aka Godfather Of Rap
Mar 17 1927 – Oct 19 2008 age 81

Lady Reed
Birth Name
aka Nancy Reed
aka The Madam

aka Queen Bee
Official Site

01 The Streaker
02 The Sighs Of Love
03 Larry The Leprechaun
04 Lady Reed
05 Fat Man
06 New Shine And The Titanic, Part 3
07 My Dick
08 Two Drunks
09 Preaching Job
10 My Day Has Arrived
11 Linda Broad Cloth

Available from

Rap style erotic story telling
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