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Jonathan Winters - Prokofiev, Peter And The Wolf 1989

On: Thursday, January 31, 2013

Jonathan Winters
Jonathan Harshman Winters III
Nov 11 1925 - Apr 11 2013 age 87

I got this for the Saint Saens "Carnival of the Animals". It was out of print for a time, but I heard it on KXPR. Ogden Nash wrote little poetical vignettes for it. Jonathan Winters uses an Indian accent for one of the episodes - do Indians find this offensive? I doubt it. It's a smash trio, of Saint Saens (all the pictures show an agreeable man with laugh lines on the outside of his eyes), Ogden Nash (to Dorothy Parker's "men seldom make passes at girls who wear glasses", he replied "A girl who is bespectacled, she may not get her nectacled, but safety pins and bassinets, await the girl who fassinets"), and Jonathan Winters, who needs no introduction. Too bad there are no audio samples on Amazon, because the beginning of the tracks are where Winters does his bit.Prokofiev: Peter And The Wolf, Op. 67 (A Musical Tale For Children)
01 Introduction 1:50
02 Early One Morning 0:50
03 The Duck And The Cat 4:05
04 Grandfather 2:22
05 The Wolf 2:47
06 Catching The Wolf 5:44
07 The Hunters 2:20
08 The Triumphant Procession 4:15
Saint-Saens: The Carnival Of The Animals (Grand Fantaisie Zoologique)
09 Introduction 0:51
10 Royal March Of The Lion 0:50
11 Hens And Cocks 0:58
12 Wild Jackass 0:52
13 Turtles 2:14
14 Elephants 1:27
15 The Kangaroo 1:13
16 The Aquarium 2:43
17 Mules 0:49
18 The Cuckoo In The Woods 2:04
19 Birds 1:48
20 Pianists 1:54
21 Fossils 1:49
22 The Swan 3:06
23 Grand Finale 2:24

Emi Classics   Catalog # 49918  
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Various Artists - Comedy's Dirtiest Dozen 1988

On: Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Bill Hicks
William Melvin Hicks
Dec 16 1961 - Feb 26 1994 age 32

Jackie Martling
John Coger Martling, Jr.
Mineola, New York, on Long Island, USA
Feb 14 1948 -

Tim Allen,
John Fox,
Joey Gaynor,
Stephanie Hodge,
Monty Hoffman,
Steven Pearl,
Otto Petersen,
Chris Rock,
Larry Scarano,
Thea Vidale
Birth name
Official Site

Comedy's Dirtiest Dozen: This classic comedy concert film launched the careers of Tim Allen, Chris Rock and Jackie The Joke Man Martling. It also features the definitive performance of legendary Bill Hicks. The Heavyweights of Comedy: "Fat is where it's at!" This heavy film was shot on the same weekend as Comedy's Dirtiest Dozen. It features 8 of the heaviest and funniest comedians ever. Among these comedians are some rare jewels, including Bob Woods who died in 1990 . Woods' comic impression of Jackie Gleason is considered among comedians as the definitive Gleason impersonation of all time. You will also recognize Tim O'Rourke as the bartender from the "Drew Carey Show" and Thea Vidale who had her TV series, "Thea". This uncensored, no holds barred comedy film ends in a comic feast so large that even the chairs could not hold them. Written by Clint Weiler

Said to be a "Cult Classic", Comedy's Dirtiest Dozen (1988) marks a milestone in comedy which launched the successful careers of Chris Rock, Tim Allen, Jackie Martling and Bill Hicks.
Personally, I thought Tim Allen gave the very best performance. He is uproariously funny, and it is hard to believe that he went from doing this to fluff like "Home Improvement" (a good show, but not anything like his early standup).
Chris Rock is also good. He is very young here, but he already has his "born suspect" act nailed. He is pretty good for an up-and-coming comedian, and any fan of his should watch this movie.
And, of course, there's Bill Hicks, who outshines everyone else by far (Allen made me laugh the hardest, but Bill still has the better act). He was one hell of a comedian, and almost makes this DVD worth buying, ALMOST lol. What they were thinking when they they thought they could group a genius like Hicks with a hack the likes of Stephanie Hodge in one DVD is beyond me....but here it is.
The title doesn't lie either--these 12 performers really are comedy's dirtiest. The humor is vulgar, shocking, and totally filthy, but only the four names you know, know how to do it right.



Crispin Hellion Glover - Big Problem...The Solution = Let It Be 1989

On: Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Crispin Glover
Crispin Hellion Glover
Apr 24 1964 -

Most actors who want to become rock musicians tend to take traditional routes. Kevin Bacon tried his hand at blues-rock, Johnny Depp and Keanu Reeves took on alternative, and even Russell Crowe played in a pub rock band. But Crispin Glover took a much different approach to making music. Sounding like a cross between King Missile and circus music, The Big Problem is one crazy slab of sound. Glover's voice (which has an thin, endearing tremble) serves as the narrator to the world of nonsense he's documented on this album. Occasionally he takes the listener by surprise with a melody. Both the hypnotic "The New Clean Song" and the soothing "Never Say Never to Always" are actually pretty good songs hidden among the madness. But mostly he rants and raves in a stream-of-conscious manner over the genre-hopping music. Most of the time this works in his favor; in fact, his Residents-esque cover of "These Boots Are Made for Walkin'" is a nervy delight. The original songs, like the hilarious "Clowny Clown Clown," can be equally entertaining. But sometimes he runs headfirst into his own limitations, like on his disturbing attempt at rap, "Auto Manipulator," a harsh tribute to masturbation that lacks any subtlety at all. A good portion of the material is taken from his books of poetry, which are definitely crazy but not always engaging. But Glover is a very original entertainer, making his musical mark with this weird collection of songs. Fans of edgy, bizarre music will probably enjoy this one immensely. -All Music Guide

01 Overture - Written By Barnes & Barnes 0:33
02 Selected Readings From Rat Catching - Written By Crispin Hellion Glover 3:51
03 The New Clean Song 2:15
04 Auto-Manipulator - Written By C.H. Frieder, Crispin Hellion Glover 4:08
05 Clowny Clown Clown 2:55
06 Getting Out Of Bed 2:32
07 These Boots Are Made For Walking - Written By Lee Hazlewood 4:03
08 The Daring Young Man On The Flying Trapeze - Written By Traditional 3:36
09 Never Say "Never" To Always - Written By Charles Manson 0:54
10 Selected Readings From Oak Mot Part I 6:40
11 Selected Readings From Oak Mot Part II 2:02
12 Selected Readings From Oak Mot Part III 3:21
13 Selected Readings From Oak Mot Part IV 6:19
*Yes, whacky Charlie wrote songs and has quite a few albums. Still a dipshit.


Trying hard to live up to his weirdo image

Restless Records

7 72316-4
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Gene Tracy - Truckstop #7 Gene Tracy Talks Trash 1970s96

On: Monday, January 28, 2013

Gene Tracy
Ivan Eugene Morris
Anadarko, Oklahoma, USA
Apr 08 1927 - 1979 age ~52

A comic legend, Gene Tracy was born with not only a funny gene, but also a sincerity and gentleness that didn't go unnoticed by his audience. With his terrific sense of humor and knack of telling funny party jokes, his millions of fans soon dubbed him "Mr. Truck Stop" and "Ol Red Eyes". Whether stand-up comedian, after dinner speaker, evening entertainer, emcee, actor, or carnival promoter, Gene Tracy became the consummate entertainers' entertainer. In the beginning, Ivan Morris (Gene) was a front man for the Paul Miller Carnival called "The Greatest Free Show On Earth". Escaping a tragic relationship with his abusive father, he ran off and joined the circus at an early age. Ivan (Gene) would travel ahead of the caravan, promoting the event by putting radio and newspaper ads on power poles in any given town. One such event changed the direction of his life forever. Following a snowstorm at a fraternal event, the scheduled keynote speaker for the night was forced to cancel at the last minute. Since Ivan (Gene) was already in town, he filled in with some of the stories and "party jokes" that he picked up from drivers at the truck stops he frequented in his travels. In the audience was a radio station owner who booked Ivan (Gene) in a club outside Charlotte, NC. From there he was discovered by a record company executive, signed to a recording contract and given the name Gene Tracy. Today, more than four decades later, Gene's hilarious stories and jokes have sold more than 20 million recordings and his comedic legacy is firmly cemented. Throughout the years, Gene appeared in several movies, including "Movin On". In addition, he found work on radio and television shows such as "Rin-Tin-Tin" and worked many great entertainers like Jackie Cooper, Ann Margaret, Claude Akins, Rex Allen, Pat Buttram, Archie Campbell, Carol Channing, Peggy Lee and many others. Gene Tracy passed away in El Paso, TX in 1979 of a heart attack at just 52 years of age. He is buried in Tampa, Florida in Sunset Memory Gardens (a cemetery for carnival people). He is survived by his only daughter, Michelle, a granddaughter, Tracy Lynn and a grandson, Bobby.

01 Finger Up Your... / The Hitchhiker
02 Gene Autry / Little Boy in Sunday School / Flunked Spelling
03 Dumb Trucker in the Cat House / Two Old Maids / Mexican Hairless Dog
04 Avon Lady / Spanish Fly
05 The Mortician / The Construction Worker
06 Two Dogs / 12 Martinis / The Confessional / A Poem
07 Me and Leroy / Bleedin' to Death
08 Ding-a-Ling / Hurricane Gussy
09 Australian Virgin / Doctor Kiss Me
10 Ice Cream / Piccolo Player / The Crying Cheater


Truck Stop TSD-7
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Truckstop 26 More Live From Charlotte NC

Various Artists - Best Of Comic Relief III 1989

On: Sunday, January 27, 2013

Robin Williams
Robin McLaurin Williams
Chicago, Illinois, USA
Jul 21 1951 -

Billy Crystal
William Edward Crystal
New York City, New York USA
Mar 14 1948 -
Official Site

Garry Shandling,
Elayne Boosler,
Richard Lewis,
Arsenio Hall,
Rick Ducommun,
Paul Reiser,
Steven Wright,
Paul Rodriguez,
Paula Poundstone,
Louie Anderson
Birth name
Official Site 

01 Garry Shandling
02 Elayne Boosler
03 Richard Lewis
04 Arsenio Hall
05 Rick Ducommun
06 Paul Reiser
07 Steven Wright
08 Paul Rodriguez
09 Paula Poundstone
10 Louie Anderson
11 Robin Williams
12 Billy Crystal

* * *
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Rick Moranis - You, Me, The Music And Me 1989

On: Saturday, January 26, 2013

Rick Moranis
Frederick Allan Moranis
Apr 18 1953 -

Rick Moranis is a retired Canadian/American actor. Moranis came to prominence around 1980 in the sketch comedy show Second City Television, and later appeared in several Hollywood films including Strange Brew, Ghostbusters, Spaceballs, Little Shop of Horrors, Honey, I Shrunk the Kids, Little Giants, Parenthood, The Flintstones and My Blue Heaven. He is the widower of Ann Belsky Moranis.

01 The Final Chord (1:34) The great final chord from Sgt. Pepper's. DJ - Moranis
02 A Day In the Life (3.52) A cover of The Beatles' A Day in the Life. More discussion of that great final chord. DJ - Moranis; Singer - Moranis
03 Man On the Moon (1:33) Segues straight into a rambling recollection of that first step on the moon. DJ - Moranis
04 Light My Fire (2:40) Lince Minyik-style (ex of The Happy Wanderers) version of the classic. Lince Minyik - Moranis
05 Jabberwocky (4:13) Gerry interviews the man behind the music, and then we hear the track, the poem set to music. Gerry Todd - Moranis; musician - Moranis
06 Coffee (1:51) The DJ rambles on about coffee. DJ - Moranis
07 One Note Samba (2:26) A one note samba. Singer - Moranis
08 Ipanema Rap (2:41) The Girl from Ipanema, rap style. Floyd the barber appeared in the accompanying video, with video jockey Gerry Todd providing the intro and outro. Vocals - Moranis; Video: Gerry Todd - Moranis; Floyd the Barber - Levy; backup singers, girl - extras
09 Weather (0:50) The weather. Gerry Todd - Moranis
10 Hockey (5:00) The Leafs play the Red Wings, but mostly the organ music and upcoming concert info. Anthem sung by Mel Torme. Foster Hewitt - Moranis; Mel Torme - Moranis; Announcer - Moranis
11 Behind the Scenes (0:35) Who is behind the music, anyway? DJ - Moranis
12 Larry Siegel (2:43) How to make a record with everybody's favorite producer. Larry Siegel - Moranis
13 Music and Love (4:25) Some rambling thoughts about music, time, love...
DJ - Moranis

14 Autobahn (3.52) The classic Kraftwerk song, and some final words about the classic final chord from Autobahn. Singer - Moranis; DJ - Moranis


IRS Records ?– 82009
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