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Mantan Moreland - Elsie's Sportin' House 1971

On: Thursday, January 10, 2013

Mantan Moreland
aka  Mantan E Moreland
aka Man Tan Moreland
aka Manton Moreland
aka Moreland
Sep 03 1902 - Sep 28 1973 age 71

Never fear cuz Mantan Moreland is here! You won't believe the crazy stories that come out of his mouth... after he's paid a visit to Elsie's Sportin' House! Raunchy, out of control and completely outrageous... What Mantan's dishing out is surely contagious! It's a journey into a world of sex and sin... If you think you can take it... then come on in! Mantan Moreland! You've seen him in the CHARLIE CHAN films and many more. Now he'll make you laugh until your sides are sore! 

Note: The exact release date unknown but presumed 1971 based on label history and cover photo (a sign for Elsie's Sportin' House says "Founded 1971"). 
Label and sleeve list individual tracks but both sides of the album consist of a single continuous band.

Featuring Roosevelt Myles & Janet Taylor

01 Lost Nuts 0:40
02 Vote For Hitler 2:35
03 Drawers 0:52
04 Fartin' Mule 3:01
05 English Army 1:13
06 FUCK 1:16
07 Pretty Titties 2:06
08 Blowin' & Eatin' 0:52
09 Peter The Pumpkin Eater See All 2 1:52
10 Crazy 2:51
11 Sportin' House 2:55
12 Corn Bread 1:03
13 Dyin' Wife 1:22
14 Telephone 2:43
15 Cripple You Know 2:17
16 Hey Pop 2:28
17 Revolvin' Jones See All 2 1:16
18 No Rice 2:06
19 Blowin' & Eatin' 0:52 

Laff A-158
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