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Stan Jacobson - The Distinguished Delegate: A Humorous Satire Of The UN That Spares No One 1967

On: Thursday, January 24, 2013

Stan Jacobson
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Here’s another rare political satirical comedy album from the 60′s (as you can guess, I love finding them). The Distinguished Delegate is a concept record which pokes fun at different countries using the United Nations as a centerpiece for the humor. In a quick research for this album I found very little information. I could be wrong, but this seems like a one-off recording. I’m not sure if the ensemble ever made another record.
If you want to credit the artist, get ready for added printing costs. Rather than giving billing to a group, such as The Credibility Gap or Ace Trucking Company, the credit is for Don Cullen, Garry Ferrier, Larry Solway, Herb May, Lorne Lipowitz, Hart Pomerantz, Larry Greene and Stan Jacobson. How’s that for filling up a label?
You won’t know most of these guys, although a couple were nominated for Emmys or had bit parts in some movies. Pomerantz and Lipowitz had the greatest success. They were writers for Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-In and even had an attempt at sketch humor in the Canadian series The Hart and Lorne Terrific Hour with a then-very young and pre-SCTV Andrea Martin.
Lipowitz subsequently found legendary status in comedy… as Lorne Michaels (Saturday Night Live producer. -Jim)
Give a listen to this early example of Cold War-era political humor as the seeds to the more biting satire of Saturday Night Live are sown. Source

01 The Beginning 
02 Hold That Line
03 The Distinguished Foreign Minister
04 Monopoly
05 The Truce Violator
06 Gilbert And Sullivan
07 Man On The Street
08 The Bagel Thrower
09 Culture And Mini Skirts
10 Visitors From Another Planet
11 Peaceful Co-existence
12 The Low Cost Of Living

13 Direct From Cairo
14 The Congo Affair
15 Consecutive Translation
16 Hello Mali
17 Bingo
18 Recess
19 Behind The Scenes At The UN
21 The Nielson Ratings
22 The Distinguished Polish Delegate
23 The UN Bowl

Political Satire
Philips Records PHS 600-254
His other material on this blog is HERE

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