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Gabe Williams - You're The Cream In My Coffee 1968

On: Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Gabe Williams
Birth Name
Official Site 

1a Getting Intimate
1b Way Down Sublime Street
1c Buying A Used Car
1d On Friends Getting Married
2a On Friends Getting Married (continued)
2b Permanent Erection
2c Big Abreatha
3a Big Abreatha (continued)
3b On Gabe's Wife
3c Quiz Show
4a Quiz Show (continued)
4b More Wife Problems
4c The Virgin Man
4d Class At The Race Track
4e How To Buy A (Fur) Piece

Party Pool Records
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Attack From The Rear


Dap Sugar Willie - Dap Sugar Willie From North Philly (Live) 1976

Dap Sugar Willie
Birth Name
aka Dap Willie 
D.S. Willie
Philadelphia, PA, USA
Jan 23 1916 - 1995 age ~79 or retired in Santa Barbara. Still checking...
Official Site

In May 2016 I found this reference: "Nope, He's dead. I knew him back in the early ninety. His real name was Robert Willie White. He passed away on October 27, 1994 aged 57 in L.A."

01 Introduction
02 The Sorrowful Truth
03 Niggers & Rats
04 A 19 & Half Pound Rat
05 12th Street Projects
06 Brothers & White Girls
07 Uptown Theater
08 Big Jim
09 Dap's Too Clean
10 Hollywood Phonies, Freaks & Religious Fanatics
11 Mean Women
12 Al Green
13 Dracula
14 Rap
15 Little Green Apples

* * *
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Big Jim (Stereo & Mono) (45) 1976
Big Jim b/w Groovin' In North Philly (45) 1976


Reynaldo Rey - Flast Mudda-Flucka 1975

On: Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Reynaldo Rey
Harry Reynolds
Jan 27 1940 - May 28 2015 age 75

Offbeat comedy from Reynaldo Rey – a party record, but with a bit of a twist. See, Rey's not just sexually offensive – like Rudy Ray Moore, Blowfly, and other contemporaries – he's also got a gimmick where he makes fun of Asian accents by messing up his words, stresses, and pronunciation. The record's not nearly as funny as it is striking – a haunting reminder of the racial tensions in southern California that persist to this day. Titles include "Eat It All", "Three Most Dangerous Things", "Flast Mudda Flucka", "Bumper Jack Cadillac 75", "Hair In The Noodle Soup", and "Mad Meat Man". ~ Dusty Groove blog

01 Greetings and constipations
02 Three most dangerous things
03 Flast mudda flucka
04 Bumper jack cadillac 75
05 Soul bro hippie and tex
06 Bitch wouldn't eat the mushrooms
07 Eat it all
08 Filthy mouthed herman
09 Slide home
10 Warm thighs
11 B bullshit too late now
12 A hari in the noodle soup
13 Passionate orgasm and burning rubger
14 Oxygen tent
15 Mad meat man
16 Rev and his gin sermon
17 Hillbilly divorce
18 Used pussy
19 A little head

Elka 600
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Reynaldo Rey - Fly Away Little Bluebird 1974

Reynaldo Rey
Harry Reynolds
Jan 27 1940 - May 28 2015 age 75

01 December Frost Bite
02 Avon Lady
03 Soul Flight
04 Fly Away Little Bluebird
05 Mushroom Poisoning
06 Ice Cream
07 My Wife
08 Mail Man
09 Crushed Nuts
10 Stork
11 Filthy Mouth
12 Slimp Flied Lice
13 Bumper Jack - Cadillac
14 Awshitoobadjoe!
15 Hillbillys
16 Nagger
17 P-Freak
18 Dog Food
19 Bull-L-L...shi-!-!-!

* * *
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Reynaldo Rey - Rising Of Reynaldo Rey 1974

Reynaldo Rey
Harry Reynolds
Sequoyah County, Oklahoma, USA
Jan 27 1940 - May 28 2015 age 75

01 Simp the Pimp
02 $100.00 High
03 Hollywood Junkies
04 Creole Broads
05 Murder 1 M.F., Cause of Death
06 Out for Blood, Cocaine
07 Comin or Goin
08 Son-In-Law, Eat Your Lover
09 Urine Specimen
10 December Frostbite, Avon Lady
11 Soul Flight
12 Fly Away
13 Mushroom Poisoning
14 My Wife

15 Filthy Mouth
16 Slimp Flied Lice

17 Bumper Jack-Cadillac
18 Awshitoobadjoe!
19 Hillbillys
20 P-Freak
21 Dog Food
22 Bull-l-l...shi-!!! 

* * *
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Roy Awbrey - Laugh It Up! (Life Of The Party) 1960s

On: Sunday, June 26, 2016

Roy Awbrey
Birth name
Pueblo, Colorado USA
Official Site

Sensational is the word for "Roy Awbrey,' and unique is the word for his accordion. Roy plays a $3,000 unit which includes his amplified accordion, an echo unit, and plays through five speakers. With all of this electronic equipment, Roy gets a "really big sound.' No other entertainer has so much electronic equipment hooked up to one accordion and the variety of sounds he gets from it really fascinates his fans. Roy gets sounds from his accordion like a violin, bassoon, piccolo, clarinet, bagpipes, bells, and even duplicates the sound of a steam engine chugging along and then letting off steam when coming to a stop.
Speaking of duplicating, Roy can turn on his organ attachment, play the rhythm bass on the left side of his accordion, and play the melody on the right side of the instrument and this combination makes the sound of the "Three Sons.' [sic] When Roy plays the song "Twilight Time,' The average fan in his audience just can't tell whether it is the "Three Sons' recording in the background. Roy also delights his fans with his sound of The Harmonicats arrangement of "Peg O My Heart.' He also gives off with the sound of "Glenn Miller" and "Perez Prado." It is really amazing what this guy does with this one instrument. Between wowing his customers with his musicianship, Roy has a fast line of patter on the style of "Bob Hope.' Roy ad-libs with his customers and the next thing you know, this witty man has everyone whooping it up and really enjoying the informal party Roy gets going. Roy has over 1,500 jokes, mostly one-liners, which he keeps firing out into his audience, machine-gun style, and there is never a dull moment, mostly because Roy has jokes to fit all occasions.
Just when you decide that this hard-working entertainer has plenty on the ball, he sets down his accordion and proceeds to put on various wigs, hats, and many other unusual costumes which he uses during some of the most wild pantomime routines in the world. This really caps his show... the fantastic instrument he plays, the fast, smart patter, plus the pantomimes really amaze his patrons. They just can't believe that one man can produce such a variety show all alone. It is really three acts all condensed into one: "Wizard of the Accordion,' "Tops in Gags,' and "King of Pantomime.' For a one man show, Mr. Roy Awbrey is one of the greatest in show business. ~Liner notes

01 Side 1
02 Side 2

RA #1
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Albert Brooks - An Evening With Albert Brooks (Video) 2012

On: Saturday, June 25, 2016

Albert Brooks
Albert Lawrence Einstein (yup!)
July 22, 1947

The Film Society Of Lincoln Center Presents An Evening With Albert Brooks

An Evening With Albert Brooks Video 1:02:14

* * *
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Party From Outer Space b/w Phone Call To Americans (Letter To Americans) (45) 1975
Rewriting The National Anthem Part 1 & 2 (45) 1973



Alan King - Inside The Comedy Mind (Video) 2004

On: Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Alan King
Irwin Alan Kniberg
New York City, New York, USA
Dec 26 1927 – May 09 2004 age 76
Official Site

Video 29.45

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Very Funny World Of Alan King (Video) 1994
College Of Comedy With Alan King (Video) 1997
College Of Comedy With Alan King II (Video)
Alan King's Comedy Classics 1,2,3 (Video)
An Evening With Alan King At Carnegie Hall (Video) 1987
Arlene Herson Show 2002
Humor, Making People Laugh 1976
US Treasury Department Program No 7 Alan King

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