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Reynaldo Rey - Flast Mudda-Flucka 1975

On: Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Reynaldo Rey
Harry Reynolds
Jan 27 1940 - May 28 2015 age 75

Offbeat comedy from Reynaldo Rey – a party record, but with a bit of a twist. See, Rey's not just sexually offensive – like Rudy Ray Moore, Blowfly, and other contemporaries – he's also got a gimmick where he makes fun of Asian accents by messing up his words, stresses, and pronunciation. The record's not nearly as funny as it is striking – a haunting reminder of the racial tensions in southern California that persist to this day. Titles include "Eat It All", "Three Most Dangerous Things", "Flast Mudda Flucka", "Bumper Jack Cadillac 75", "Hair In The Noodle Soup", and "Mad Meat Man". ~ Dusty Groove blog

01 Greetings and constipations
02 Three most dangerous things
03 Flast mudda flucka
04 Bumper jack cadillac 75
05 Soul bro hippie and tex
06 Bitch wouldn't eat the mushrooms
07 Eat it all
08 Filthy mouthed herman
09 Slide home
10 Warm thighs
11 B bullshit too late now
12 A hari in the noodle soup
13 Passionate orgasm and burning rubger
14 Oxygen tent
15 Mad meat man
16 Rev and his gin sermon
17 Hillbilly divorce
18 Used pussy
19 A little head

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