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Nipsey Russell - Social Security Presents Nipsey Russell Comedy Time 1969

On: Friday, September 30, 2011

Nipsey Russell
Julius Russell
aka the Poet Laureate Of Television, 
Harlem's Son Of Fun,
The Poet Laureate Of Comedy
Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Sep 15 1918 – Oct 02 2005 age 87
Official Site

Bob Newhart
George Robert Newhart
Sep 05 1929 -

Flip Wilson
Clerow Wilson Jr
Dec 08 1933 - Nov 25 1998 age 64
Official Site

Phyllis Diller
Phyllis Ada Driver
Jul 17 1917 - Aug 20 2012 age 95
Official Site

George Carlin
George Denis Patrick Carlin
New York, New York USA
May 12 1937 - Jun 22 2008 age 71

Presented by the Social Security Administration, this album contains a series of 5 minute radio shows featuring classic comedy routines of Nipsey Russell, Flip Wilson, Bob Newhart, Woody Allen, Phyllis Diller, George Carlin and others.
"The girl who would make my life complete
need not be young and fair;
Just be a nymphomaniac 
and a multimillionaire." 
~Nipsey Russell
(to that Betty White replied, "I'm not a multimillionaire but one out of two ain't bad.")

01 Episode 1
02 Episode 2

* * *
His other albums on this blog are "tagged" at the bottom of this post
Funny Side Of Nipsey 1960s


Morey Amsterdam - Uncle Morey's Mixed-Up Stories For Smart Kids 1965

Morey Amsterdam
Moritz Amsterdam
Chicago, Illinois, USA
Dec 14 1908 - Oct 28 1996 age 87
Official Site
His best-known role was as comedy writer Buddy Sorrell on The Dick Van Dyke Show (1961–66), a role suggested for him by his friend Rose Marie, who also appeared on the show. Amsterdam wrote lyrics for the show's theme song, which were never heard on the air, but have been performed by Dick Van Dyke in concert. Van Dyke sang those lyrics on the October 23, 2010 edition of the NPR show Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me!, which is available as transcript and audio WWDTM 10-23-10 .

Amsterdam was an occasional panelist on Match Game and the short-lived Can You Top This? during the 1970s. He appeared as a small-time criminal in several episodes of the soap opera The Young and the Restless in the 1990s. Amsterdam and Rose Marie later appeared as panelists on The Hollywood Squares and guest-starred together in a February 1996 episode of the NBC sitcom Caroline in the City (his final television appearance). Excerpt from Wikipedia

01 Three Little Pigs
02 Carmen
03 The Grasshopper and The Ant
04 Cinderella

05 Ali Baba
06 Little Bo Peep
07 Rip Van Winkle

Golden Record LP-164


George Carlin - Live in Merrillville, Indiana 12-09-2000

On: Thursday, September 29, 2011

George Carlin
George Denis Patrick Carlin
New York, New York USA
May 12 1937 - Jun 22 2008
Official Site

   01 Soundtrack


Julius Monk - Pieces Of Eight 1959

Julius Monk
Julius Withers Monk
Spencer, North Carolina, USA
Nov 10 1912 -  Aug 04 1995 age 82
Official Site

Julius Monk's Upstairs at the Downstairs, 37 West 56th Street (NY), presents "Pieces-of-Eight", a new piratic parodic in two acts, with Ceil Cabot, Jane Connell, Del Close, Gerry Matthews, Gordon Connell, Estelle Parsons and William Roy, Carl Norman at the plural pianos, staged by Buddy Schwab, entire production conceived & directed by Julius Monk; special assistant to Mr. Monk, Word Baker.
The Julius Monk Revue offered a series of numerically progressive revues: Four Below, Demi-Dozen, Pieces Of Eight, Son Of Four Below, Take Five, Dressed To The Nines and 7 Come 11.

01 Overture
02 Happiness Is A Bird
03 And Then I Wrote
04 Radio City Music Hall
05 Miss Williams
06 Uncle Bergie Evans Show
07 Oriental
08 Ardent Admirer
09 Steel Guitars and Barking Seals
10 Election Spectacular
11 Seasons' Greetings
12 A Name of Our Own
13 M’Lady Chatterley
14 Farewell
15 Night the Hurricane Struck
16 Everybody Wants to Be Loved
17 A Conversation Piece
18 Pieces Of Eight Final

Offbeat Records OLP-4016

Cabaret Satire
Thanks Dwight C!

Mike Warnke - Full Speed Ahead 1992

On: Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Mike Warnke
Michael Alfred Warnke
 Evansville, Indiana USA
Nov 19 1946 -

01 Faith Like Moses
02 I Love Traveling
03 No More Room
04 On The Offense
05 Ugly Or Not I'm Somebody
06 To Pierce Or Not To Pierce
07 Winter Sports On Shady Lane
08 It's Not Us It's Him
09 Celestial Captain

Dayspring 4230
Christian Stand-up
Thanks Bob H!

Professor Vincent & The Pearl Trio - Laugh Provoking Ditties For The Party 1950s

Professor Larry Vincent
Birth name
1901 - 1977
Official Site
Humorous and bawdy songs with piano, guitar and accordion. Mr. El Vee (i.e. Larry Vincent) vocals-piano with Pearl Boys.

01 I took my organ to the party
02 The beaches & the Bassetts
03 The old shed house
04 Landlady's daughter
05 Freckle song
06 Bell bottom trousers
07 Oh! How Peter has grown
08 Get off the table Mabel
09 I'll kiss her two sweet lips
10 Yas, yas, yas
11 Buster Astor
12 Wong song

Pearl PRL-365
also listed as

Thanks Dr Forrest's Cheeze Factory!

Bill Cosby - More Of The Best Of Bill Cosby 1970

On: Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Bill Cosby
William Henry Cosby Jr
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Jul 12 1937 -

It's a testament to the strength of Bill Cosby's early albums for Warner Bros. that one best-of album wasn't enough to cover all the high points -- thus, this second compilation. While it's true that the material here isn't quite as good as that on the first best-of, it's all still right near the top of the pile, from reminiscences about raising his first two daughters to his earlier days in school - whether smoking in the bathroom or hassling the shop teacher. The longest piece here is also the best: "Hofstra" details Cosby's involvement with one of the worst football teams ever, and with a very memorable game. Source:

01 TwoDaughters

02 Toss Of The Coin
03 Conflict
04 Dogs And Cats
05 Smoking
06 Shop
07 Karate
08 Oops!
09 The Apple
10 Hofstra

Warner Brothers 1836
His other material on this blog is "tagged" at the bottom of this post
At His Best 2004
At Home With Bill Cosby 1987
Hardheaded Boys 1985
Cosnarati, State Of Emergency 2009
Cosby Album 1984
Why Is There Air Vol 2 Taiwan
Down Under 1971
Zaman Ucup Godiyor 1996
Late Show 1987
Late Show Live Volume II
After Hours Vol 1


Soupy Sales - Up In The Air 1962

Soupy Sales
Milton Supman
Franklinton, North Carolina, USA
Jan 08 1926 – Oct 22 2009 age 83
Soupy Sales got his nickname from his family. His older brothers had been nicknamed "Hambone" and "Chicken Bone." Milton was dubbed "Soup Bone," which was later shortened to "Soupy." When he became a disc jockey, he began using the stage name Soupy Hines. After he became established, it was decided that "Hines" was too close to the Heinz soup company, so he chose the Sales, in part after vaudeville comedian Chic Sale. Source: Wikipedia

01 It's Fun to Be Funny
02 Don't Kiss
03 Pookie, King Of The Jungle
04 Doggone Doggie
05 You're A Star
06 Pookie The Pirate
07 Hip-Shootin' Hippie
08 Faithful Man Friday
09 The Ballad Of Johnny Jordan
10 My Best Friend
11 My Baby's Got A Crush On Frankenstein
12 An Oscar For Me
13 Sukiyaki In The Face
14 What Do You Know


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