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Gene Tracy - Truckstop #3 Gene Tracy Serves You 1972

On: Monday, September 26, 2011

Gene Tracy
Ivan Eugene Morris
Anadarko, Oklahoma, USA
Apr 08 1927 - 1979 age ~52

Gene Tracy was like a white Redd Foxx. He took old jokes we have all heard before and told them to small audiences in nightclubs, and apparently truck stops. Unlike Redd Foxx, however, his timing and delivery are borderline incompetent, and he is noticeably loaded throughout the unmarked tracks. Why give it five stars? I can't stop listening to it! I ponder questions like, ''where is he performing? Is it really at a truck stop?'' and ''how much cheap wine did he drink before he went on stage?'' It's almost like a form of meditation for me.
Source: Barnes & Noble
01 Intro, Dust, Trip Around the World, This Ain't Your Day, Flunked Spelling 2:57
02 Honeymoon, Cut Me Off, Atomic Explosion, That's Too Big 3:38
03 Japanese Bath House, Hertz Rent-A-Camel 2:44
04 Charlie McDaniels at the Dr., Could I Have a Cup of Coffee 4:08
05 The Prostitute Club, You Look Bad 2:02
06 Cinderella, Teenage Game, Home from the War 3:30
07 Forgot to Turn Off the Switch, Fraternity Initiation, The 87th Floor 3:22
08 Fever Blister, Flossie, Seven Day Old Sandwich 3:52
09 The Old Hippie, Waiters, Two Volkswagons 1:56
10 Elephant and the Waitress, Picked Up by the Fuzz, I'd Like to Get ... 2:32

Alternate track list:
01 Dust In it
02 Around the World
03 This Ain't Your Day
04 Wax Job
05 Vapor Locked
06 Can't Piss Through It
07 Can't Hold Out On A Nice Guy
08 Prostitute Club
09 Look Bad; Feel Good

10 Peter, Peter
11 hand Grenades
12 Airline Hostess
13 Where'd That CS Go
14 Fever Blister
15 Sign Blew Down
16 The Wind
17 Buffalo Hunter
18 Tight Last Night
19 Gold Commode

Crown 1972 &
Party Time Productions 1974 &
Good Time Records 1996
His other material on this blog is HERE  
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Truckstop 26 More Live From Charlotte NC

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