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Harvard Lampoon - Surprising Sheep And Other Mind Excursions 1968

On: Sunday, September 25, 2011

Harvard Lampoon
Birth name
Official Site
Featuring parodies of Bob Dylan, The Rolling Stones and others.

01 One Born Every Minute 
02 Seventeen Miles from Waukegan My Cantaloupe Died
03 God
04 What I've Been Needin'
05 Lazy Summer
06 Cape Horn
07 Little Miss Muffet
08 The Surprising Sheep
09 Welcome to the Club
10 Recipe for Love
11 In the Palm of My Hand
12 Lazy Summer (Reprise)
13 Messy, Messy, Messy

Epic BN-26462


3 comments on "Harvard Lampoon - Surprising Sheep And Other Mind Excursions 1968"

Dwight Casey said...

I have loved this album for 40 years - call me crazy, but I have always wanted somebody else to take a crack at Recipe For Love -- Thanks so much for posting this little known classic!


NeonMadman said...

One of the best comedy parody albums ever. I wish there was a digital version.

JimG said...

NeonMadman - send me your mail address for the MP3s. Happyo holidays.

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