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Rae Bourbon - You're Stepping On My Eyelashes 1950s

On: Saturday, September 24, 2011

Rae Bourbon
  • Ray Bourbon
  • Hal Wadell, Texarkana b. 1892
  • Ramon Icarez,  Chihuahua b. 1898
  • Richard F Mann (pen name)
Texarkana, Texas
Chihuahua, Texas
1892 or 1989 - 1971

Rae Bourbon started in show business in silent movies and English music hall and, in the 1930s and 40s, was known for his gay themed nightclub review and performances in San Francisco, Los Angeles and many other cities.
"You're Stepping on My Eyelashes" was recorded and released in the 1950s and was the second album self-published by Ray on the UTC (or "Under the Counter") label. The album; sold at Bourbon's nightclub dates, via mail order, and in select record shops; consists of studio versions of some of Ray's popular nightclub songs. A 10" version of this album was released which omitted "Tom Thumb" and "The Party Line"; these files were mastered from the 12" version of the LP.

Founder of UTC (Under The Counter) Label.

01 Life Goes to a Party
02 Queen of the YMCA
03 Back in Drag Again
04 Queen of the Ballet
05 The Family Tree
06 Queen of the Navy
07 I Must Have a Greek

Under The Counter UTC-2

Queer/Gay/Drag Comedy

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