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Anna Russell - Encore 1998

On: Friday, September 16, 2011

Anna Russell
Anna Claudia Russell-Brown
Maida Vale, London, England
some sources say London, Ontario
Dec 27 1911 - Oct 18 2006 age 94
Official Site: n/a
I was first introduced to Miss Russell in 1980 by fellow musicians in Rochester NY. We spent late nights after rehearsals secretly listening and laughing ourselves sick. She had the ability to put us and our conductor in our places and made us like it! Miss Russell clearly understood opera, live concert events, touring and all aspects of the music of the world. Parts of this album were recorded in New York City USA and parts in Johannesburg South Africa. It makes no difference where the audience is, the language and experience is universal and we all laugh together. Undressed bagpipes, ears turning into gardenias, the lament for the fat ladies, and "Jolly Old Sigmund Freud" presented in the singular voice of a "ruined opera singer" are irresistible.
    The best comment about this album came from my seventeen year old son. Just last year (2006) I finally got a CD copy of this priceless work of art and shared it with him. He listened totally enthralled. The selection "Hamletto, or Prosciuttino (sung in simultaneous Italian and English)" caused him to comment, "Well, now I know what Hamlet is about." He since asked me to get the others and has loved them as well. "Backwards With the Folk Song" brought back memories of Voice Lessons and dreary concerts that now can be enjoyed safely from a distance. Today's indie and emo musicians could do well to listen and learn.
    I would recommend Miss Russell's work for any teenaged class, they seem to adore her sly wit. Besides, all the French Horn players in the High School band need a little teasing from time to time. By Lisa K. Schreiner
From the velvet-voiced music reviewer herself, Anna Russell has laid many a sour note. This in itself, is what makes her so funny. She takes greater pains to sound bad as most other singers do to sound good. And the best thing about this, and all of her recordings in general is that you will never tire of them, no matter how much you play them... From those before her or after her in the musica funnia farma (P.D.Q. Bach, Victor Borge, Florence Foster Jenkins, etc.), it is in this venue of music appreciation (or as some say, depreciation), that will bring newer fans to the classical arena...  By Anonymous   Source: Amazon

01 My Ear, The Rubens Woman
02 A Lily Maid Sat Making Moan, Old Mother Slipper Slopper, Ricky Ticky
03 Instruments Of The Orchestra
04 Wind Instruments I Have Known
05 Hamletto, Or Prosciuttino

Sony SFK-60316
Musical Parody
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