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National Lampoon - Official National Lampoon Stereo Test & Demonstration Record 1974

On: Tuesday, September 20, 2011

National Lampoon (Magazine)
Birth name
1970  -1988

The Official National Lampoon Stereo Test and Demonstration Record was a comedy album in LP format which was put out by National Lampoon magazine in 1974. The album was a parody of stereo test and demonstration records, which were used by hi-fi enthusiasts to test the performance limits of their audio systems. The tracks are titled as if they are normal audio test tracks, but in reality each one is a piece of sketch comedy. Included with the record was a 32-page booklet entitled "The Official National Lampoon Hi-Fi Primer," which was a parody of a hi-fi glossary that included real advertisements from stereo equipment manufacturers. The liner notes for the album stand as a humor piece in their own right. After each section of liner notes, the reader is "required" to take a multiple choice test to see if he/she has understood the material.
The album, liner notes, and booklet were conceived and written by Ed Subitzky. Windy Craig was the producer, and John Hechtman was the sound engineer. The album was voice acted by Subitzky, John Belushi, Chevy Chase and Emily Prager. It was narrated by Stan Sawyer. Source: Digparty

01 Introduction to Side One
02 Test: Voice
03 Test: Balance
04 Demonstration: Several Parameters
05 Demonstration; Separation
06 Demonstration: Frequency Response
07 Test: Un-modulated Grooves.mp3
08 Special Service
09 Test: End Of Side One
10 Introduction to Side Two
11 Test: Realism
12 Test: Resistance Accuracy
13 Test: Phasing
14 Test: Exaggeration
15 Test: Listener
16 The Punishment Band
17 Conclusion

*Two memorable, controversial advertisements

National Lampoon NLR-1001

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