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Moms Mabley - Young Men, Si' Old Men, No 1962

On: Sunday, June 30, 2013

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Terry-Thomas - Terry-Thomas Discovers America 1964 (UK)

On: Friday, June 28, 2013

Thomas Terry Hoar Stevens
Jul 10 1911 – Jan 08 1990 age 78

01 It Could Have Been So Pleasant
02 Booking The Beatles
03 You Haven't Lived
04 Home Sweet Home
05 One Of The Gang
06 The Ring Fell Under The Sofa
07 PTA Meeting
08 Hello Mater, Hello Pater
09 Joan Of Arc And The Mouth Piece

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Dick Curtis - Live At The Horn Santa Monica 1973

On: Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Dick Curtis
Birth name
aka Trooper Dick Curtis
May 24 1928 -
Official Site

01 Hoosier Memories 3:27
02 Uncle Charlie 1:38
03 Aunt Lillian 3:08
04 String of Landlords 2:46
05 Songfest 1:52
06 My Son the President 6:24
07 The Reincarnation 4:43
08 The Letter of the Law 5:35
09 Turnabout 3:37

10 Human Nature 3:13
11 Leroy Laffey 6:23

Laff ‎A-126
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Larry Wilde - The Official Polish / Italian Comedy Album 1960s

Larry Wilde
Herman Wildman
aka The Crown Prince of Platform Humor
Feb 6 1928 -
Official Site 
831-624-3058 (US) 

01 Side 1 The Official Polish Comedy Album
02 Side 2 The Official Italian Comedy Album
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Gift Of Laughter


Allan Sherman - Music To Dispense With (Scott Paper) 1966

Allan Sherman
Allan Copelon
Nov 30 1924 – Nov 20 1973 age 48

"Music to Dispense With" in mono on Scott Paper SP12 is a one sided album with 6 parodies. Sherman was commissioned by the Scott Paper Company (Container Division) to write 6 songs - (Makin' Whoopee/Makin' Coffee; Vending Machines; There are Cups; There'll Be Some Changes Made/That's How the Change is Made; The Wonderful Tree in the Forest; and Scott Cups). Released in extremely limited supply, Sherman, one of the main influences on Weird Al and a Dr. Demento favorite, didn't necessarily make Scott Paper very happy - as at least one of his songs was 'environmentally conscious'. Very few of these made it out of the corporation. 
The environmental parody 'The Wonderful Tree is the Forest' - is a real slap on the face to paper and lumber companies and it's just amazing how it made it onto vinyl. Possibly someone from Scott Paper caught the drift of the song, full of sarcasm, and pulled all the albums that remained. (I have no idea how they were distributed but they were not sold in stores). 'The Wonderful Tree...." is about a centuries old sequoia that is 640 feet tall but is chopped and cut from the top down (taking with it birds' nests, etc.) until it is completely felled and hauled to a paper processing plant - first becoming wood chips and then pulp to make Scott cups. It also mentions a dog that has nowhere to pee.  Not to worry, Scott will plant a seed in the same place and 100 years from now there will be a replica and the dog will have a spot to pee again. I can't imagine the executives from Scott would have appreciated this song - if they took the time to listen to the words or think about its pro-ecology message.
Here's a bit from 'noisesfortheleg' blogspot: The Scott Paper Company commissioned Sherman to write six songs for them. They were handed a masterpiece of parodic songs concerning the effects of reforestation, technology, and economics on man and dog.
Did Scott flinch when Sherman declared their products made holy water 'somewhat holier' or made chicken soup taste 'twice as Jewish?' And when was the last time a corporation risked being directly responsible for religious humor? So, it won't be easy to find yourself another copy of this one-sided gem.  This album should also be of interest to collectors of Coca Cola memorabilia (of which I've been informed that there are a few more Coke collectors than Scott Paper products collectors) because two vintage Coca Cola cups are pictured on the back cover. Enlarge the photo and see for yourself.

This was a promotional item not issued to the public. It is a real gem if you happen to find it. It was available by sending in a postcard from a 7" record that contained an exclusive introduction, as well as "Vending Machines.
01  Makin' Coffee
02  Vending Machines
03  There Are Cups
04  That's How The Change Is Made
05  The Wonderful Tree In The Forest
06  Scott Cups

* * *
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Roy Awbrey - Roy Awbrey's Cock-N-Bull Tales 1961

Roy Awbrey
Birth name
Pueblo, Colorado USA
Official Site

Recorded at the Anaheim Bowl, Anaheim California. Roy sports a tricked-out accordion which is fitted to produce instrumental special effects.

01 Side 1
02 Side 2


Jubilee JGM-2038
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Rodney Rude - Ya' Mom's Bum 2000 (Australia)

On: Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Rodney Rude
Rodney Malcolm Keft
  Jan 29 1943 -
Official Site NSFW (not safe for work) turn sound down
YouTube Channel

Rodney Rude's previous album 'More Grunt' sold in excess of 40,000 units - on Monday, 30 October (2000) Rodney unleashes his new album 'YA MUM'S BUM'! - Rodney Rude's first live recording since 1998 - Entered the National ARIA Albums Chart at # 42 - Achieved Gold Record Sales (35,000)

01 Heckler's Mum
02 Grandfather Nuzzles Beaver

03 Boy Cops
04 Afro
05 Stunted Kleptomanic
06 Famous Painted Charlie
07 Hugh Grant
08 Dickshit
09 Homeless Bloke
10 Shoehorn
11 Rubber Legged Bloke
12 Drunken Limerick
13 8 Answering Machine Messages:
   Ya Mums A Turtle
   Dwarf Reconing
   Brass Bound Buggery Box
   Golden Shower Avoidance
   Captain Duck Arse And Hole
   Soft Veg
   All Martians Have 3 Arsholes
   Rectal Antler Discomfort

EMI Music (Australia) ‎– 7243 5 29664 2 4
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