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Christopher Weeks & Fran Stacy - My Son The President, A Musical Satire 1962

On: Monday, June 17, 2013

Christopher Weeks
Birth Name  
aka Jack De Leon
Brooklyn, New York, USA
Dec 19 1924 - Oct 16 2006 age 81
Official Site

Fran Stacy
Birth name
Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Official Site

 Gene Allen, Harriet LevyJack Vaughan, Harold Geller, Greg Levy
Birth name
Official Site

01 Inauguration
02 Jack is my baby
03 My son, the dictator
04 The big White House sofa
05 Jackie's not home
06 Balancing the budget
07 When you grow up
08 Poor little Caroline
09 The great debate
10 This is the place
11 Hail to the chief
12 Jazz concert at the White House
13 Oh, my Johnny

14 Knock, knock
15 Biceps and muscles
16 Entertaining at home
17 On top of old rocky
18 After I leave office
19 I let the Tribune go
20 A quiet evening
21 Three fine boys
22 Bobby boy
23 John's hair
24 Bottle fatigue
25 The price was wrong
26 Hoffa loaf
27 Oh, Fitzgerald
28 Twinkle, twinkle little Telstar
29 Auld Lang sign off

Goodkase Production Clan label 1501 and
Fontana TL-5196 (UK)
His Other Albums on this blog are HERE


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