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Redd Foxx - Hot Flashes 1961

On: Monday, January 31, 2011

Redd Foxx
John Elroy Sanford
St. Louis, Missouri USA
Dec 09 1922 – Oct 11 1991

01 Side 1
02 Side 2

Hot Flashes  

Horrible Neighbors #2

On: Sunday, January 30, 2011

Three more from the archives:
During a bad snowstorm, I moved my *new* car from the street to the grass next to my driveway - a distance of about 20 feet.   Three police cars rolled up, while I was covering the car with a car cover, a rapid response worthy of an armed robbery. They said the Foul-Mouthed Religious Hypocrite Lady (FMRHL) called and said someone was driving my car "wildly" around the property.
Another day, Scary Old Man With Guns (SOMWG) called the police because the registration expired on my car, which was parked in front of my house. When I asked why he did that, SOMWG said I should "take care of that shit."
FMRHL called me, saying a Fedex package delivered to her house was missing. She lamented that one of my sons must have stolen it "as a joke." My answer that one son was at the Jersey Shore, and the other was in Philadelphia, at school, was not convincing. The police visited, suspicious that my explanation was "too handy."
FMRHL felt the missing item, a personal trampoline, was a "hot item", I think she meant popular. Somehow, I suppose, one of my sons divined the contents of the package and spirited it away between 11AM and 12 noon. "Boys will be boys", she surmised.

Myron Cohen - On Location With Myron Cohen Revisited (Video Soundtrack) 1978

Myron Cohen
Myron Aaron Cohen
Grodno, Poland, Russian Empire (now Hrodna, Belarus)
Jul 01 1902 - Mar 10 1986 age 83
Official Site


* * *
Thanks daddio52!
His other material on this blog is "tagged" at the bottom of this post
On Location With Myron Cohen Revisited (Video) 1978
Soup And Fish b/w Mr And Mrs (45) 1954


Jackie Vernon - Stardust (Single) 1965

Jackie Vernon
Ralph Verrone
New York City, New York, USA
Mar 29 1924 – Nov 10 1987 age 63
Official Site

01 Stardust

* * *
His Other Albums on this blog are HERE 


George Carlin - Live In Las Vegas 2001

On: Saturday, January 29, 2011

George Carlin
George Denis Patrick Carlin
New York, New York USA
May 12 1937 - Jun 22 2008
Official Site
01 Track 01 - 29
Live In Las Vegas  
Thanks DAK

Steven Wright, Part II

"Do you think when they asked George Washington for his ID, he'd just pull out a quarter?"
"I went to the bank and asked to borrow a cup of money. They said, "What for?" I said, "I'm going to buy some sugar."
"My theory of evolution, is that Darwin was adopted."
"24-hour banking? I haven't got time for that."
"I went to a store that had a sign that said 'Open 24 Hours' and it was closed. I asked the manager 'Why are you closing? It says you're open 24 hours.' He said 'Not in a row.'"
"So I'm driving along, being real careful 'cos its an old car and I installed my own airbags, I got an old bean bag chair, some laughing gas and a compressor, so if I hit the accident just right I'll be floating up in the air laughing hysterically"
"So I said to the hitchhiker 'what do you do?' He said 'I'm a student'. I said 'a student of what?' He said he was studying journalism and photography, so I said 'that's funny, I'm actually writing a short story about a photographer who went completely insane trying to take a close up photo of the horizon.'"
"You know when someone reads a letter in the movies and you always hear what's written in the voice of the person who wrote the letter? Yeah, that kills me. In fact I get the same thing with menus."
"I was driving along when I saw a hitchhiker holding a sign that said "heaven", so I hit him. He probably went there. He seemed like a nice guy.
"I'd like to do my imitation of bowling. (Drags the microphone across the stage floor, then whips it upwards.) Gutter. It took me a year and a half to write that. I didn't know how to word it.
"This next song doesn't go 'something' like this; it goes 'exactly' like this."
Review by David Jeffries

Carl Reiner & Mel Brooks - 2000 Year Old Man 1971

On: Friday, January 28, 2011

Carl Reiner
Carl Reiner
Mar 20 1922 -
Official Site

Mel Brooks
Melvin Kaminsky
Jun 28 1926 -

01 2000 Year Old Man
02 Fabiola
03 The Astronaught
04 In A Coffee House
05 The Peruvian
06 The Psychiatrist

Thanks DAK & Raj!

Billy Crystal & Christopher Guest - I Hate When That Happens 1985

Billy Crystal
William Edward Crystal
New York City, New York USA
Mar 14 1948 -
Official Site

01 Side 1
02 Side 2

Charles Pierce - Live At Bimbo's, San Francisco 1971

On: Thursday, January 27, 2011

01 The First Half
02 The Second Half

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Uh Oh, I Pissed Somebody Off

I was invited last year to be a member of a private forum. Their posts are comedy oriented and available through torrents rather than by file-sharing sites like r-a-p-i-d-s-h-a-r-e.

I am pretty savvy with PC stuff but not with how torrents work. Bottom line, I got booted from the forum because, I *think*, I couldn't retool my torrents or my hash-ID, (something like that.) I guess there's always the chance I pissed-off someone in some other way. Mea Culpa!

Why write about it?

Some of the offended forum's moderators and members are members of this private blog. I would like you to know that you are still welcome here on VSC. You're pissed off at me? OK, my skin is thick (I am seeing a doctor for that.)

No, I'm not begging to be a member again. No, I am not disabling your logon IDs. Yes, you can still come here for COMEDY albums. Come on, fellows, we are purveyors of laughs. I hate to think that someone is so MAD about something I did when our blogs are about COMEDY. So, make a joke about me, insult me, post Photoshopped pictures of me. But no need to get your blood pressure up. I still love 'ya!


Bill Barner - Bill Barner's Trolley Bar Party 1961

Bill Barner
Birth name
Fairmont, North Dakota, USA
Official Site

01 Side 1
02 Side 2

Alexei Sayle - Fish People Tapes 1984 (UK)

01 Metro at the Disco     
02 Episodes One and Two     
03 It Ain't Hard to Be an Animal     
04 Episode Three    
05 20 Tom Waits and a Box of Swans     
06 Episode Four     
07 That's Milton Springsteen   

08 That's Milton Springsteen (Conclusion)    
09 Episode Five    
10 Song of the Revolutionary Stool Pigeon    
11 Episode Six    
12 'Ullo John! Gotta New Motor?

Steven Wright, One of my favorite comedians Part I

"Curiosity killed the cat, but for a while I was a suspect."
"I stayed up all night playing poker with tarot cards. I got a full house, and four people died."
"I'm living on a one-way dead-end street. I don't know how I ever got there."
"Whenever I fill out an application and it says 'In case of an emergency notify...,' I put Doctor. What the hell is my mother gonna do?"
"I was arrested today for scalping low numbers at the deli."
"I had a skylight installed in my apartment. The people who live above me are furious."
"I went into this restaurant that serves you breakfast at any time, so I ordered French toast during the Renaissance."
"I wish my first word was 'quote', so when I died I could say 'un-quote'."
"I finally got around to reading the dictionary. Turns out the zebra did it."
"If it's a penny for your thoughts, and you put your two cents in, someone's making a penny."
"I saw a subliminal advertising executive, but only for a second."
"I spilled spot remover on my dog. Now he's gone."
"It's a small world, but I wouldn't want to paint it."
"Next week I'm gonna have an MRI to find out whether or not I have claustrophobia."
"They say you don't know what you've got 'til it's gone. So I got rid of everything to see what I had."
"When I woke up, everything in my apartment had been stolen...and replaced with exact replicas."

Review by David Jeffries

Horrible Neighbors #1

On: Monday, January 24, 2011

I am “blessed” with two unusual neighbors, one a foul-mouthed religious hypocrite lady (FMRHL) and the other a scary old man with guns (SOMWG) who keeps his handguns on the kitchen table and next to his sofa.

Over the last 5 years these neighbors have called the police to our house, in a middle upper class neighborhood, many times. Here's one example why.

We usually put the trash out when the kids go to school. But I learned the hard way that the law says to put trash out no sooner than 3PM on the day before pickup. And return them before 5PM after they've been emptied.

Shortly after the township published their yearly newsletter, mentioning that law, SOMWG called the police. I got a personal visit from the police, followed by a visit from the township manager who took pictures of the offending cans and sent a warning letter. He personally warned me that he would drive by my house every day on his way to work to check the status of the cans.

The upshot: this time I was prepared. A few weeks later detectives (who made a follow-up visit!) visited and I provided time-stamped photos of a half dozen houses in our neighborhood, including FMHRL's, with trash by the curb (OMG!) before 3:00 PM. And a photo of SOGWG putting his trash in the neighbors' trash cans. Ironically it is against the law to do that, since our local laws require that every house have a trash and recycle service!

Funny? Pathetic? Hypocritical? Yes. This incident was downright silly. But a few others were extremely dangerous. Watch this space for more stories.

2011 - What's Ahead For VSC

On: Saturday, January 22, 2011

Hi everyone, hope you enjoyed - and recovered from - the holidays. Thought I'd post some predictions for 2011:

  • Right now I have enough stand-up albums to create new posts for three months.
  • It is very likely that I will find new material, and several of our readers have been sending new material on a semi-regular basis. 
  • If I don't find new material to post, I have about 100 albums with missing tracks set aside from which to draw.
  • I will be moving old, and posting new novelty albums in some different way, either on their own page or another blog. Novelty albums will be posted as I found them. That may mean they don't have art work or track lists.
  • I have HORRIBLE neighbors and plan serial posts describing their antics. Feel free to comment, or otherwise chime in, and describe your own Fresh Hell.
  • Do you miss Jossy and Oleysa? Me too! I'm hoping a fresh scam will drop into my email for some new fun. But hey, we need something original!
  • And finally, I predict we will see MORE COMMENTS from our blog visitors. Please?
In closing, I'd like to thank the folks who've been sending albums to post on VSC. And I'm offering my apologies for not posting the few albums sent to me for comedians outside of the "Vintage" timeframe. 


John Valby - Not Yet on CD CD 2005

On: Wednesday, January 19, 2011

John Valby
John Valby
Staten Island, New York USA
Nov 22 1944 -
Official SiteWikipedia

01 Wind Beneath My Wings
02 Wonderful World
03 I'll Be There
04 Bippity
05 Secret Agent Man
06 Old Time Rock And Roll
07 Sundown
08 No Pussy
09 Ballgame
10 When I Slipped Out
11 I Am Pussy
12 Rock Around The Clock
13 There's A Hush Tonight
14 If I Only
15 Shower Spout
16 Bridge Over Troubled Water
17 Scarborough
18 When I'm 64
19 Stupid Poems
20 Sippin' Cider
21 Blue Bayou
22 Margaritaville
23 Itsy Bitsy
24 Little Surfer
25 Thank God I'm Pubic Hair

Joan Rivers - Can We Talk 1986

On: Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Joan Rivers
Joan Alexandra Molinsky
Jun 08 1933 - Sep 04 2014 age 81

01 Side 1 15:34
02 Side 2 17:31

* * *
Her other material on this blog is "tagged" at the bottom of this post
Happy Birthday Lois (Flexi) 1977
Voices Of Vista: Joan Rivers
That Show with Joan Rivers, Vol 1-3 (Video) 1968
Broke And Alone Tour 2004


Barry Humphries - Barry Humphries 1970 (Australia)

01 Sandy Stone, Days of the Week
02 Edna Everage, War Savings Street Song
03 Debbie Thwaite
04 Chunder Down Under, Old Pacific Sea
05 Chunder Down Under, Snow Complications
Thanks brett!

Mort Sahl - Mort Sahl's America 1997

On: Monday, January 17, 2011

Mort Sahl
Morton Lyon Sahl
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
May 11 1927 -

01 Opening Remarks, Defining Liberals and Conservatives
02 Politics, Women and Movies
03 Al Gore, Irak and the CIA
04 '96 Conventions
05 Al Gore the Philosopher
06 Divorce, Self-Sufficient Women
07 Screenwriting for Liberal Directors
08 Woody Allen
09 Introducing Senator Eugene McCarthy
10 Clinton and Perronism
11 Politician's Promises, '80 Elections  Judging the Candi
12 Reader's Digest
13 McNamara, Truman and Language, Ron Zeigler
14 Humor in Politics, President Johnson
15 '76 Debates and CBS's Time, Candidates and Language
16 President Carter
17 News and Politics, Walter Cronkite
18 Parting Remarks

Thanks Dr Forrest's Cheeze Factory!
His other material on this blog is "tagged" at the bottom of this post
Nixon's Odyssey (45)
Watergate (45)


Edgar Bergen - Laugh And Learn! Lessons In Ventriloquism 1950s

Edgar Bergen
Edgar John Berggren
Feb 16 1903 - Sep 30 1978 age 75
Official Site

01 Side 1
02 Side 2

Thanks daddio5!

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