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Hardly Worthit Players - Hardly-Worthit Report 1966

On: Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Bill Minkin, Dennis Wholey, Carol Morley, Steve Baron
Birth name
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Parody of TV's Huntley-Brinkley Report.

01 Wild Thing
02 Beatles-Pope Visit Nyc
03 Coffee
04 Columbus
05 Us Economic Aid
06 Lone Ranger Press Conference
07 Dove
08 The Moses Convention
09 White House Bar Mitzvah
10 Red China
11 White And Black
12 Backout
13 Information Please
14 Us Treasury
15 Senate Housing Investigation Of The 3 Little Pigs

Thanks Dr Forrest's Cheeze Factory!

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Thanks Dr Forrest's Cheeze Factory!
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2 comments on "Hardly Worthit Players - Hardly-Worthit Report 1966"

Lee said...

What is The Hardly-Worthit Report doing in the UK section? It was a U.S. production.

JimG said...

I fucked up

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