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2011 - What's Ahead For VSC

On: Saturday, January 22, 2011

Hi everyone, hope you enjoyed - and recovered from - the holidays. Thought I'd post some predictions for 2011:

  • Right now I have enough stand-up albums to create new posts for three months.
  • It is very likely that I will find new material, and several of our readers have been sending new material on a semi-regular basis. 
  • If I don't find new material to post, I have about 100 albums with missing tracks set aside from which to draw.
  • I will be moving old, and posting new novelty albums in some different way, either on their own page or another blog. Novelty albums will be posted as I found them. That may mean they don't have art work or track lists.
  • I have HORRIBLE neighbors and plan serial posts describing their antics. Feel free to comment, or otherwise chime in, and describe your own Fresh Hell.
  • Do you miss Jossy and Oleysa? Me too! I'm hoping a fresh scam will drop into my email for some new fun. But hey, we need something original!
  • And finally, I predict we will see MORE COMMENTS from our blog visitors. Please?
In closing, I'd like to thank the folks who've been sending albums to post on VSC. And I'm offering my apologies for not posting the few albums sent to me for comedians outside of the "Vintage" timeframe. 


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