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Pete Barbutti - Soundclips

On: Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Pete Barbutti
Birth Name
Scranton, Pennsylvania, USA
May 04 1934 -
Official Site

01 Beethoven
02 Cigar
03 Cinderblock
04 Cupcakes
05 Eggs Joke
06 Fomoco
07 Foreign Legion
08 London
09 On The Raod
10 Parrot
11 Pete Barbutti
12 Ray Nitchkey
13 Roy Rogers
14 Scranton Pa
15 Skaggs
16 Trumpet Bar
17 Turtle

* * *
Thanks pcthunderfoot!
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Here's Pete Barbutti 1965


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Media Funhouse said...

This sounds like a Pete B. demo reel or something, good one-liners excerpted from various TV appearances. Check out his website ( for a bunch of clips and biographical info, plus the audio from yet another LP. (No, I'm not a relation or his manager, just wanted to know if he was still among us, and he is!)


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