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Research Tools

TODAY IN COMEDY file: Rapidshare  password:research  04/13/2012
Compress/decompress files and
Reference material: use 
Random tips: Blogger stores your images here. If/when you reach the album limit (something like 900 images,) make a minor change to the name of your blog on the SETTINGS page and that will start a new album AND preserve your old albums (which means your images will not disappear on your blog.)
Where to find albums

Yard sales, Vinyl stores, Friends, family, eBay, Salvation army, Pawn shops
Where to find files Pay emusic sites (i.e. itunes), other blogs, Forums and USENET, rental videos, torrents,  Adobe audition will rip audio from rental videos, there are several capture applications to get sound from youtube videos.
ALWAYS start with a list of what you want, for example, an artist's discography from Wikipedia. Your search will be more fruitful.
Ripping audio when ripping only audio from an album/video, consider 128 bit since most albums have limited range (i.e. voice only) to make your files smaller.
Permanent Blog address Vector your blog address!  In Blogger, Setup your own domain for $10 (e.g. www.jims-music-com) and associate your blog with that domain name. SO - if your blog is deleted by Blogger you can create a new blog WITH THE SAME domain name so everyone can still find your blog. SETTINGS/PUBLISHING
Google alerts Looking for an album but don't want to google every day? Set up a Google alert and Google will email you when your search criteria are met.
Backup your blog template

DESIGN/EDIT HTML/Upload a template... (upload to the web)
Backup your blog contents / restore

SETTINGS/BASIC/LOG TOOLS Export blog (save to your hard drive)
SETTINGS/BASIC/LOG TOOLS import blog to restore (upload to the web)
Upload manager Use FILE and IMAGE UPLOADER to upload to many file storage facilities. It will upload to your accounts, keep track of what you uploaded where, purge information, etc.

Schedule posts
Blogger allows you to create new posts which will be immediately published or published at a later date. I prefer to create many posts and publish them over several days. NEW POST/POST OPTIONS/SCHEDULE

Find and download files:
Google BlogspotAlbum and track downloads
FiletubeAlbum and track downloads
SkafunkrastapunkAlbum and track downloads
RapidDogAlbum and track downloads

Album and track downloads
"Redd Foxx" rapidshare or megaupload or sharebee -ebay -allmusic A Google search example which excludes ebay and hits
Album and track downloads

Find images: covers, labels and track lists

Discographies. Labels, titles, tracks, covers. Large catalog.

Discographies. Labels, titles, tracks, covers. Large catalog

Discographies. Labels, titles, tracks, covers. Large catalog

Discographies. Labels, titles, tracks, covers.
Discographies. Labels, titles, tracks, covers. Large catalog
Record label information, A to Z

Comedy Albums. Covers, Labels, Tracks (click image for back covers)
Bongo'sCovers, Labels, Tracks. Small site.
Rare VinylCovers, Labels.
Track names and Label inscriptions, one of a kind site
Old Time Radio Broadcasts

Standup! RecordsDiscography

Image SearchCovers
TineyeReverse Photo lookup (Input your photo, searches for images like it on web)

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