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This Day In Comedy: March 06

On: Monday, March 6, 2017

Born this day in 1966, Alan Davies is 51, Loughton, Essex, England, 5'11" comedian and actor.
Alan Davies cameo d
Alan Davies cameo 1989

Born this day in 1963, DL Hughley (Darryl Lynn Hughley) is 54, Los Angeles, California 5'7" comedian and actor.
Dl Hughley cameo

Born this day in 1917, Frankie Howerd (Francis Alick Howard) York, North Riding Of Yorkshire, England 6' comedian. He died 04/19/1992 from heart failure at age 75.
Frankie Howerd cameo 9Frankie Howerd Cameo e

“Well, I’m just going to have a little lie down before I do the journey in the car to Somerset.’”
Frankie’s last words.
Born this day in 1906, Lou Costello (Louis Francis Costello) Paterson, New Jersey 5'5" comic actor, comedian of Abbott & Costello team. He died 03/03/1959 of a heart attack at age 52.
Lou Costello cameo c
“I'm A Ba-a-a-a-ad Boy!”
Early stand-up style was comprised of funny conversations between a pair of comedians “for the audience”; later, stand-up comedians talked “to the audience.”

Born this day in 1947, Rob Reiner (Robert Reiner) is 70, Bronx, New York 6'2" actor comedian and film producer, TV’s All In The Family.

Rob Reiner cameo c3Rob Reiner cameo x2 

Born this day in 1918, Roger Price, Charleston, West Virginia was an American humorist, author, publisher. He died 10/31/1990 respiratory failure at age 72.
Roger Price cameo 3Roger Price Droodle D3

  Roger created “Droodles”, then collaborated with Leonard Stern on the “Mad Libs” series. They formed publishing firm Price, Stern, Sloan with Larry Sloan.

Died this day in 1935, Fridolf Rhudin (Sixten Fridolf Emanuel Rudin) Munkfors, Värmland, Sweden, actor and comedian. Born 10/10/1895, he died at age 39.
Fridolf Rhudin cameo
Fridolf Rhudin cameo 2 
Died this day in 1961, George Formby (George Hoy Booth), aka George Hoy, aka "Ukulele King", Wigan, Lancashire, England singer, comedian. Born 05/26/1904, he died of a heart attack at age  56.
George Formby cameo x
George Formby cameo ff

Died this day in 1950, Lew Lehr (Lewis C. Lehr) Philadelphia, Pennsylvania comedian, radio’s Stop Me If You’ve Heard This One. Born 05/14/1895, he died at age 54.
Lew Lehr cameo 1Lew lehr cameo monkey


“Monkeys is the cwaziest peoples.”

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