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Jackie Vernon - Sex Is Not Hazardous To Your Health 1976

On: Saturday, July 30, 2011

Jackie Vernon
Ralph Verrone
New York City, New York, USA
Mar 29 1924 – Nov 10 1987 age 63
Official Site

Tom Bosley, Marian Mercer, Louisa Moritz 

Official Site

Side One:
01 Introduction - Transvestites
02 Guaranteed Annual Sex

03 The Pill
04 Rape Proof Dress
05 Collecting for V.D.

06 Small Breasts

07 Honeymoon Tour

08 To Thine Own Self be True

09 Calling Polly Loomis

10 Sexless Marriage

11 What Price Gloria

12 What Does And F.H.P. Do?

13 Aphrodisiac: Rhino Horn

Side Two:

01 The Fleckman Syndrome

02 Aphrodisiac: Seafood

03 Love Potion

04 The First Contraceptive

05 Wife Swapping

06 Unwed Mother

07 Voyeurism

08 Fair Eschange

09 Most Asked Questions About Sex

10 Keeping Love Alive

11 Sex-Offenders: Line-Up

12 Sex-Offenders: Rehabilitation

13 Gay Bar

14 Panhandler

15 Numb's The Word

16 Sadist

17 Under-Endowed Man

18 First Federal Sperm

19 Boy Meets Boy

20 Homosexuality

21 Acknowledgements


* * *
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On: Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Dear Friends,
Thanks for all the kind words and thoughts.
A one day stay in the hospital for a procedure turned into an 8 day stay. I am home now but need a few weeks bed rest. 
Upon my return I would love to hear suggestions on how to mirror a blog since we are about to need a 3rd mirror to allow more readers. I am not crazy about how I do the mirror now (backup blog 1, restore to blog 2,  then add each new post to both blogs.)

very ill. unavailable until further notice Jim

Jackie Vernon - A Wet Bird Never Flies At Night 1964

On: Saturday, July 9, 2011

Jackie Vernon
Ralph Verrone
New York City, New York, USA
Mar 29 1924 – Nov 10 1987 age 63
Official Site

Vernon was known for his gentle, low-key delivery and self-deprecating humor. He has been hailed as "The King of Deadpan." He was obviously a major influence on current sardonic stand-up comedians such as Steven Wright and Mitch Hedberg. His signature opening line was, "To look at me now, it's hard to believe I was once considered a dull guy."
Early on in the 1950s, according to Dick Brooks, Vernon bounced around the country working whatever jobs he could find, mostly in strip joints. Even then he had a unique style, often cracking up members of the band with his inside humor. He decided to give New York a try, and hung around Hanson's Drug Store, a meeting place for small time comedians and acts in the theater section of New York, where we would meet after making the rounds of agents who had their offices in the area. Brooks says, "I saw the original draft of the 'I used to be dull' routine that was written by Danny Davis, a hang around writer, who was later killed in a freak car crash while he was in a florist shop." He was picked up by manager of comedians, Willie Weber, who was my manager as well at one time. We would follow each other in and out of clubs we were working in New York, Baltimore, etc. There were a lot of small jobs booked by agents like Irving Charnoff. Weber was an influential manager who also helped catapult the careers of Don Rickles, Jackie Gleason, Pat Henry, Pat Cooper and others. Rickles mentions him fondly in his biography, "I was fortunate to find a manager who really cared. God bless Willie Weber. He was a second father..." Jackie tried out for a comedy TV talent show that was popular at the time, and his career went into overdrive." Brooks says, "As I recall, he was married eight or nine times." Brooks then went on to open two successful venues, The Magic Towne House in New York City, where he also published Hocus Pocus magazine, and the Houdini Museum in the Pocono area of Pennsylvania.
In the 1960s, Jackie occasionally worked as the opening act for Judy Garland and was a regular fixture on the Merv Griffin show, where he informed the host that his original stage name had been "Nosmo King," which he had seen on a sign. He would take up a topic like prisons in a monologue and begin with, "Hello, prison fans."
Vernon was also known to perform unique and darker sketches, such as his ultimately tragic attempt to turn a watermelon into a housepet. Plagued by strange occurrences and misfortune, Jackie would tell of traveling all the way to see the Grand Canyon, only to find it was closed. Then there was the time he went to see a fistfight, and it broke out into a hockey game. Vernon liked to quote an ersatz philosopher named Sig Sakowitz with the unexplainable motto, "A wet bird never flies at night." There actually was a Sig Sakowitz, a Chicago-based radio talk show host.

One of his early bits was the "Vacation Slide Show." There were no slides visible; they were presumably offscreen as he described them, using a hand-clicker to advance to each "slide": :(click) Here I am, tossing coins at the toll booth. :(click) Here I am, under the car, looking for the coins. :(click) Here I am, picking up a hitchhiker. :(click) Here I am, hitchhiking. :(click) Here's the hitchhiker picking me up with my own car. Luckily, she didn't recognize me.
He also told this story, an inspiration to scam artists and "phishers" everywhere: :One day I saw an ad in the paper that said, "Send me a dollar and I'll tell you how I make money." I sent the guy a dollar. I got a postcard back that said, "Thanks for the dollar. This is how I make money!"
Jackie was once a trumpet player and often carried a cornet with him as a prop during his stand-up routines. As with Henny Youngman and his violin, it was seldom actually played. When he guested on a summer variety program hosted by Al Hirt in 1965, he came on with his cornet and said, "I play like I'm Hirt."
Vernon was a popular figure on The Ed Sullivan Show and other variety shows, where he often ended his act by blowing a cornet and saying, "I think I hurt myself!"
Vernon often appeared on the "Celebrity Roasts" that were a staple of 1970s television, as well as being a fixture on the dais at the original live Friars Club Roasts before and after the televised versions. Vernon's signature "deadpan" expression and delivery often had the roast audiences laughing hysterically, long before the punch line of the jokes. Vernon's X-rated story-style jokes about people engaging in extreme sexual depravity became legend, often with the added tag line, "and I thought to myself... what a neat guy!"

Vernon also memorably starred in Wayne Berwick's 1983 cult film Microwave Massacre, in which he plays a lascivious builder who kills his wife for bossing him around and making him too many microwaved "gourmet" meals. The film makes good use of Vernon's comic abilities, and is celebrated for his one-liner upon preparing to cut off a prostitute's head with an axe: "I'm so hungry, I could eat a whore!" Source: wikipedia

01 Recitation
02 Darwin's Theory
03 Dracula
04 The Dull Guy
05 Childhood
06 The Vindictive Complex
07 Lone ranger And Tonto
08 The Old Wise Man Or A Wet Bird Never Flies At Night
09 The Man Who Changed My Life
10 Tribute To Sig Sakowicz
11 My Grandfather's Last Words
12 The Strange Dream
13 Slides
14 The Parade


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Jackie Vernon & Vic Damone - Night in New York 1965

Jackie Vernon
Ralph Verrone
New York City, New York, USA
Mar 29 1924 – Nov 10 1987 age 63
Official Site
A Night in New York at the AORN (Association of periOperative Registered Nurses) Congress with Vic Damone and Jackie Vernon. New York Hilton Hotel, February 9th, 1965

01 Vic Damone (not included)
02 Jackie Vernon

Ethicon TB-190
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Moms Mabley - At Geneva Conference 1962

On: Friday, July 8, 2011

Loretta Mary Aiken
aka Jackie Mabley
Brevard, North Carolina, USA
Mar 19 1894 – May 23 1975 age 81

This classic comedy album was recorded live at The Regal Theater in Chicago, Illinois and The Howard Theater in Washington DC in 1961.

01 Side 1 At Geneva Conference
02 Side 2 At Geneva Conference

* * *
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& Pigmeat Markham - Laugh Time
I Like 'Em Young 1972
Live At The Apollo 1994
Moms At The Mich 1975
Moms' Dream 1991
Tivoli Theater
Mom Mabley Sings 1969
It's Your Thing 1969
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National Lampoon - Radio Dinner 1972

The 1972 Blue Thumb LP, NATIONAL LAMPOON RADIO DINNER is a brilliant work of irreverence that borders on the subversive. Star of the album is Christopher Guest (CG), who does remarkable imitations of John Lennon and Bob Dylan, and contributes material to the lion's share of tracks. Also here are Michael O'Donoghue and Tony Hendra of NL magazine, famous announcer Jackson Beck, Melissa Manchester, Naomi R. Page and Norman Rose (he narrates the best known recording, "Deteriorata"-- a hilarious send-up of the Les Crane single, "Desiderata").
Other highlights include a pseudo-Joan Baez concert song in which she encourages Oakland, CA.'s minorities to riot (while watching safely from across the Bay); rude PSAs; several goofs on Paul McCartney's "Give Ireland Back to the Irish;" a bizarre game show that kills its contestants; Nixon, McGovern & Wallace as cars in a Demolition Derby-like auto race election; and the record's most scathing track: Guest's spot-on imitation of John Lennon ranting during his Rolling Stone interview that includes John's bizarre Scream Therapy and Yoko Ono, who peacefully coos, "The dream... is over..."
Source: Amazon

01 Deteriorata 4:25
02 Phono Phunnies/Tennyrap/It's Obvious 2:37
03 Catch It And You Keep It/Pigeons/Teenyrap/'Quinas'N'Rasmus/All Kidding Aside/Phono  Phunnies/Tennyrap 10:05
04 Magical Misery Tour 4:08
05 Those Fabulous Sixties 1:45
06 Profiles In Chrome 8:16
07 Teenyrap/Phono Phunnies/Pigeons/Suport Your Locol Polece 2:25
08 Pull The Tregos/Teenyrap/Ng Asi/Phono Phunnies 6:25
09 Concert In Bangla Desh 3:26

Musical Parody
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Nipsey Russell - Comedy Sampler 1960s

On: Thursday, July 7, 2011

Nipsey Russell
Julius Russell aka the Poet Laureate Of Television,  Harlem's Son Of Fun, The Poet Laureate Of Comedy
Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Sep 15 1918 – Oct 02 2005 age 87
Official Site

This record features performances of Nipsey Russell on the Jack Paar Show, Ed Sullivan Show, Robert Q. Lewis Show and the Tonight Show.
01 Side 1
02 Side 2

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Funny Side Of Nipsey 1960s


Peter Sellers & Spike Milligan - He's Innocent Of Watergate, Or Dick's Last Stand 1974 (UK)

Peter Sellers
Richard Henry Sellers, CBE
Southsea, Hampshire, England, United Kingdom
Sep 08 1925 – Jul 24 1980 age 54

Spike Milligan
Terence Alan Patrick Seán Milligan KBE
British India
Apr 16 1918 – Feb 27 2002 age 83

This featured Milligan and Sellers and John Bluthal, who also appeared in the Q series, and was a response to Nixon's resignation and subsequent revelations about the Watergate scandal. It featured Milligan singing I'm Innocent of Watergate, a song which apparently absolved him of all responsibility for criminal action. Source Wikipedia

01 Opening Announcement/The Notorious Missing Tape, Found
02 The President Works Late
03 The President Works Late
04 The White House Intruder
05 A Phone Call To Duke Ellington
06 The Rehearsal/Intro: Battle Humn Of The Republic
07 At Prayer/Intro: Wave
08 The Mystic
09 Detente With China
10 A Meeting Of Presidents
11 Britain For Ever
12 In The Bunker/The Ride Of The Valkyries/The End

Musical Parody

Wendy Bagwell - Known Comic 1981

On: Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wendy Bagwell
Wendell Lee Bagwell
Chamblee, Georgia, USA
May 16 1925 - Jun 13 1996 age 71
Official Website

Wendell Lee "Wendy" Bagwell was the founding member and leader of the Southern gospel music and comedy trio, Wendy Bagwell and the Sunliters. He joined with two young singers he met in church, Geraldine Terry (later known professionally as Jerri Morrison), and Georgia Jones (ultimately replaced by "Little Jan" Buckner, the wife of Bagwell's adopted nephew), to form the gospel trio. Bagwell was best-known for his comedy monologues, notably the million-selling "Here Come the Rattlesnakes" (also known as "The Rattlesnake Song"), an account of the trio's performance at a small church that engaged in snake handling. Bagwell was inducted into the Southern Gospel Music Association Hall of Fame in 1997.   Source: Wikipedia

01 Introduction
02 Anybody Seen My Teeth
03 Wendy's New York Tour
04 Odds and Ends
05 The Rattlesnake Story
06 Pickin' Up Paw Paws
07 Ole Ralph Bennett's Volkswagen

Gospel Comedy
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