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National Lampoon - Radio Dinner 1972

On: Friday, July 8, 2011

The 1972 Blue Thumb LP, NATIONAL LAMPOON RADIO DINNER is a brilliant work of irreverence that borders on the subversive. Star of the album is Christopher Guest (CG), who does remarkable imitations of John Lennon and Bob Dylan, and contributes material to the lion's share of tracks. Also here are Michael O'Donoghue and Tony Hendra of NL magazine, famous announcer Jackson Beck, Melissa Manchester, Naomi R. Page and Norman Rose (he narrates the best known recording, "Deteriorata"-- a hilarious send-up of the Les Crane single, "Desiderata").
Other highlights include a pseudo-Joan Baez concert song in which she encourages Oakland, CA.'s minorities to riot (while watching safely from across the Bay); rude PSAs; several goofs on Paul McCartney's "Give Ireland Back to the Irish;" a bizarre game show that kills its contestants; Nixon, McGovern & Wallace as cars in a Demolition Derby-like auto race election; and the record's most scathing track: Guest's spot-on imitation of John Lennon ranting during his Rolling Stone interview that includes John's bizarre Scream Therapy and Yoko Ono, who peacefully coos, "The dream... is over..."
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01 Deteriorata 4:25
02 Phono Phunnies/Tennyrap/It's Obvious 2:37
03 Catch It And You Keep It/Pigeons/Teenyrap/'Quinas'N'Rasmus/All Kidding Aside/Phono  Phunnies/Tennyrap 10:05
04 Magical Misery Tour 4:08
05 Those Fabulous Sixties 1:45
06 Profiles In Chrome 8:16
07 Teenyrap/Phono Phunnies/Pigeons/Suport Your Locol Polece 2:25
08 Pull The Tregos/Teenyrap/Ng Asi/Phono Phunnies 6:25
09 Concert In Bangla Desh 3:26

Musical Parody
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