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Peter Sellers & Spike Milligan - He's Innocent Of Watergate, Or Dick's Last Stand 1974 (UK)

On: Thursday, July 7, 2011

Peter Sellers
Richard Henry Sellers, CBE
Southsea, Hampshire, England, United Kingdom
Sep 08 1925 – Jul 24 1980 age 54

Spike Milligan
Terence Alan Patrick Seán Milligan KBE
British India
Apr 16 1918 – Feb 27 2002 age 83

This featured Milligan and Sellers and John Bluthal, who also appeared in the Q series, and was a response to Nixon's resignation and subsequent revelations about the Watergate scandal. It featured Milligan singing I'm Innocent of Watergate, a song which apparently absolved him of all responsibility for criminal action. Source Wikipedia

01 Opening Announcement/The Notorious Missing Tape, Found
02 The President Works Late
03 The President Works Late
04 The White House Intruder
05 A Phone Call To Duke Ellington
06 The Rehearsal/Intro: Battle Humn Of The Republic
07 At Prayer/Intro: Wave
08 The Mystic
09 Detente With China
10 A Meeting Of Presidents
11 Britain For Ever
12 In The Bunker/The Ride Of The Valkyries/The End

Musical Parody

2 comments on "Peter Sellers & Spike Milligan - He's Innocent Of Watergate, Or Dick's Last Stand 1974 (UK)"

Media Funhouse said...

Was unaware of this one until you posted it. Not very funny, but I loved the ditty that Spike wrote for Sellers to sing every few minutes.


Anonymous said...

Amusing that Wikipedia says that Milligan sang "I'm Innocent of Watergate" when it was clearly Peter Sellers. Milligan wrote it of course. I am so pleased to have owned this LP since the time it came out. Despite what the last poster said I think there are parts that are very funny. There are also a few sub standard parts but generally this should be heard by anyone who is a fan of Sellers and Milligan.


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