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This Day In Comedy: March 31

On: Friday, March 31, 2017

Born this day in 1896, Eddie Dunn (Edward Frank Dunn) Brooklyn, New York comedian Face to Face, Spin the Picture. He died 05/05/1951 at age 55.
Eddie Dunn cameo

Born this day in 1945, Gabe Kaplan (Gabriel W Kaplan) is 72, Brooklyn, New York 5'11" comedian,  actor TV’s Welcome Back Kotter.
Gabe Kaplan cameo es
Gabe Kaplan 
Born this day in 1917, George Atkins (George Stuart Atkins) Maplewood, New Jersey. A Canadian TV & radio host, founder of Farm Radio International. He died 11/30/2009 of kidney failure at age 92.
George Atkins cameo s
George Atkins cameo 

Born this day in 1915, Henry Morgan (Henry Lerner Van Ost, Jr.) New York City, New York actor, comedian, panelist ON TV’s I've Got a Secret. He died 05/19/1994 of lung cancer at age 79.
Henry Morgan cameo 9


“Good Evening, Anybody.”
Born this day in 1961, Suzanne Westenhoefer is 56, Columbia, Pennsylvania  stand-up comedian, panelist on remake of I've Got a Secret.
Suzanne Westenhoefer cameo 1

Died this day in 2002, Barry Took, Muswell Hill, North London, England writer, Bootsie And Snudge. Born 06/19/1928, he died from cancer at age 73.
Barry Took cameo 0
Barry Took cameo

This Day In Comedy: March 21

On: Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Born this day in 1906, Benny Bell (Benjamin Samberg or Benjamin Zamberg) New York City, New York comedian, singer-songwriter, Vaudeville stage name Benny Bimbo. He died 07/06/1999 at age 93.
Benny Bell cameo

Born this day in 1958, Brad Hall (William Brad Hall) is 54, Santa Barbara, California  comedian, TV’s Saturday Night Live. Married Julia Louis-Dreyfus of Seinfeld fame.
SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE, Brad Hall, 1975-present, (c)NBC/courtesy Everett Collection
 Brad Hall cameo

Born this day in 1953, Carl Wolfson is 59, Washington DC comedian, TV’s Thicke of the Night.
Carl Wolfson cameo pi
 Carl Wolfson Rr
Born this day in 1940, Chip Taylor (James Wesley Voight) is 72, Yonkers, New York.  Chip & Dennis Wholey wrote “Angel of the Morning" and "Wild Thing."
Chip is the brother of actor Jon Voight, uncle of actress Angelina Jolie and actor James Haven.

Chip Taylor cameo 1 
Chip Taylor cameo 2

Born this day in 1948, Lorene Yarnell (Lorene Yarnell) Inglewood, California mime, dancer  Shields & Yarnell mime team, “Dot Matrix” in movie Spaceballs. She died 07/29/2010 from an aneurysm at age 62.
lorene yarnell cameo e

Born this day in 1962, Rosie O'Donnell (Roseann O'Donnell) is 50, Bayside, Queens, New York 5'6.5" stand-up comedian, actress, author, television personality.
 Rosie O'Donnell holds a press conference Wednesday, Sept. 18, 2002 in New York. O'Donnell announced she would quit her namesake magazine citing a deteriorating relationship with the magazine's publisher Gruner + Jahr. (AP Photo/Toyokazu Kosugi)
Born this day in 1912, Suzanne Kaaren, aka Suzanne Karen, Brooklyn, New York, danced with the Three Stooges in Disorder In The Court. She died 08/27/2004 from complications of pneumonia at age 92.
Suzanne Kaaren cameo 58

Died this day in 2005, Barney Martin, Queens, New York, 1st film was The Producers. Born 03/03/1923, he died of lung cancer at age 82.

Barney Martin cameo 4

Died this day in 2009, Bob Arbogast (Robert Arbogast) Bellingham,  Massachusetts. Born 04/01/1927, he died from lung cancer at age 81.
Bob Arbogast

Died this day in 1999, Ernie Wise (Ernest Wiseman) Bramley, West Riding of Yorkshire, England of team Morecambe & Wise, aka Eric & Ernie, in radio, film TV. Born 11/27/1925, he died from heart failure & chest infection at age 73.
Ernie Wise cameo 4a
Ernie Wise cameo 4

This Day In Comedy: March 20

On: Monday, March 20, 2017

Born this day in 1922, Carl Reiner is 95, Bronx, NY 6'1" comedian, 2000 Year Old Man skits with Mel Brooks, Dick Van Dyke Show.
Carl Reiner, the legendary award winning writer, director and actor photographed at his Beverly Hills home September 30, 2009. Reiner has two new books published. One is a childrens book and the other is a anovella called Just Desserts.  (Al Seib / Los Angeles Times)
Born this day in 1922, Ray Goulding (Raymond Walter Goulding) Lowell, Massachusetts comic of Bob & Ray team. He died 03/24/1990 of kidney failure at age 68.
Bob And Ray cameo 23
Bob & Ray - On A Platter

Born this day in 1936, Vaughn Meader (Abbott Vaughn Meader) Waterville, Maine comic, musician, First Family, album about JFK. Alcohol, cocaine, heroin plagued his later life. He died 10/29/2004 from pulmonary disease, emphysema at age 68.
Vaughn Meader cameo 6mbr

“T'was The Night Before Christmas", another JFK album, was to be released during Christmas of 1963.  
Vaughn Meader - Have Some Nuts
Died this day in 1994, Lewis Grizzard (Lewis McDonald Grizzard, Jr) Fort Benning, Georgia comedian. Born 10/20/1946, he died after chronic dental infection led to heart disease, valve failure, death at age 47.
Lewis Grizzard cameo
Lewis Grizzard - On The Road With Lewis 1985

This Day In Comedy: March 19

On: Sunday, March 19, 2017

Born this day in 1914, Fred Clark (Frederick Leonard Clark) Lincoln, California 6'1" actor actor, Zotz, Auntie Mame. He died 12/05/1968 from a liver ailment at age 54.
Fred Clark cameo 43
Fred Clark cameo 2 
Born this day in 1894, Moms Mabley (Loretta Mary Aiken) aka Jackie Moms Mabley, Brevard, North Carolina comedian popularized on the Merv Griffin Show. She died 05/23/1975 of natural causes at age 81.
Moms Mabley cameo Smokes
Born this day in 1933, Renee Taylor (Renée Wechsler) is 84, Bronx, New York, Academy Award nominated writer, director, “Sylvia Fine” TV’s The Nanny.
Sally Kellerman and Renee Taylor
Screening of 'Boynton Beach Club'
Held at the Pacific Design Center Silver Screen theater - Arrivals
West Hollywood, California - 01.08.06
Credit: Rachel Worth / WENN
[Photo via Newscom] wennphotos343144_beach_club_03_wenn768448.jpg
(Newscom TagID: wennphotos343144)     [Photo via Newscom]

Born this day in 1921, Tommy Cooper (Thomas Frederick Cooper) Caerphilly, Wales 6'4" comedian magician. He died 04/15/1984 of a heart attack on stage, on live TV at age 63.
The clip of his collapse is available on Youtube. It’s difficult to watch as he is clearly struggling and the audience is laughing, unaware that it is not part of the act.

Tommy Cooper cameo 77

Tommy Cooper d3 cameo
Died this day in 2007, Calvert DeForest (Calvert Grant DeForest), aka Larry "Bud" Melman, Brooklym, New York comic, David Letterman Show. Born 07/23/1921. He died of a heart attack, pneumonia at age 85.
Calvert Deforest cameo f

This Day In Comedy: March 18

On: Saturday, March 18, 2017

Born this day in 1951, Bruce Baum aka “Babyman”, or "Baby Man" is 66. Stand-up comedian TV’s Make Me Laugh.
Buce Baum cameo Rr

Born this day in 1938, Carl Gottlieb is 80, New York City, New York comedian Ken Berry Wow Show.
Carl Gottlieb cameo S1
Carl Gottlie cameo 2b 

Born this day in 1972, Dane Cook (Dane Jeffrey Cook) is 45, Boston, Massachusetts 5'11" stand-up comedian and actor.
Dane Cook cameo 4
Dane Cook cameo 
Born this day in 1947, Patrick Barlow is 70, England, comedian, actor and playwright.
Patrick Barlow cameo 7

Born this day in 1952, Will Durst is 65, Milwaukee, Wisconsin comedian.
Will Durst cameo 07

In 2000 Will was a "lifeline" on TV’s "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?" He got the answer wrong.
Died this day in 1990, Robin Harris (Robin Hughes Harris) Chicago, Illinois, comedian and actor, Bébé's Kids. Born 08/30/1953, he died of a heart attack at age 36.
 Robin Harris cameo

This Day In Comedy: March 17

On: Friday, March 17, 2017

Born this day in 1954, Austen Tayshus (Alexander Jacob Gutman), aka Sandy Gutman is 63, New York.
Austen Tayshus cameo
Austen Tayshus - Alive And Shticking (2) 
Born this day in 1904, Billy Gray (William Thomas Gray) standup comedian, ‘Band Box’ comedy club owner (once owned by Lou Costello.) Played “The Baby” on The Eddie Cantor Radio Show. He died 01/04/1978 at age 73.
Billy Gray - My fair(Fax) Lady (2)
Canter's Deli’s “Billy Gray's Band Box Special”
Open-faced chopped liver, minced onion, and chopped egg sandwich with coleslaw.

Born this day in 1927, Rudy Ray Moore (Rudy Ray Moore) Fort Smith, Arkansas 5'10" comedian and actor, “Dolemite.” He died 10/19/2008 from diabetes at age 81.
Rudy Ray Moore cameo dd
Rudy Ray Moore cameo 

Born this day in 1931, Rusty Warren (Ilene Goldman) is 86, New York City New York is an American comedian and musician.
Rusty warren cameo 32
Rusty Warren cameo 2

Born this day in 1895, Shemp Howard (Samuel Horwitz) Brooklyn, New York 5'4" actor, comedian comic actor. "Three Stooges" member, brother of Moe and Curly. He died 11/23/1955 of a heart attack at age 60.

He was nicknamed "Shemp" at an early age due to his mother's accent.
Shemp Howard childhood cameoShemp Howard cameo Sdl
Shemp Howard cameo 3Shemp Howard cameo 5

Died this day in 1956, Fred Allen (John Florence Sullivan) Cambridge, Massachusetts  comedian, Fred Allen Radio Show. Born 05/31/1894, he died of a heart attack at age 61.
Fred Allen cameo df
Fred Allen cameo rait
Died this day in 1999, Rod Hull (Rodney Stephen Hull) Isle of Sheppey, Kent, England, comedian. Born 08/13/1935, he died when he went on his roof, alcohol impaired, to adjust his TV antenna, at age 63.
Rod Hull cameo rd Rod Hull cameo c1

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