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This Day In Comedy: March 08

On: Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Born this day in 1918, Alan Hale, Jr. (Alan Hale MacKahan, Jr.) Los Angeles, CA 6'2"  film & television actor, “Skipper Jonas Grumby” on TV’s Gilligan's Island. He died 01/02/1990 from cancer of the thymus at age 71.
Alan Hale Jr cameo 3
Alan Hale Jr Cameo

Born this day in 1929, Murray Roman was an American stand-up comedian. He died 11/06/1973 in an auto accident at age 44.

Died this day in 1986, Allan Drake, Massachusetts, comedian, TV’s Ed Sullivan Show, Tonight Show. Born 10/15/1921, he died at age 64.
Allan Drake cameo E

Died this day in 2001, Edward Winter (Edward Dean Winter) Ventura, California comic actor,  TV’s "Colonel Flagg" on M*A*S*H,  stage work Promises, Promises and Cabaret. Born 06/03/1937, he died from Parkinson's Disease at age 63.
Edward Winter cameo d

Died this day in 1971, Harold Lloyd (Harold Clayton Lloyd, Sr.) Burchard, Nebraska silent film era comic actor. Born 04/20/1893, he died of prostate cancer at age 77.
Harold Lloyd cameo 21Harold Lloyd cameo 1
Harold Lloyd cameo 5Harold Lloyd cameo 3
Died this day in 1979, Kermit Schafer was an American writer, producer for radio & TV known for his collections of "bloopers", the rights later sold to Dick Clark. Born 03/24/1923 he died at age 55.
Kermit Schafer cameo

Died this day in 1999, Peggy Cass (Mary Margaret Cass) Boston, Massachusetts comic actor, TV’s To Tell The Truth, announcer for The Jack Paar Show revival. Born 05/21/1924, she died of heart failure at age 74.
Peggy cass cameo 2
Peggy Cass cameo cc

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