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This Day In Comedy: March 03

On: Friday, March 3, 2017

Born this day in 1923, Barney Martin Queens, New York, played Jerry’s father “Morty” in TV’s Seinfeld . One-time NYC cop, writer for TV’s Name That Tune and The Steve Allen Show. He died 03/21/2005 of lung cancer at age 82.

Born this day in 1952, Dermot Morgan (Dermot John Morgan) Dublin, Ireland comedian, actor. He died 02/28/1998 of a heart attack after celebrating at the end of his show's final episode, at age 45.
Dermot morgan cameo sded

Born this day in 1922, Jimmy Heap is 95.
Jimmy heap cameo4
Jimmy Heap Show - Laff-a-rammer (2) 

Born this day in 1961, Knut Naerum is 56, Arendal, Norway comedian.

Born this day in 1931, Paul Clayton (Paul Clayton Worthington) aka Pablo Clayton, New Bedford, Massachusetts folksinger, folklorist, prominent in folk music revival of 1950s and 1960s. He died 03/30/1967 by suicide at age 36.
Paul Clayton cameo

Born this day in 1920, Ronald Searle (Ronald William Fordham Searle) is 97, Cambridge, England artist and cartoonist, creator of St Trinian's School. Also co-author (with Geoffrey Willans)of the Molesworth series.
Ronald Searle cameo 1vRonald Searle 1937 cameo

Ronald Searle catsRonald Searle cameo 51b
Born this day in 1950, Tim Kazurinsky (Timothy J. Kazurinsky) is 67, Johnston, PA 5'2" comedian, TV’s Saturday Night Live, film Police Academy.
Tim-Kazurinsky cameo 01
 Tim-Kazurinsky cameo mK
Died this day in 1987, Danny Kaye (David Daniel Kaminsky) Brooklyn, New York actor Danny Kaye Show. Born 01/18/1913, he died of a heart attack following hepatitis at age 74.
Danny Kaye cameo1
Danny Kayee cameo 3s
Died this day in 2004, Drake Sather, Seattle, Washington, sardonic, stand-up, wrote for Saturday Night Live, co-wrote Zoolander. Despondent over marriage problems, he died from a gunshot to his head, suicide at age 44.
Drake sather cameo 4

Died this day in 2011, Irena Kwiatkowska Warsaw, Poland actress and comedian. Born 09/17/1912, she died at age 98.
Irena Kwiatkowska cameo 8
Irena Kwiatkowskaik cameo

Died this day in 2006, Ivor Cutler, Glasgow, Scotland comedian, poet, songwriter and humorist. Born 01/15/1923, he died of a stroke at age 83.
Ivor Cutler Cameo
Ivor Cutler cameo 3 

Died this day in 1959, Lou Costello (Louis Francis Costello) Paterson, New Jersey comic actor, comedian of Abbott & Costello team. Born 03/06/1906, he died of a heart attack at age 52.
Lou Costello cameo x

Last words: “That was the best ice-cream soda I ever tasted.”

Newspapers reported he  asked his nurse to move him onto his side, last words being "I think I'll be more comfortable."

Died this day in 1966, William Frawley (William Clement Frawley) Burlington, Iowa comic actor, “Fred” in I Love Lucy. Born 02/26/1887, he died of a heart attack at age 79.
William Frawley cameo D1
William Frawley was 22 years older than Vivian Vance, his on-screen wife.

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