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Not The Nine O'Clock News - Memory Kinda Lingers 1982 (UK)

On: Thursday, May 31, 2012

Rowan Atkinson
Rowan Sebastian Atkinson
Jan 06 1955 -
Official Site

Pamela Stephenson
Pamela Helen Stephenson Connolly
Takapuna, Auckland,
New Zealand
Dec 04 1949 -
Official Site

Mel Smith
Melvin Kenneth Smith
Dec 03 1952 - Jul 19 2013 age 60
Official Site

Griff Rhys Jones
Griffith Rhys Jones
Nov 16 1953 -

The cast of a popular BBC TV sketch show which ran from 1979 to 1982. Created by producer John Lloyd in collaboration with Sean Hardie, the series was a fast-paced, frequently satirical show which gave many British comedy writers their first big break. The head writer was Richard Curtis, and diverse musical parodies were provided mostly by Howard Goodall. The troupe's first two LPs both reached the UK top ten, something even Monty Python never managed.
*Recorded live at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, London

Top: Rowan, Mel, Griff. Bottom: Pamela
01 The Spy Who Came In From The Cold
02 The News
03 Budget
04 Question Time
05 Headbangers
06 Rock Interview
07 Game For A Laugh
08 Typical, Bloody Typical
09 Well, Mr Glossop
10 Financial Times
11 Hey Bob
12 New Glea
13 Holiday Habits
14 Pizza Moment
15 Failed In Wales
16 Rumbley's Pies
17 Made From Whales
18 Brain Death
19 Swedish Chemists
20 Hey Wow
21 Nice Video, Shame About The Song
22 Jackanory

23 Golf Trousers
24 The News
25 Two Ninnies
26 Two Ninnies Song
27 Aussie Pilot
28 Does God Exist?
29 Re-Altered Images
30 McEnroe's Breakfast
31 Ah Come In Rawlinson!
32 Ask The Family
33 Polish Show
34 Aleebee
35 The Main Points Again
36 What A Load Of Willies!
37 (The Memory) Kinda Lingers
38 Grow Up You Bastards, Not In Front Of The Audience

39 Confrontation Song
40 American Improv
41 Duke Of Kent
42 Alien
43 (Oh, Oh, Oh, Means) I Respect You
44a The Pope's Visit
44b Introduction By The Dean
44c A Word From The Sponsors
44d Tasty Wafer Time
44e Address By His Holiness
44f Papal Tee-Shirt Offer
44g Miracle
45 Laker!

46 Simon And Garfunkel
47 Awards
48 S.A.S.
49a Interruptions
49b Insulting The Audience
49c Main Sketch
50 Rant #4
51 Prompt
52 Barry Manilow
53 The Return Of Constable Savage
54 Gob On You

BBC Records – REF 453
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Credibility Gap - The Credibility Gap Floats 1979

On: Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Birth Name
Official Site

Satirical comedy troupe the Credibility Gap didn't enjoy significant popularity outside their native Southern California during their life span, but the group was a training ground for a number of major comic talents, including Harry Shearer, Michael McKean, and David L. Lander. The Credibility Gap's name came from a Nixon-era euphemism for the distance between a politician's statements and the truth, and began in 1968 as a regular feature on Los Angeles radio station KRLA-AM created by news director Lew Irwin. Irwin and his collaborators Richard Beebe, Thom Beck, Len Chandler, and John Gilliland created the Credibility Gap to record and perform humorous sketches that parodied current events and were broadcast as part of KRLA's news and public affairs programming. Under Irwin's leadership, the troupe was popular enough to land a deal with Blue Thumb Records and release an album drawn from their KRLA sketches, An Album of Political Pornography. But in late 1968, Thom Beck left the group, and Lew Irwin followed in early 1969 (Irwin would go on to found another comedy group, the Fifth Estate, and created a successful syndicated underground radio news feature, Earth News). Joining the Credibility Gap in their absence were Harry Shearer, an actor, comedian, and writer who as a child appeared on The Jack Benny Show, and David L. Lander, a talented voice mimic hired by Irwin shortly before his departure. By 1970, Len Chandler and John Gilliland had drifted away from the Credibility Gap, and a friend of Lander's, a New York actor named Michael McKean, had joined the team, though the troupe's relationship with KRLA had soured and their show had been shrunk from 15 minutes to a mere 180 seconds. However, after Shearer landed a side gig as a disc jockey on an FM "free form" outlet, KPPC, the Credibility Gap found a new home on the station, and the group's satire gained both sharpness and depth. In 1971, the group, now centered around Beebe, Lander, McKean, and Shearer, released a second album, Woodschtick and More, for Capitol Records, which coincided with the end of their run at KPPC when they were fired along with most of the station's staff. Woodschtick and More didn't sell well, but the group did find a sympathetic ear at Warner Brothers Records, who after hiring the Credibility Gap to do some satirical sketches that appeared on promotional releases signed them to a record deal. However, due to a contractual glitch, the Credibility Gap's album for Warner Bros., 1974's A Great Gift Idea!, wasn't released until shortly after their deal with the label had lapsed, and both promotion and sales were non-existent. The Credibility Gap regularly performed live during this period, and on KMET they continued a New Year's Day tradition began at KPPC in which they performed surreal improvisational commentary on Pasadena's annual Tournament of Roses parade; an album was compiled from their New Year's Day shows called Floats. In 1975, Richard Beebe left the Credibility Gap, and the group split up a year later; a collection of material from their KPPC broadcasts, The Bronze Age of Radio, appeared shortly after their breakup. Michael McKean and David L. Lander soon found success on the popular television series Laverne and Shirley, playing thick-headed greasers Lenny and Squiggy, while McKean and Harry Shearer teamed up again in 1984 for the cult classic heavy metal parody This Is Spinal Tap, and later played aging folkies in 2003's A Might Wind. Shearer and McKean were also members of the cast of Saturday Night Live (Shearer in 1979 and 1985, McKean in 1995), while Shearer has enjoyed a long run as a member of the voice cast of The Simpsons. After a long career in radio, Richard Beebe succumbed to lung cancer in 1998. Allmusic

The Gap torture American kitsch with their alternative commentary to Pasadena's annual Rose Parade. Featuring Denver Devereaux Jr., Dave Swarts, Garner Ted Armstrong, and the guy with the Pace Car. CD includes bonus tracks "The Night the Lights Stayed On In Pittsburgh" and "Hello World, This Here's Wrong Number" (from the Gap's single for Rhino Records, 1977).

01 Parade Theme (& Parade)
02 Minidoc
03 Parade
04 Curt
05 Parade
06 Fred Cadaver
07 Parade
08 Dave Swarts
09 Parade
10 Curt
11 Parade
12 A Queen's Diary
13 Parade
14 Rabbi Korff
15 Parade
16 Pasadena
17 Parade
18 Dave Swarts
19 Parade
20 Mayor of Palmdale
21 Parade
22 Curt's Closing Thoughts
23 Parade Theme 

* * *
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Jack Margolis & Jere Alan Brian - A Child's Garden of Grass, A Pre-Legalization Comedy 1971

On: Saturday, May 26, 2012

Jack Margolis
Birth name
Official Site

Jere Alan Brian
Birth name
Official Site

In 1969, Jack S. Margolis wrote a book called A Child's Garden of Grass. Two years later, an album based on that book surfaced on Elektra Records. If you're looking for a silly comedy album in which the entire theme is on marijuana, and its affects, then you should go get a copy. I am not certain the album is available on CD, as far as I know, it's only available on LP.
Each subject of the album starts off with some strange electronic effects before the narrator gets on with the subject. Example is "Listening to Music". This cut tells you what kind of music you can listen to while being stoned (classical, folk, acid rock, jazz, electronic music). He warns you never listen to Myron Florin (accordion player for the Lawrence Welk Show), as well as several other polka players while stoned, unless they were being played all together at once.
Another example is "Creativity" where the narrator seems to suggest when you're stoned, you begin to overestimate your "artistic" talents. By the end of that cut, you start hearing some really bad rock and roll, played and sung by the person being stoned. Of course an album dealing with this subject should never be without "Physical Effects" and "Psychological Effects", as well as how to acquire marijuana (which seems to suggest any manner possible, even stealing). "Psychological Effects" really cracks me up, because you hear a conversation between a man and a woman, and the person totally forgot what he was saying, and didn't care. There was also a lot of giggling as they listen to some really crappy music.
You can be very certain that this album would not be in the hands of the "Just Say No" crowd, or conservatives in general. This is one silly album and a great period piece. If you're looking for comedy about the affects of weed, this is the album to get.

Composed By [Electronic Music] – Alex Hassilev
Directed By [Music] – Cyrus Faryar, Stephen Cohn
Engineer – John Horton
Narrator – Carl Esser, Michael Gwynne
Photography [Photo Stylist] – John Balsley
Producer, Directed By – Ron Jacobs (2)
Supervised By [Production Supervisor] – Jac Holzman

01 The History Of Marijuana
02 Acquiring Marijuana, General Effects
03 Creativity
04 Physical Effects
05 Psychological Effects
06 Time And Space
07 Getting Hung-Up
08 Funniness
09 Meditation
10 Eating Food
11 Listening To Music
12 Making Love
13 Physical And Intellectual Games

Elektra – EKS 75012
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Gene Tracy - Truckstop #2 69 Miles To Gene Tracy 1974

On: Friday, May 25, 2012

Gene Tracy
Ivan Eugene Morris
Anadarko, Oklahoma, USA
Apr 08 1927 - 1979 age ~52

Comedian, Emcee, Recording Artist. Born Ivan Eugene Morris in Anadarko, Oklahoma. Known as the "Truck Stop Comedian". While traveling with a circus, his comedy career began when he was asked to perform where the featured player had failed to show. He did this by telling a few of the jokes he had heard in truck stops. His extensive comedy career includes dozens of recordings and over 20 million copies sold.
01 Intro / Hair In My Soup / I Like The 2nd One Better / Eatin' Brownies
02 Twelve Truckers / Take Your Instrument Out / Bleedin' To Death
03 George / Japanese Bath House
04 Pack Of Rubbers / Polack Trucker / Let's Go To Your House / Peaberry Coffee Co.
05 Pregnant Woman On The Subway / Fly Around The Sun / Sweet Little Girl
06 Drunk At Christmas
07 Doctor's Visit / Good News And Bad News / Spanish Fly
08 Strap Hinge / You'll Go Blind / It's Turning Purple
09 Mortician And Taxidermist / Organ Solo / Tarzan Interview / Man In Confessional
10 Alfie And Jamie / Crippled Bill
11 The Piccolo Player

Truck Stop
His other material on this blog is HERE  
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Truckstop 26 More Live From Charlotte NC

John Fox - John Fox 1988

John Fox
Birth name
Jun 10 1957- sadly, soon
Official Site

Fox's first show was on June 14, 1979 at the World Famous Comedy Store. Known as the Nick Nolte of comedy, Fox has had numerous television appearances on shows such as: Norm Crosby's Comedy Shop, Star Search, Make Me Laugh, Showtime's Comedy Network, and several others. He has been featured on "The Bob & Tom Show." He is the inspiration for the song "The Legend of John Fox," by Pat Godwin. Fox also appeared on Rodney Dangerfield's HBO special, Opening Night at Rodney's Place. Fox's routine includes him telling about his various previous jobs. He also appeared on the first "Redneck Comedy Roundup" DVD, which featured other comedians such as Jeff Foxworthy, Bill Engvall, and Ron White.
01 Writing on Bathroom Walls 5:46
02 Weekend Ninja Hangover 2:10
03 Prison Joke 2:08
04 Pampers for Baboons 7:34
05 There's a Hair in My Soup 2:36
06 Bat Tattoo on His Face 4:15
07 Old Couple's Honeymoon 3:36
08 Elephant Pecker Implant 3:26
09 Insensitive Gynecologists 1:23
10 Buying Adhrodisiacs 0:49
11 Nymphomaniac Tonight 1:38
12 3-D Porno Movies 3:30
13 Bill Collectors 10:53
14 Male Hormone Pills 0:36
15 Pecker Extender 1:04
16 Dad's Big Red Rubber 2:14
17 Muff Diver Van 2:36
18 Hot, Fast and Horny 3:44
19 Trobbing Love Sausage 5:08
20 Riding the Baloney Pony 3:37
21 Archibald Barasole 2:32 

Laughing Hyena LH-2137
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Anonymous - Party Records 1940s

On: Thursday, May 24, 2012

Birth name
Official Site

These are vintage 78 rpm 'Party Records' that were not legal to buy, sell, or possess when they were made. They all include racy stories with profanity that was illegal to put on recordings back then.
Not very raunchy by today's standards, though many of them are offensive and politically incorrect, again by today's standards. Source:


Party Records
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