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John Fox - John Fox 1988

On: Friday, May 25, 2012

John Fox
Birth name
Jun 10 1957- sadly, soon
Official Site

Fox's first show was on June 14, 1979 at the World Famous Comedy Store. Known as the Nick Nolte of comedy, Fox has had numerous television appearances on shows such as: Norm Crosby's Comedy Shop, Star Search, Make Me Laugh, Showtime's Comedy Network, and several others. He has been featured on "The Bob & Tom Show." He is the inspiration for the song "The Legend of John Fox," by Pat Godwin. Fox also appeared on Rodney Dangerfield's HBO special, Opening Night at Rodney's Place. Fox's routine includes him telling about his various previous jobs. He also appeared on the first "Redneck Comedy Roundup" DVD, which featured other comedians such as Jeff Foxworthy, Bill Engvall, and Ron White.
01 Writing on Bathroom Walls 5:46
02 Weekend Ninja Hangover 2:10
03 Prison Joke 2:08
04 Pampers for Baboons 7:34
05 There's a Hair in My Soup 2:36
06 Bat Tattoo on His Face 4:15
07 Old Couple's Honeymoon 3:36
08 Elephant Pecker Implant 3:26
09 Insensitive Gynecologists 1:23
10 Buying Adhrodisiacs 0:49
11 Nymphomaniac Tonight 1:38
12 3-D Porno Movies 3:30
13 Bill Collectors 10:53
14 Male Hormone Pills 0:36
15 Pecker Extender 1:04
16 Dad's Big Red Rubber 2:14
17 Muff Diver Van 2:36
18 Hot, Fast and Horny 3:44
19 Trobbing Love Sausage 5:08
20 Riding the Baloney Pony 3:37
21 Archibald Barasole 2:32 

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