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Redd Foxx – Laff Your Head Off 1965

On: Thursday, May 17, 2012

Redd Foxx
John Elroy Sanford
St. Louis, Missouri USA
Dec 09 1922 – Oct 11 1991 age 68

Comedian and actor. Began career in various musical groups, including the Bon-Bons, 1939-1941; performed as comedian in nightclubs and on recordings, 1941-1991; performed with Slappy White, 1947-1951. Television series included Sanford and Son, 1972-1977; The Redd Foxx Comedy Hour , 1977-1978; Sanford, 1980-1981; The Redd Foxx Show, 1986, The Royal Family, 1991. Selected television appearances included The Today Show, 1964, The Tonight Show, Here's Lucy, The Addams Family, Mr. Ed, all 1965, Green Acres, 1966, The Lucy Show and Grady, 1975, The Captain and Tenille Show, 1976, Diff'rent Strokes, 1979, and the television movie Ghost of a Chance, 1987. Film appearances included Cotton Comes to Harlem, 1970, Norman ... Is That You?, 1976, and Harlem Nights, 1989.

Side 1
Presenting The Intimate Redd Foxx In A Highly Informative Series Of Discussions, Some Of The Subjects being Sex, The Pilgrim, Fathers, Sex, Eating (grass and other things), Sex, Mothers (allkinds), Sex and Tarzan's Yell

Side 2
This Is The Side Where Redd Talks About Things Like Sex, Toilets, Sex, His Brother Gladys, Sex, Pregnant Men, Sex, His Wife (with and without Sex), Kids (legitimate and Illegitimate), Sex And A Husband With Lying Eyes.

1996 CD tracks listed this way:
01 Bye Bye
02 Sex
03 Minks
04 Colored People
05 Mashed Potatoes
06 Spelling Lesson
07 You Ugly Rascals
08 Hole in One
09 Snackin' and Packin'
11 2 Fives for a Ten
12 Beauty Parlor
13 Tarzan's Yell
14 Mop Bucket
15 Odd Balls
16 WW II
17 Away from Home
18 Take My Wife
19 Strippers in Hollywood
20 Poem to Women
21 Hair on Your Lollipop?
22 Zipper Bag
23 Humdinger
24 Dressed Like Adam
25 Money Dreams
26 During the Depression
27 Great Minds
28 Man in My Family
29 Pennies from Heaven
*All tracks are in two files

1965 MF Records RF-1
1996 Encore Records

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