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Coloredman - Adventures of Coloredman 1966

On: Monday, May 7, 2012

Teddy Vann
Birth name
Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, New York USA
? - Dec 06 2009
Official Site

James Earle Jones, Phil McClean, Laura Greene, Milt Moss, Carl Byrd
Birth name
Official Site

Teddy was born and raised in the Bensonhurst section of Brooklyn. He left high school early; formal education could not feed the mind of a genius. Teddy was, without question, a genius. He had a mathematical, analytical mind. He spoke multiple languages and he loved the expressions on people’s faces when he spoke Yiddish. He loved the power and beauty of words. He was a thinker and life-long student — a non-conformist, who challenged the status quo, questioned much of what others accepted, and pushed for young people to think out of the box and stretch their creative minds.
Back in New York City. song book filled with fresh work. Teddy Vann hit the city streets in search of a creative outlet. The story, as Teddy told it, was that one day he walked into legendary music executive, Morris Levy’s office with his work, showed him some music, and played him some tunes. Levy loved everything Teddy played. Levy realized instantly the wonder that was young Teddy V/ann. Enamored by Teddy, Levy allowed the young writer access to several songwriting projects, including landing the first of his many hits performed by singing sensation Johnny Thunder who made Teddy s “Loop De Loop” into a smash hit in 1963. Teddy also tried his hand as a recording artist, singing a few songs he had written and produced. He even ended up performing on an episode of Dick Clark’s American Bandstand in front of a gang of screaming teens. The fans loved him, but Teddy didn’t love the stage. Deciding he would focus professionally as a producer/songwriter, Teddy would score several more hits. Teddy Vann has 140 songs registered at BMI. He participated in a number of projects, including “Tales of the Dixie Drifter” that included Paul McCartney, John Lennon, Sam Cooke, and Bob Dylan. He wrote and produced the adventures of Akila Jamila “The Beautiful Black Princess and the Five Treasures of Life.” Other artists he worked with include Estelle of the Ronettes, Lou Donaldson. John Fogerty, Donna Summers. and many more. Teddy always stressed the importance of one’s autonomy over one’s work and ideas. He was approached by many to bring his work to other people in the industry like Puff and JayZ, and artists like Whitney Houston, but he was reluctant because he always wanted to maintain ownership over his work.
In 1991, Teddy won the music industry’s coveted Grammy Award for writing and producing “The Power Of Love /Love Power” as performed by his former protégé Luther Vandross.

01 The Story Of Coloredman
02 The Adventure Of The Stolen Afternoon
03 Coloredman Thwarts The Evil Throat-Snatcher
04 Coloredman Theme Music
05 the Coloredman Interview
06 Coloredman And The Romantic Moon Season
07 Coloredman Vs. Fruitman
08 Coloredman Theme Music

Musical Parody
Capitol 2597
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