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Harry Taylor - Taylor Made Titters 1960s

On: Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Harry Taylor
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How Harry Taylor ticks...   Why Harry Taylor clicks...
You might describe Harry Taylor as an electronic brain with a sense of humor. Unbelievable? You'll think so when you hear this most amazing nightclub pianist-performer rattle off every name in a club packed with 350 hysterical people.
Harry goes further than that. He ferrets out home towns, vocations and bits of inside information which he continually tosses at his assembled devotees. The effect on his audience, a cosmopolitan group of vacationers at the Cavalier Hotel in Virgina Beach and the famed Kenilworth Hotel in Miami Beach, is rapturous amazement. You'll get the complete effect in the first musical number on side 2, considerably condensed of course, for technical reasons. Notice the time saving fadeout of the names to make room on the record for more Harry Taylor.
You hear, here, quite a composite of Taylor's multi-talents as taped, unabridged, direct from the floor of the Cavalier and Kenilworth Hotels.* The laughs alone on this album would save a TV Spectacular. If you detect a few concert-type chords in Harry's boogie-woogie or rock'n roll satires, it's because he has studied the classics since the age of five and was initially a successful concert pianist and later conductor of one of the top three Armed Forces Orchestras (which included the late Glen Miller band) as voted by Deems Taylor, Woody Herman, Benny Goodman, and Les Brown.
Vocally, Harry can do impressions of everything from a hopped-up Hillbilly to a French Beatnik and wind up doing a Chinese Chanteuse. His comedy is self-created and topical. The latest Broadway musical comedies as well as yesterday's headlines are subject to his sizzling satire.
This master of mnemonics keeps thousands of punch lines in his head and takes five months off each year to produce two solid hours of bright, original nightclub material. A tribute to Taylor's command of audience attention is the fact that his shows have been known frequently to run a marathon three hours. His pet pigeons are the big-wig patrons who flock to Florida's Gold Coast. Politicians, professional men and industrialists get constantly curved with Taylor's caustic lines. Taylor's intimate style attracts the famous who let their hair down as they would only at a party among friends. They leave laughing and return often.
Harry Taylor is a superb product to the new intimate, "inside" school of intelligent comedy. This album is unique and I think, one of the most refreshingly frantic and funny recordings you'll ever hear. It will even make a dull needle seem sharp. Spin it and scream. ~Dick Hoekstra, Amusement Editor, Ft. Lauderdale News
*Because this album was recorded with a live audience, the actual names have been blooped out, to protect the innocent where there might be a possibility of identification and embarrassment.

01 Side 1
02 Side 2

Calor, LC-2001
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