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Gene Tracy - Truckstop #2 69 Miles To Gene Tracy 1974

On: Friday, May 25, 2012

Gene Tracy
Ivan Eugene Morris
Anadarko, Oklahoma, USA
Apr 08 1927 - 1979 age ~52

Comedian, Emcee, Recording Artist. Born Ivan Eugene Morris in Anadarko, Oklahoma. Known as the "Truck Stop Comedian". While traveling with a circus, his comedy career began when he was asked to perform where the featured player had failed to show. He did this by telling a few of the jokes he had heard in truck stops. His extensive comedy career includes dozens of recordings and over 20 million copies sold.
01 Intro / Hair In My Soup / I Like The 2nd One Better / Eatin' Brownies
02 Twelve Truckers / Take Your Instrument Out / Bleedin' To Death
03 George / Japanese Bath House
04 Pack Of Rubbers / Polack Trucker / Let's Go To Your House / Peaberry Coffee Co.
05 Pregnant Woman On The Subway / Fly Around The Sun / Sweet Little Girl
06 Drunk At Christmas
07 Doctor's Visit / Good News And Bad News / Spanish Fly
08 Strap Hinge / You'll Go Blind / It's Turning Purple
09 Mortician And Taxidermist / Organ Solo / Tarzan Interview / Man In Confessional
10 Alfie And Jamie / Crippled Bill
11 The Piccolo Player

Truck Stop
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